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Preparing for the West-B: Feeling Confident, Finishing Strong!

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1 Preparing for the West-B: Feeling Confident, Finishing Strong!

2 Today’s Agenda Strategies to prepare for the West-B Practical Social Timeline Reducing anxiety Psychological Practical Dealing with “what if’s?”

3 Practical Strategies: Increase Comfort with the Content Know the test objectives Determine the meaning of words or phrases in context Meaning of words using context clues, syntax, and structural analysis Recognize common use of misused words (two/to/too) Determine the meaning of figurative/colloquial language in reading Identify synonyms or antonyms for words in a reading section

4 What Tools Can You Use Time! Every day something toward the test! Review basic textbooks Eighth grade level GED test book Teacher test books from other states Praxis-1 TExES

5 How To Study the Study Guides Read directions closely! Preview section headings Think of specific questions Read the chapter thoroughly Reflect on the examples— relate them to your own background/experiences Recite and check your understanding Review questions—can you answer them without referring to the text?

6 Studying by Section: Math Math section Flash cards about the meanings Write your own math problems/stories Look up sample math tests at the 8 th grade level Find a teen-ager with a Mohawk

7 Studying by Section: Writing Writing section Fluency and quality of discussion Organization, logical sequence of ideas Developing the argument Word choice, sentence structure Correct mechanics i.e., spelling, capitalization, punctuation

8 Studying by Section: Writing What are the characteristics of a good friend? In an essay read by a general audience of educated adults, explain your ideas about what makes someone a good friend. Include details to support your views. Some people believe that voter turnout in local, sate, and federal elections would increase if election day were a national holiday, while others disagree that this would help significantly. In an essay read by a general audience of educated adults, express your opinion on this issue. Defend your position with reasoned arguments and supporting examples.

9 Studying by Section: Reading Read and comprehend idea and supporting details Predict outcomes, draw conclusions Identify sequence of steps or events Select solutions Analyze the writer’s stated or implied purpose Critical thinking i.e., fallacies, credibility, facts/opinions Writer’s purpose Apply graphs, charts, tables to reading selections

10 Studying by Section: Reading Reading section Start reading! Talk about your reading to others Read something and then ask someone else to read it and then discuss Write your own questions

11 Social Strategies Trust Belonging Accountability Outside of the group

12 From Those Who Have Done It… “Sign up for the writing sub-test separately.”“The test is at about the 8 th grade level.” “I made the same mistake of taking all subtests in one day and couldn’t complete the writing part.” “The reading part and multiple –choice part are mostly common sense.” “Study the sample answers and the scores that were given in the study guide.”

13 Reducing Your Anxiety

14 Know What to Expect Test 8:30 – 1:30 Four ½ hours long Can go to the bathroom No food or drink

15 Take Control of Your Test! Look at test questions first Mark a skipped question to return to it later Choose a section to complete first Confidence booster Make sure you skip on the answer document Try to eliminate incorrect answers No penalty for incorrect answers; selecting something is better than nothing Read thoroughly! Can read once as an overview Once with questions Work backward—quickly scan, then review questions, looking for answers in passage

16 Take Control of Your Body Dealing with physical symptoms Deep breathing Visualization Heavy hitter: Cognitive reciting Affirmations

17 Take Control of Your Body Fuel your efforts: Get enough cumulative sleep May be too nervous to sleep the night before Protein, protein, protein Caffeine and/or sugar only if it doesn’t cause a delayed free- fall

18 Deal with What If’s? What if you don’t pass? 16 times!!!! Re-offered certain number of times per year You don’t have to ace it, only pass it Most people DO end up passing No reflection of you as a teacher Masses of people struggle with tests Help YOUR future students

19 You Will Do Beautifully! Best of LUCK!

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