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Just Don't Call It "Banner": NMSU's Integrated ERP Project

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1 Just Don't Call It "Banner": NMSU's Integrated ERP Project
Michael Hites Chief Information Officer New Mexico State University Educause 2006

2 The Title Why Banner became a dirty word at NMSU and what we did about it. Famous quotes: “I can’t get anyone to be on a committee because the are all ‘busy with Banner.’” “It’s Banner’s fault!” “Banner made me do it!” Good thing the union, spaceport, and convention center came along…

3 Outline NMSU The UNO project Mechanics of implementation System changes A few results


5 NMSU’s Presence in New Mexico
NMSU Campuses

6 Full-Time Equivalent Enrollment Distribution NM Public 4-Year Universities Main Campuses -- Fall 2004 UNM; 20,425; 48% NMIMT; 1,477; 3% NMHU; 2,327; 6% ENMU; 3,099; 7% WNMU; 1,997; 5% NMSU; 12,910; 31% Total: 42,235 Students NMSU New Mexico State Univ. UNM University of New Mexico NMIMT N. M. Inst. Of Mining & Tech. WNMU Western New Mexico Univ. NMHU New Mexico Highlands Univ. ENMU Eastern New Mexico Univ.

7 NMSU Undergraduate & Graduate Enrollment by College -- Main Campus -- Fall 2004
Total = 16,428 Students

8 Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE) NM High School Graduates and Projections
17,972 Actual numbers through Projections through Source: Knocking at the College Door: Projections of High School Graduates by State, Income, and Race/Ethnicity, 1988 to 2018, December 2003 Revised 6/28/04

9 Structure and Personnel
The UNO Project Structure and Personnel

10 Evaluation of Need and Decision
NMSU reviewed existing administrative systems in 2003 The review included interviews with staff at NMSU and comparison of written system evaluations performed by other institutions In September 2003 NMSU chose SunGard HE Banner Banner aligns NMSU with existing four-year institutions in New Mexico SunGard HE is considered to be a “best practices” vendor of university administrative software Educause study of ERP systems found a common level of institutional satisfaction across all of the primary ERP systems, regardless of the vendor NMSU has little money

11 Why is “UNO” important to NMSU?
Provides single integrated data store Replaces NMSU’s legacy systems (5) Integrates with other schools and software Establishes (less) partners for the future Eliminates social security ID number use Provides web-based customer service Improves methods of tracking recruitment and enrollments Becomes the cornerstone of “information culture”

12 What was purchased? Software Modules: Advancement Finance
Financial Aid Human Resources Luminis (Web Portal and CMS) Student (Registrar, Admissions, Accounts Receivable) Data warehouse (ODS/EDW) Self-service Products Workflow Xtender (imaging) Matrix (Student Marketing) Cognos ReportNet and PowerPlay

13 Software Replacement at NMSU
Old System New System (Banner…) FRS Finance HRMS and EAF Human Resources Vistas and SAR Student SAM Financial Aid CMDS and AFW Advancement

14 Milestones September 2005: October 2003:
Admissions Phase II & Student Marketing System November 2005: Higher Markets (missed milestone) January 2006: ODS for Finance July 2006: Go Live for Banner Catalog and Schedule October 2006: DARS & Student February 2007: EDW & Financial Aid May 2007: Advancement October 2003: Project Kickoff Meeting September 2004: Admissions Phase I January 2005: Human Resources, Luminis Portal, e-~print, Evisions, & Workflow February 2005: Xtender March 2005: PSL Timeload Interface June 2005: Finance & Appworx July 2005: Content Management System (pilot) August 2005: ODS for HR

15 Project Management Organization
Hites – Project Director Project Coordinator - Arroyo Project Manager - Bamford Contract Admin - Parra Functional/Technical Consultants SunGard HE Project Manager - Churchman ERP Steering Committee SunGard HE Account Manager - Davis Technical PM - Virnave HR PM - Noel Matrix PM - Aranda Finance PM - Bamford Reporting PM - Conter Student PM - Aranda Advancement PM - McKinney CMS, Portal, & Self service - Chavez

