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Don’t Say It! Physical Processes

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1 Don’t Say It! Physical Processes

2 Teachers’ Notes The aim of this game to try to ensure that children are learning and using scientific vocabulary correctly. At the top of a slide is the word that the child must describe. Below this word is a list of related words which the child cannot use when describing the word at the top.

3 Forces Push Pull Gravity Upthrust Friction Air resistance

4 Sink Float Water Weight Heavy Ship

5 Circuit Electricity Battery Bulb Wire Complete

6 Echo Sound Vibration Bounce Reflect Voice

7 shadow Dark Light Sun Behind Absence

8 magnet North South Attract Repel Fridge Bar

9 Mirror Reflect Bathroom See Look

10 Newton Sir Isaac Measure Force Unit

11 Year Time Earth Sun Orbit

12 Day Night 24 hours Sun Sunshine Dark

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