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Interview Tips & Follow-Up Sherry Pfaff-Doody Ayers Basement Systems.

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1 Interview Tips & Follow-Up Sherry Pfaff-Doody Ayers Basement Systems

2 Interview Tips & Follow-Up 1.Focus on maintaining a professional image-before, during and after! 2.Credibility/LinkedIn/Online Presence 3.Attitude 4.Interview Prep 5.Interview Follow-Up

3 Waiting for that call or email?  What email address do they have for you?  Is it appropriate?    Phone number  Is it current?  Phone etiquette  Do you have an appropriate voicemail set up?  Who is answering your phone and how are they answering?  Prep your family who may be answering your phone  Seems simple, but these things could be deal breakers!

4 Focus on Maintaining a Professional Image  There are things you may be doing (or not doing) that are affecting your job search  Always appear polished  Don’t air your financial matters  Always assume potential employers or connections are watching  Avoid looking desperate  “I’ll take anything”  “I’ve applied for 200 jobs”  Don’t show up at every event

5 Focus on Maintaining a Professional Image  Social Media Rule of Thumb  Assume everyone can see everything!  Don’t advertise every interview you have  Employers will find out-that is not a good thing for you  Avoid making offensive comments  Every time you post something, ask yourself, “is this controversial?” to make your decision  Don’t complain about people-exes, companies that rejected you, etc.  Be unbiased  “But, its my right…”  Solution…


7 Credibility  LinkedIn- Recommendations and Endorsements  “Someone asked me to recommend them, should I?”  Would you put your reputation on the line?  “How about endorsements? ”  What if someone called you and asked you about that endorsement?

8 Attitude  Get past the “this is who I am, take it or leave it” mentality  Avoid negativity  Negativity=drama=unproductive worker  Avoid being negative  Avoid surrounding yourself with negativity  DON’T complain about employers (or anyone for that matter!)  Although it may be difficult, don’t be negative after rejections  Learn from experience & make improvements  Don’t place blame on employers/accountability

9 Interview Preparation  Research  Company  Goals, history, mission/vision  Interviewer(s)  Position  50 Most Frequently Asked Questions  Read them  Prepare answers  “What have you been doing since your last job?”  “Why did you go through this training program?”  And don’t say, “Because Michigan Works paid for it”

10 Interviewing  What to take to the interview:  Resume-extra copies  Portfolio  Nicely presented  Job description  Note pad and ink pens  Questions-at least 5  Confidence and a good attitude

11 Interview Mistakes to Avoid  Showing up late  Discussing personal problems or family  Talking about pay  Only do this AFTER you have been offered the job  Arguing or getting defensive  Don’t interrupt the interviewer  Inflating the truth/trying to sound like you are an expert at everything

12 Interview Attire  Dress properly  Clean, professional clothing  Including undershirts  Not too revealing  Avoid too much jewelry & cologne/perfume  (But do wear deodorant)  Make sure your hair is dry  Finish dressing before you arrive on company premises

13 Appropriate Attire

14 Inappropriate Attire

15 After the Interview  Reflect on what you did well and what you can improve on  Send a “thank you” note within 24 hours  Send to all interviewers  And receptionist too  Make a follow up call  Don’t be annoying  But don’t skip this step  There is a fine line  Remember, it’s a small world!

16 Contact Sherry Pfaff-Doody @Sherrydoody @MCEEATweets -Sherry Pfaff-Doody -Michigan Career Educator and Employer Alliance

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