16 ERP Steering Committee
Approve or disapprove changes in policies and procedures in order to implement the Banner software Members include: Vice Presidents, Faculty Senate Representatives, Associate Provosts, Executive Vice President & Provost, ASNMSU Representative, Academic Dean, Campus Executive Officer & Chief Information Officer As of October 1, 2006, 34 policies have been approved by the ERP Steering Committee (3) Luminis Portal policies (3) General Person policies (3) Finance policies (23) Human Resource/Payroll Policies (2) Student/Financial Aid policies

17 A Few Important Policies
L01 – Password reset every 120 days to access “myNMSU” L02 – Set a security password to reset your NMSU password G01- A 9 character ID number replaces SSN F01: The number of approvals required for processing a purchase requisition in both departmental and central offices will be limited to two levels H01 - The terms “classified” and “professional” will be eliminated and replaced by the term “staff” H11.1 – New full time regular faculty can choose to be paid on an annual basis (24 checks) rather than an academic year basis (18 checks) H NMSU employees will enter their hours worked and hours of leave taken directly into Banner Human Resources Self-Service via the web

18 One Change from “Vanilla”
…but it was a big one: NMSU’s e-hire

19 Committees General Person - help with the design of the general person module implementation and the development of data entry standards Budget Office, Placement and Career Services, Athletics, Institutional Research, Office of Controller, Student Services, Office of Grants and Contracts, Advising Center, Housing… Administrative Matters - review information on administrative matters. The committee is for informational purposes Comprised of business managers, department heads, and directors Chart of Accounts - trouble-shoots, implements, and converts chart of accounts Comprised of Finance personnel

20 Committees Cont’d UNO Student Business Process Owners - Ensures all areas are engaged throughout the project and discusses and resolves academic and administrative issues related to UNO student projects Comprised of all academic and administrative student-related areas throughout all five campuses UNO Student Business Process Workgroup - participates in Banner training and configuration and represents BPO areas Employees with working knowledge of student records processing and its current and future impact on their area Technical Reporting – evaluates and creates all reports for the UNO project Comprised of technical staff in each departmental area

21 Documentation UNO Project Definition - scope, approach, timeline, and other deliverables Resource Matrix – roles and responsibilities of each team member Communication Plan – defines various communication needs of the stakeholders and aides in managing the relationship between parties Training Plan – guidelines for system testing and acceptance testing Quality Assurance Plan – identifies the work products that require validation and verification and identifies which processes will be tracked via the work product, in addition to the process improvements for the project

22 NMSU UNO Communication: Overview
“Big” committees (monthly, weekly, daily) Technology Day (semester) Presentations to small groups (semester) Campus administration (ABCD) memos (weekly before go live) NMSU Hotline announcements (weekly, monthly) Campus Newspaper (semester) Poster sessions (semester) Information tables (monthly) System Testing - mock registration, pilot groups (semester) Website – (daily) Secure Website (daily) Listserve: (monthly)

23 NMSU UNO Communication: Website
UNO News (updates) Milestones Feedback button Directory Documentation and tutorials for myNMSU

24 Routing of Major Communication
Draft of message created by team member Lead time expected 5 days Provided to PM’s at weekly meeting for approval Given one week to review Reviewed by ICT Training Services Given two days to review Routed to university campus or group via /paper/poster sessions by creator of message or Project Coordinator/Project Director

25 Project Management “manlaws”
Open discussion once per week leads to collaborative decisions

26 Banner Databases - Yes They’re Shared
Default - SBAN - Baseline Banner, used to apply new releases Training - TBAN Development – DBAN - Used to support development and testing of NMSU code Conversion - CBAN - Supports data conversion, rules development and validation Pre-Production - UBAN - Supports collective shared testing and sign off Production - PBAN - Supports daily business operations Migration - MBAN - Database clone for migration only.  Does not include INB or SSB.

