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AAIA Conference 2009 “Don’t Teach Me. Help Me to Learn” The Role of Assessment.

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1 AAIA Conference 2009 “Don’t Teach Me. Help Me to Learn” The Role of Assessment

2 AAIA 19 years, 20 th Conference Membership

3 Formative assessment ARG – 10 principles Inside the Black Box Many projects and reports Language changes- Assessment for Learning Reality – Assessment for Teaching

4 10 Principles for assessment based on ARG. 1 Assessment of any kind should ultimately improve learning. 2Assessment methods should enable progress in all important learning goals to be facilitated and reported. 3 Assessment procedures should include explicit processes to ensure that information is valid and is as reliable as necessary for its purpose. 4 Assessment should promote public understanding of learning goals relevant to students’ current and future lives. 5 Assessment of learning outcomes should be treated as approximations, subject to unavoidable errors. 6 Assessment should be part of a process of teaching that enables students to understand the aims of their learning and how the quality of their achievement will be judged. 7 Assessment methods should promote the active engagement of students in their learning and its assessment. 8 Assessment should enable and motivate students to show what they can do. 9 Assessment should combine information of different kinds, including students’ self-assessments, to inform decisions about students’ learning and achievements. 10 Assessment methods should meet standards that reflect a broad consensus on quality at all levels from classroom practice to national policy.

5 “Too many teachers still fail to see the connection between accurate and regular assessment and good teaching which leads to learning”. Ofsted 2008

6 Miller (1954) 7 plus or minus two rule

7 Johnson 1984 20 items in most lessons, the more teacher input, the less learners learn.

8 Key features 3 R’s Registration Retention Retrieval

9 Extending the teachers’ role to include teacher as learner


11 Reason? Ideas The graph shows what happens when water boils A swim suit drying on the line. Hot water cooling in the classroom, Bread left on a windowsill, Ice meting in a glass of water.

12 Challenges for AAIA as we move into our 3 rd (age) decade To continue to promote the link between assessment and good teaching with the learner being active. Promote, and perhaps model, changes to classroom practice – future publication with examples from across the UK

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