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O initiativa Promoting the report – Don't hide corruption

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1 O initiativa Promoting the report – Don't hide corruption

2 O initiativa About the project The project “Promoting the report – Don't hide corruption” represents a follow-up of the project first started in 2009 called “Don't hide corruption”, that consisted of identifying, observing and analyzing the major corruption cases in Romania and issuing a report that highlights to the public opinion the corruption and provides solutions for the eradication of the phenomenon. Through this new project, CDE advances at a large scale the report issued in the first stage and initiates discussions on this subject within the public opinion, especially when young people are concerned, having in mind that the mass media no longer takes an interest to the phenomenon and corruption still represent a threat to democracy and the Romanian society. Thereby, CDE will visit throughout the country five major academic centers, where, with the help of the faculty, media, experts and students, will discuss on the phenomenon of corruption and his side effects. CDE will launch and promote throughout the academic centers a new out-of-the-box online concept developed on Romania’s no.1 youth activism internet portal: will be a special app designed to be a whistleblower for young people. Students will be able to report corruption cases in all the Universities in Romania.

3 O initiativa Objectives To set the general idea that corruption cases are closely monitored so will not to remain unresolved. To raise public awareness of the fact that the corruption phenomenon is under the scrutiny of civil society. To bring to the attention of young people the fact that the process of resolution of corruption cases in Romania is a complicated one. To determine the Romanian authorities to adopt o simpler procedure of resolution and fight against corruption. To introduce the concept of Whistle blowing to young people as a tool to promote transparency.

4 O initiativa Conferences and discussions The project of promoting the report “Don't hide corruption” will be launched in five academic centers in Romania where student organizations took an interest in collaborating in this initiative. There for, the CDE’s team will initiate conferences and discussions in the Universities of Târgovişte, Galaţi, Suceava, Sibiu and Craiova. On that occasion, the CDE’s team and their guests will present to the participants the major corruption cases included in the report and will invite them to explore different solutions for the fight against this phenomenon. Hopefully these consultations will stimulate the student organizations throughout the country to implement projects in the fight against corruption. In our opinion, young people are the most eligible in promoting the eradication of corruption as they are free from a past that forced them into corruption or implicated them in any way; therefore their message is more credible among the civil society. Universities are the first places where young people fully interact with governmental structures and experience transparency on their own. Young people have to interact with several institutions starting with the registration for the faculty, applying for a dorm or managing their exams. In some cases, young people have their first encounters with corruption and face corrupt people in university structures. As we speak, there are no mechanisms or structures monitoring corruption in universities and young people face abuses from some teachers, administrators or university personnel.

5 O initiativa Young people studying in universities will adopt “whistle blowing” principles and will report corruption cases with teachers, administrators or university employees. By using whistle blowing online application, the students will make a step forward towards university transparency.

6 O initiativa What’s next? Conferences and discussions in the Universities of: Galaţi - 25 May Târgovişte - 28 May Suceava - 30 May Sibiu - 30 May Craiova - 31 May Media campaign promoting Local RADIO FACEBOOK Local PRINT Internet

7 O initiativa Thank You! O initiativa Centrul pentru Educatie Democratica

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