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Produced by the South Australian Freight Council with special thanks to TDTSA, Ian Lovell & Bellis Fruit Bars.

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1 Produced by the South Australian Freight Council with special thanks to TDTSA, Ian Lovell & Bellis Fruit Bars.

2 Image:

3 Definition: Any sequence of events involved in the production and distribution of a product. Who is involved in the process?  Suppliers  Manufacturers  Transport & Logistics  Distributors/ reseller  Retailers

4 Image: Weber State University, Utah USA How many events do you think take place in the Supply Chain of a Bellis Fruit Bar?

5 Orchard  Fruit picked  Forklift transfer  Truck  Processing plant  Fruit is Graded, washed, sorted & dried Dried fruit packed 

6 Loading Dock  Empty Container  Documents  Truck collects container  Container Terminal  Container placed in stack & loaded onto ship  Ship voyage 

7 Container arrives in Australia  Customs and Quarantine cleared  Container delivered to warehouse  Empty container returned  Dried fruit arrives at Bellis  Recorde d  Warehouse storage

8 Fruit bars made  Wrapped and boxed  Product packed  Moved to warehouse  Order received & processed  Moved to dispatch area  Product loaded onto truck  Distributor

9 Unload pallets  warehouse  Stock recorded  Order received & processed  Picked & packed  Loaded onto truck  Delivery to retail store  Bars are purchased  Taken to your house  Your lunch box!

10 What other sorts of products go through a supply chain?

11  Warehouse Manager  Store person  Forklift Driver  Truck Driver  Diesel Mechanic  Dispatch/Receivals Clerk  Cartage Coordinator  Stevedore  Seafarer (Ship’s Officer)  Crane Operator  Customs Officer  Quarantine Officer  Train Driver  Rail Terminal Planner  Rail Track Worker  Purchasing Officer  Customs Broker  Import/Export Coordinator  Documentation Clerk  Airline Operations Officer  Supply Chain Analyst  Cold Chain Specialist  Transport Engineer  Pilot (Marine & Air) What do all of these jobs have in common?


13 Join the TRANSPORT AND LOGISTICS Industry for a future that can offer you benefits such as: Interesting and varied roles offering both hands on & desk jobs Excellent pay Ageing workforce- this means lots of jobs opening up for young people! Growing industry means your skills will be wanted well into the future Excellent support & networking opportunities for young industry entrants through industry group Accelerate SA Whatever you get into, get into T&L!

14  Drivers licence, first aid certificate  Forklift Licence  Truck licence, varying levels  Certificates in Transport & Logistics  Diploma of Logistics  Cadetships  Traineeships & Apprenticeships  VET Automotive streams  VET Business Administration streams  Graduate positions

15 Aaron Barty- Transpacific Cleanaway (Age 21)  Completed SACE 2008  Logistics Cadetship with Transpacific Cleanaway 2009, completed October 2010  Certificate IV Warehouse & Storage completed 2009  Studied Diploma of Logistics Management, 2010  Currently Operations Supervisor John Sorrenti- Pacific National Rail (Age 30)  Completed SACE 1998  Pacific National Rail, Data Entry Operator 1998  Terminal Operations Manager in 2005  Business Improvement Manager 2010  Six Sigma Course- (Business Improvement Program)  Accelerate SA Vice-Chairperson Industry Profile Cadet Profile Industry Profile Aleisha MacFarlane- SA Freight Council (Age 28)  Completed SACE 2000  Bachelor of International Studies completed 2004  Solo Resource Recovery 2006  Customs Agency Services, Import Operator 2008  Joined SA Freight Council 2010, Project Officer  CILT-Accelerate SA Chairperson

16  A web based resource providing, among other things, 70 Career Briefs – covering all the main T&L jobs across air, sea, road, rail and services to freight.  Some of the jobs profiles include –  Road Train Driver  Dispatch Supervisor  Customs Broker  Warehouse Manager  Terminal Planner  Export Operations Officer  Pilot  Ship’s Captain  Visit: Offering a Bachelor of Management (Logistics and Supply Chain Management) UniSA is the only SA University to offer a degree in the T&L field. To find out more visit: Transport Distribution Training SA is one of 11 industry skills councils around the country. TDTSA can provide excellent information on T&L industry training and cadetships. To find out more Visit:

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