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What to do and what not do

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1 What to do and what not do
College etiquette What to do and what not do

2 Four Hard Truths Certain things are expected of you in college.
Instructors, advisors and staff judge you by your manners! Good manners will take you far. Knowing what is expected of you will keep you out of hot water.

3 The Don’t Commandments
Don’t come to class or an office with a bad attitude. Don’t play with your phone or text in class. Don’t be late for class or appointments. Don’t come unprepared. Don’t blurt out answers. Don’t argue. Don’t come to class smelling like alcohol. Don’t come to class with your business hanging out. Don’t lie. Don’t cheat. Don’t miss class habitually.

4 The Be Attitudes Be positive. Be prepared classes and appointments.
Be responsible. Be on time! Be quiet during lectures. Be attentive. Be honest. Be a good communicator. Be proactive with assignments and deadlines. Be humble. Ask for help.

5 Communicating Your Professors
Read your syllabus or look at your D2L to find out the best way to communicate with your professor. If you are having trouble in the class, see the professor during their designated office hours If you are having trouble with a particular concept, don’t use the word “you”. Don’t ask Mom and Dad to fight your battles for you. Don’t wait till the last hour to ask for help or ask a question….you are not the ONLY student they work with. Some may prefer to communicate through , while some may prefer you to come to their office.

6 Working in Groups Establish how you will communicate with one another.
Show up on time. Share the load! Don’t monopolize the group. Be tactful with criticism (i.e., don’t make another student feel dumb if you don’t like an idea. Instead, offer a polite suggestion.) If someone in the group is not doing their part, talk it out with the group. You may need to talk with the professor.

7 Roommates Don’t borrow your roommates things without asking.
Clean up after yourself. If you have an early class, don’t keep hitting the snooze. Share the chores. Don’t have your significant partner over ALL the time. Establish social hours. If you are coming in late, be QUIET! Don’t do anything illegal in the room. YOU BOTH CAN GET IN TROUBLE! Always have your ID card and room key. Don’t gossip about your roommate. * You can be charged for damage to walls or uncleanliness.

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