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Your Own Home Sponsored by: Keeping Your Investment Safe.

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1 Your Own Home Sponsored by: Keeping Your Investment Safe

2 NEIGHBORWORKS® ANCHORAGE IS… A private non-profit organization HUD-certified housing counseling agency Member of a national homeownership network A non-profit mortgage lender providing affordable loan products to Alaskans An affordable housing provider in Anchorage An affordable housing developer A community builder and organizer

3 NeighborWorks® Anchorage We’re here to help Over 1000 homebuyers have become homeowners Nearly 2000 individuals have received pre- purchase counseling We guide people of all incomes through the home buying process and help them keep their homes


5 Why Protect Your Investment You changed your spending habits You saved money for a down payment You found the right house You had your credit history reviewed You filled out forms You showed up for classes and meetings You committed to the investment

6 You Will Know Refinancing Options Keeping and maintaining records Routine Maintenance How to protect your investment by avoiding predatory lenders and loan scams Where to find a life preserver

7 Refinancing your home will it be beneficial? Rate and term refinance –Will the rate be reduced? –Will the term increase or decrease? –Will the cost be worth it? Cash-out refinance –How much equity is in the home? –How much cash is needed and why? –Will it be worth the cost?

8 Refinancing continue d Home Equity Loan (second mortgage) –What is the cash being used for? –Is there a better source than the home? –Is the payment affordable? –What is the rate, term and fee? ASK WHY and is it the BEST CHOICE before refinancing or taking a second loan on your home

9 Shopping for a mortgage Shop for a lender –Is the lender willing and able to answer all of your questions Compare rates, fees and terms Compare loan types Where will the loan be serviced Read and understand all the documents Don’t sign blank documents

10 Keeping Records Purchase a filing cabinet or fire-safe box Design system for filing records Collect important papers from sale Make copies of stored documents Keep services contracts and owner’s manuals

11 Keeping Records continued Keep a file for warranties and receipts Make a list of serial numbers Take photos of home and contents Keep separate files for maintenance projects Set up a system for financial records

12 Homeowner’s Insurance Dwelling coverage Other structures Personal property Loss of use Personal liability Medical payments coverage Deductible Condo coverage-is it sufficient

13 Servicing the loan Open and read all correspondence from the lender Verify the taxes and insurance has been paid out of the escrow account when due The lender may sell the servicing of the loan –V–Verify sale with the existing lender before sending payment to the new lender Send payments only to your mortgage servicer

14 Servicing Continued What to do if payment is returned The lender may have gone out of business Keep the original envelope and payment Contact the original lender, FHA, VA, Freddie or FNMA Continue to send correspondence to the lender (certified mail) Make the monthly payment into a separate account DON’T SPEND IT!

15 Protecting Your Equity Budget Review Save for maintenance and emergencies Limit credit card use Don’t use high interest lenders Don’t borrow more than you can repay Shop before you refinance

16 Payroll Advance Services Check Cashing Agencies Rent-to-Own Companies The Bottom Line: Don’t Get Hooked Know the true cost of the loan and explore the alternatives. Ask each lender about their terms and be sure you can afford to pay them. All of them! Other High Interest Lenders

17 Facing Delinquency Contact your lender Contact a HUD approved counseling agency Be honest with yourself and your lender/counselor Determine the hardship –Long or short term crisis –Severity of the crisis

18 Delinquency continued Develop a crisis budget –Identify all household income –Identify all expenses –Gather information to verify ability to pay Know your options –Keeping the home –Selling the home –Be realistic

19 Don’t Be Scammed Lease-Back or Repurchase Scams –Promise to pay off the delinquent mortgage –Repair credit, pay off credit cards and other debt –You must “temporarily” sign your deed to a third party –You are allowed to stay in the home as a “renter” with the option to repurchase

20 Partial Interest Bankruptcy Scams –Ask you to give partial interest in the property to one or more persons –Make the mortgage payment to the scam operator in lieu of the lender and pockets the money –Scammers file bankruptcy to delay foreclosure –Foreclosure is delayed and may keep you from legitimately using bankruptcy laws to address your financial problems

21 Refinance Scams –The scammer poses as a mortgage broker or lender –Presents you with “foreclosure rescue” documents to sign –You are told the documents are for a refinance to bring your mortgage current –The loan documents are Deed Transfer Documents You NO LONGER OWN YOUR HOME!!

22 Internet and Phone Scams –Scam lenders convince you to apply for a mortgage loan on the phone or internet –The loan is accepted immediately –You fax documents and send wire transfer payment to the phony company You have been set up! Your personal details have been stolen or sold and your home is still at risk of foreclosure!

23 Phantom Help Scams –Scam operator offers services to help the homeowner with a loan modification or refinance program to avoid foreclosure –An outrageous upfront fee is charged and grand promises are made Your lender or housing counselor can help at NO CHARGE!

24 Warning Signs That You Are Being Scammed Demands an upfront fee Offers to negotiate a loan modification for a fee Makes unsolicited offers or “lofty” advertisements Recommends you break off contact with your lender and housing counselor

25 Continued Advises you to stop making mortgage payments Tells you to send your mortgage payment to anyone other than your loan servicer Instructs you to transfer ownership Makes verbal promises-nothing in writing Asks you to sign blank documents

26 There is HOPE If you are falling behind on your mortgage call a HUD certified counseling agency Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Alaska 1-800-478-6501 or online or 1-888-995-HOPE or online

27 HousingHelpNowAlaska Housing Counseling/Foreclosure Mitigation/Default Mortgage Counseling Alaska Statewide 1-888-643-5725

28 REPORT A SCAM The Loan Modification Scam Prevention Network The Lawyers' Committee, along with our partners, is leading a large-scale mobilization of resources in a comprehensive campaign to enhance and support existing state and local efforts, increase scam reporting, educate homeowners, and work with law enforcement.

29 Know Your Home Main electrical switch Fuse or circuit-breakers Hot-water heater thermostat Main cutoff valves for water and gas

30 Safety Suggestions Emergency numbers Fire safety inspections Smoke detectors Carbon monoxide detectors Fire extinguishers Safety ladders First-aid kit Security

31 If you have questions, talk to someone you can trust, such as a knowledgeable family member, attorney or a housing counseling agency.

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