27 Project Management “manlaws”
UBAN on Thursday Open discussion once per week leads to collaborative decisions

28 HR and Finance Tracking
HR, Finance, and Luminis Timeline had a vertical structure Team was smaller compared to Student and FinAid

29 Student Implementation Tracking

30 Core Systems and Services
The UNO Project Core Systems and Services

31 Luminis

32 Credentials Before Luminis Portal (myNMSU)
Multiple credentials NMSU Username NMSU Password NMSU Global ID NMSU Global Password Personal Identification Number Social Security Number Username for NMSU Password for NMSU

33 After Luminis Portal (myNMSU)
NMSU Username NMSU Password NMSU ID # NMSU PIN Secret Q & A Secondary Credentials Luminis Student/ Faculty etc. Banner (GOBTPAC) NMSU Username NMSU Administrative Password NMSU ID # NMSU PIN ORACLE Administrative User Banner (GOBTPAC)

34 Web Services: Past, Present and Future

35 myNMSU (Luminis portal) go live
1/3/05: Activated (Luminis portal) About 30,000 accounts converted Successful except for a few problems with “executives” Benefits Single sign-on access to all web applications on campus Integrated self service for personal administrative information (pay stubs, registration etc.) Access all your from the web or other client Announcements to targeted audiences only Community building tools like chat and message boards Course tools for students and faculty Made LDAP “the law”

36 Administrative systems: Banner 7

37 Banner INB Security Spreadsheet Example

38 Statistics: Banner INB (Internet Native Banner)
Used to log into the Banner administrative system 12/14/04 – paper memo distributed with credentials Memo provided users with their NMSU Username and INB password Wanted unique credentials, not “default” 1/6/05 – 1,435 total users (+ 500 time approvers) 1/7/05 – only 30 resets

39 Overall benefits Consolidated data source
Opportunity for better business intelligence More dexterity in developing and deploying enterprise level IT solutions Integrated identity and role management solution Enables standardized application and data platform for the university Web-ification of a growing number of e-services Decreased help desk support

40 Help Desk Statistics Help Desk Trouble Ticket 2004 2005 2006 Global ID
1794 my NMSUUsername/Password 96 3007 888 Total ID 1890 Related Systems WebCT Logon 797 52 39 Logon 675 receive/send 572 65 28 PIN 510 143 86 Programs 128 30 22 SCS Ventana 29 2 WebMail 16 3 WebCT Error 49 17 Dialup 245 18 Total Related Systems 3021 330 214 New Sytems my.NMSU.Edu Portal 9 44 Work-Flow 10 INB Password 57 51 Web-Time Entry 76 7 Total New Systems 187 77 Grand Total 4920 3524 1179

41 and Development Strategies
The UNO Project Information Services and Development Strategies

42 Reporting Strategies and Tools
Responsibility for Data Integrity and Reporting is distributed throughout NMSU Based on ODS/EDW Banner--> ODS --> Cognos Focus --> Cognos Cognos tools: ReportNet and PowerPlay Other tools include Banner reports, Eprint, ODS/EDW and direct access (TOAD)

43 BANNER PROCESS + Perl Processing == EPRINT
We use e-print because the security is already there

44 Cognos Reports -> PDF to TEXT Eprint Report

45 Business intelligence using EDW/Cognos
Centralized data allows for easier analysis and cross referencing Cognos allows aggregation of data into cubes Examples: SCH, Roll-up finance

46 Job Scheduling with Appworx
Banner fundamentally changed the role of “production control” Ability to run Banner processes Ability to Run Cognos Reports, convert to text and post to E-print In general, whatever you can write in UNIX script, you can integrate into Appworx

47 NMSU Month End Close

48 Support for distributed development
Docs, Product validation & approval Centralized developer support Developers on Campus Open Standards XML,XSL, RSS Channel Development Kit Sample blank channels Data Access Access to relevant developer databases Luminis Portal Framework LDAP Authentication & Authorization Layout Presentation & Branding Channel Session Management

49 Enrollment Management
The UNO Project Impact on Enrollment Management

50 Enrollment Goals (3% growth)
Increase Native American enrollment Increase Engineering enrollment Increase Student Credit Hour (SCH) production

51 Targeted Communications
Very custom, but needs technical staff to build Comm. groups

52 Example Letter Letters are far superior to Banner, but slower to generate Simple to format (Branding goes here) Highly personal

53 Freshman Statistics Headcount New Students Change First time Freshmen % Retention (Fall semester) First-time, full-time, degree 71.7% % % % seeking freshmen Persisting to second year After two years of decline, Student Credit Hours up 1.5%!

