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Steve Krug Don’t Make Me Think 5 Guidelines to Web Designing.

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1 Steve Krug Don’t Make Me Think 5 Guidelines to Web Designing

2 Guideline 1 Don’t Make Me Think  This is the number 1 principle to follow  Make a web page easy to understand  Users shouldn’t have any questions when browsing a web page  Make things clear and easy to read so the user does not have to guess about things  The user will want to continue use of this web page if it is easy for them to control and comprehend

3 Guideline 2 How the Web is Used  Users want to skim a document for what their looking for fast and easy  Users use key words and phrases to get where they want/need to go  Keep in mind users don’t always look for the best choice just the first practical choice  Users may or may not be computer friendly so if you want your page to be effective in someone's life; make it easy to use

4 Guideline 3 Billboard Design  Users like organization and knowing what goes with what  Make title blunt and easy to find  Keep the users focus by labeling different parts of a web page  Keep the web page design simple, so the user is not distracted by unneeded distractions, like colors or art  Users like obvious decisions

5 Guideline 4 How to Know What is What?  Users like to click and click fast  Knowing what is next without thinking is like giving candy to a baby; enjoyable and stress free  Make sure your clickable are fast at working, users don’t like to wait  Keep in mind clicking it the most used feature on a web page so it should be the easiest  Users like simplicity

6 Guideline 5 Unnecessary Words  Users have the ability to scan documents very quickly for what they are looking for  Cut out the middleman of words and only use as many words as necessary to explain things  Users don’t want to read extra, just want they need to know  The trick is cut out half of anything you write, this will ensure minimum use of words  Simplicity is the key

7 Those are the 5 Guidelines to follow! Contact Information E-Mail: Written by: Danielle Smith Final Project: Programming for the Web 215 Thanks for Viewing!

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