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AKA: Biology 3020.   My colored pen set to help organize notes and my knowledge/energy to help survive the course (:  Words of wisdom: If you want.

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Presentation on theme: "AKA: Biology 3020.   My colored pen set to help organize notes and my knowledge/energy to help survive the course (:  Words of wisdom: If you want."— Presentation transcript:

1 AKA: Biology 3020

2   My colored pen set to help organize notes and my knowledge/energy to help survive the course (:  Words of wisdom: If you want to survive in this class, WORK HARD. Cliché, I know, but it’s so true. Always ask questions; everyone benefits from them. Stay organized with your notes/binder in order to reduce the amount of stress (: Don’t give up if you’re struggling; never hesitate to ask for help! (: Oh, and don’t just memorize the concepts; actually LEARN them so you can apply the info. Good luck! I, Mackenzie Spicer, do hereby bequeath

3   My exciting energy that I bring upon the morning class  Words of wisdom: Well, first off, do your summer work; it’s very important and you won’t feel so left out and clueless for the first couple of weeks of class. Do your labs; they come in handy on that AP test. Your book, YouTube and the website are your best tools. Ask plenty of questions, Mrs. Madren knows all…almost. Good Luck and Goodmorrow. I, Cole Hester, do hereby bequeath

4   My foods and drinks that help keep me awake in the morning.  Words of wisdom: This class is not as scary as people will make it seem. I came into the class not knowing what I was getting into and ended up loving it. Stay focused and try to stay on track. This is a fast moving class. The notes are key so try to take as many as possible but make sure they will be beneficial. Don’t just take notes because they are there. The book may also seem like too much but it does help when you go through it. And if you have questions, I advise you to ASK AWAY! You will not be punished for asking a question! I,Tenisha Washington, do hereby bequeath

5   Study the power points, go to the Morning reviews, ask questions, get a study hall with a computer, Labs are points work hard on them! Know the material or the test will be hard, they are easier when you get the concept.  Words of wisdom: You will struggle at some point in time, this class is no cake walk you will work hard, just know that you will survive, and you will have the preparation for a college course, don’t get discouraged, and don’t quit keep going! Second semester is easier! I, a Lady Bear do hereby bequeath

6   Color coding the chapter outlines.  Words of wisdom: Try to look over your notes every night, even the nights you don’t have this class. Also read the book before taking the tests. Study a lot and good luck! I,Shirin, do hereby bequeath

7   Drawing and creating booklets of notes as well as looking up various videos help me understand the concept.  Words of wisdom : Always look back on what you learned from previous classes. Connect what you learn then to what you are learning currently. Take your own notes before hand and then add onto it from the lecture. Always just do even a quick review of what you learned every night. COLOR CODE. They help recognize key words, definitions, diagrams, etc. Find outside ways to learn and understand watch videos, draw, create songs, rewrite words, “teach” a friend, talk through the steps, etc. I, Nigelle,do hereby bequeath

8   My half scribbled notes that only I can interpret.  Words of wisdom: Stay awake by any means necessary. The rest will follow. I, Zach, do hereby bequeath

9   Brain snacks and flapjacks.  Words of wisdom : Take notes in class and read them when you get home that same day; even if it is just for 20 minutes. This strategy will not only make you well versed in the material, but it helps breed a habit that you should rehearse in every subject. Don’t procrastinate on lab reports. DON’T DO IT I, Adam Turner, do hereby bequeath

10   My sanity- or lack thereof, sleepless nights, and slowly declining GPA.  STUDY! STUDY! STUDY! This should be one of the top classes you focus on. Don’t slack on any work, because it’s hard to come back from a bad grade. Read the chapters for UNDERSTANDING, but don’t be afraid to go beyond the book. Talk to people about what you learn (even if they don’t understand it) and don’t be afraid to talk in class-even if it’s the wrong answer, at least you’re thinking and you learn from it. Listen to the teacher, take notes, and STUDY! I, Hannah, do hereby bequeath

11   My paragraph long objectives and my questioning ability (or rather my pester the teacher about biology skills).  Words of wisdom: Always stay on top of things. Review your notes daily and do read the book, especially first semester. Find some way to review that best suits you, like make flashcards. Doing the chapter objectives is extremely helpful! With the labs, leave plenty of time for trial and error and also writing up the lab report. Don’t be afraid to ask questions even if it means pestering your teacher in the morning! Above all, maintain your sanity and enjoy biology, even with all the tough work! I, Amna Sohail do hereby bequeath

12   I’m parting this place behind leaving my notebook containing all of my scribbles, and my favorite desk.  Words of wisdom: Take a lot of notes, don’t do anything at the last minute, ask questions during and after class, be prepared to brew up some coffee for some late nights, and come in to class with a ready to do anything attitude. Best of luck, Madren will take care of you. I, Danny Nguyen, do hereby bequeath

13   My photographic mind and cramming before the test  Words of Wisdom: You made the right choice in taking this class. Mrs. Madren is a really good teacher and wants you to succeed. Make sure you review the powerpoints, looking over those helped me prepare for the test so much. Have fun in the class and do your work. I,Macey, do hereby bequeath

14   I bequeath my sleep habits because sleep is something you don’t get a lot of if you take this class.  Words of wisdom: Do the objectives right before the test it’s a great idea… Read the book its big, its boring, but it is helpful. Also at first I thought it was a bad idea to take this class being senior year and all, but I LOVED IT!! I, Joseph Van Amburg, do hereby bequeath

15   My chapter objectives, they help!  Words of wisdom: get a good night’s sleep before test day or your mind will wonder off during the test; read the chapters, especially during first semester. Love what your learning because it is so fun! I, Cecelia, do hereby bequeath

16   To always take notes even if you don’t want to  Words of Wisdom: Always come to class. Everyday is important even if its just a fun day. There is a reason for everything planned. Also, when studying and listening in class it helps to think of the material outside of the textbook. Don’t get caught up in the technical definitions of things you already know from experiencing them in everyday life. I, Kimi Wylin, do hereby bequeath

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