54 Native American and Engineering Enrollment Statistics
Fall Enrollment Native American Percent , % , % , % , % Engineering (Fall) Difference Change First Time Freshman % Undergraduate Continuing 1, , % Undergraduate Readmitted % Undergraduate Transfers % Total 1, , %

55 The UNO Project Training

56 Core Team Training Identified and delivered organizational change, navigation, module introduction and overview, and application training for end-users to: Training Coordinators Training Committee Functional Teams Functional Trainers Functional Experts Documentation & Training Team Technical Coordinators Implementation Team

57 Core Team Training

58 Example: End User Training Dates
Banner Finance – ARC 30 May – 8:30am-4:30pm May – 8:30am-4:30pm May 31 – 8:30-4:30pm June 1 – 8:30am-4:30pm June 3 – 8:30am-4:30pm June 6-9 – 8:30am-4:30pm June – 1:30-4:30pm June – 1:30-4:30pm Banner Navigation – ARC 24 October 19, 2004 October 21, 2004 October 25, 2004 November 1-2, 2004 November 29, 2004 – Ag Extension ONLY December 1-2, 2004 January 24, 2005 (AM ONLY) January 26, 2005 (PM ONLY) HR Training – Skeen W147 November 9-11, 2004 November 16-18, 2004 January 25, 2005 (FSA Training Room) E-Hire Training – ARC 24 December 6-10, 2004 December 13-17, 2004 January , 2005 Procurement Card Update June 27 – 1:30-2:30, & 3:00-4:00pm June 28 – 9:00-10:00am, 10:30-11:30am, 1:30-2:30pm, & 3:00-4:00pm Banner Finance Self Service Overview Session May 23 – 9:00-10:00am, 10:30-11:30am, 1:30 2:30pm, & 3:00-4:00pm June 2 – 9:00-10:00am, 10:30-11:30am, 1:30-2:30pm, & 3:00-4:00pm

59 Example: General Navigation Training
Designed to introduce basic navigation and query processes for Banner Course covers different types of Banner forms, how to use Banner application menus, how to navigate through forms and perform queries, how to create personal menus, and other aspects of Banner usage

60 Speed up document generation
Documentation Design Guide – guidelines for all documentation for the UNO project (training materials, announcements, etc). Training material can be found via the UNO project website at (demos, FAQ’s, and hard copies of training manuals) Text and Margin format Margins Top - 1” Bottom - 1” Left ” Right - .75” Page Orientation Portrait Paper Size Width - 8.5” Height - 11”

61 Go Live Support: Help Desk (support centers): end user calls, trouble-shooting, reset of passwords, etc. Documentation: Voice mail for after hours On-call support (on-site and off-site) IT support at each college/department level (NMSU ACANS) Campus administrator updates Daily Debriefings

62 Biggest Issues Change management - Example: time and leave entry Batch processing changes conversion was a nice gesture, but created problems Groups that still did not want to conform to processes (bad career move) CMS isn’t the most customer friendly Reporting gap from Focus>>Cognos

63 Biggest Benefits Team building and huge campus collaborative effort
One stop web services Vendor supported solution Faster implementation of services Information widely available (well, almost) More excitement about “what’s next” Recognition that Banner, LDAP and ODS are shared, primary systems Statistics show that it actually did something good Staff may get to sleep soon

64 Questions? Selected answers: $15M capital $1M additional operating
None in IT, but about dozen total throughout functional areas like finance, enrollment management and reporting. Dead Guy Ale

65 Just Don't Call It "Banner": NMSU's Integrated ERP Project
Michael Hites New Mexico State University Educause 2006

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