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Helping the Public Use Public Access Computers Cheryl Gould Fall 2005 – Summer 2006.

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1 Helping the Public Use Public Access Computers Cheryl Gould Fall 2005 – Summer 2006

2 Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation The Global Libraries program seeks to increase access to technology for residents in low-income and disadvantaged communities through partnerships with public libraries in the United States and throughout the world.

3 GATES in California 10/25/2004 - $416,880 over 3 years to support public access computing sustainability efforts in public libraries through Staying Connected grant State Library decided to offer free training: –Supporting the Public on Public Access PC’s –Managing Public Acces PC’s – Best Practices –Configuring Public Access PC’s Infopeople “Partnership” page has more info

4 How Are You Feeling about Public Access Computers? Are they important? How much of your day do they take up? Is there something you wish would change about the public access computers?

5 Survey says… 51% of adult users have household incomes less than $25,000/year 37% of library computer users earning less than $15,000/year say their only Internet access is in the library Low-income persons are more likely to use library computers to fulfill work, school and community needs. 71% of people without home computer access said they have starting using library or use it more since Internet access is available. 10/02

6 Goals for Today Gain confidence Understand setup limitations and options Basic troubleshooting How to explain: –common problems to techs –solutions to customers

7 Layers of Protection Operating System –Access based on login –Permissions set by administrator Application Settings –Browser - Block pop-ups, privacy, history –Word – lock toolbars, options Added hardware or software –Virus/spyware/adware remover –Disk Security

8 Troubleshooting Steps Close and re-open program –use Ctrl-Alt-Delete if available Reboot computer Check for loose connections If problem with a website, check access to other websites –check nearby computers for Internet connection before calling tech support

9 Why Right-Clicking Matters Context-sensitive menus –can learn in a program –most common tasks available in any spot –don’t see irrelevant options Reduces need to move mouse Best thing to try when you have no idea where to find what you need

10 Privacy Issues for Public Access Computers In many programs - recently used file list In a Web browser –Back, Forward, History –Bookmarks/Favorites –Cache and Temp files –Cookies In Web browser check Tools/Options

11 Mouse Alterations Double-click speed Mouse movement Size of cursor Trail behind cursor Right or left hand mouse user

12 Visual Accessibility Changes Adjust with operating system –size of menus and icons –color of desktop and all windows high contrast white on black –size of fonts Within Programs –size of fonts –zoom box –options in View menu

13 Things to Know About Printing Always use Print Preview Try “ Print Selection ” or “ Page Range ” Alter margins if only a line or two on last page Framed pages are tricky –often don’t print preview correctly –need to choose to print frames separately or as laid out on page Copy and paste to Word from the Web when problems printing from the Web Right-click on images in browser for options

14 1.Go to: 2.Find link to “Blooms Taxonomy…” 3.How do you print the section starting with: “ explanation of Bloom’s taxonomy ”

15 Practice in Groups of 3 Tell your customer… How to print a single image from a web page that is full of pictures and text How to print a paragraph of text How to use Print Preview to figure out what they want is on page 5 and then to print page 5 of a 20 page document.

16 New to computer –In Spanish too Learn to type or use the mouse New to Internet Free email, Internet access and online file storage including digital photos

17 File Names and Extensions File names consist of a name and a 3 character extension - cutedog.gif, memo10_05.doc, dellsupport.html The 3 letter file extension tells Windows what program to open. You can change the association between an extension and a program in Windows Explorer: –Tools/Folder Options/File Types tab Set file extensions to show in W indows Explorer –Tools/Folder Options/View tab

18 Practice explaining… What a file extension is and why it matters and how it effects their ability to open an attachment on a library computer. To your tech support why it’s important to have toolbars on two rows and full menus showing What options there are for low-vision customers

19 What the Computer Sees When you see the letter “a” the computer sees: –01100001 AND a bit for: –font size –font type –italics, bold, underlining Paragraphs have formatting too –centering –indents –numbers or bullets

20 Helping Customers With Word Paragraph Marks Change Style to Normal Options for laying out text and objects Save as.rtf Look at Help together as last resort

21 Options for Saving Save as.rtf if uncertain of what operating system user has access to Email file as attachment using free email Free online storage Know where to buy a USB device locally Files must be able to be saved locally at least temporarily for any of these solutions

22 Talking to Tech Support Use correct vocabulary Recognize that they don’t work with the public –need to give examples of problem and how patron or staff is affected Copy and paste error messages to save them –press to copy entire screen –press Alt + to copy window only –paste into Word Some issues won’t be resolved

23 Practice talking to tech support about something you learned today that you’d like to share with them about improving the customer experience on the public access computers. Be sure to include the problem the customers have AND the solution you suggest

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