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Strong Dreams Don’t Die Look Fear Straight in the Eye, Drop the Excuses and No Longer “Try” Fred Schafer

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1 Strong Dreams Don’t Die Look Fear Straight in the Eye, Drop the Excuses and No Longer “Try” Fred Schafer

2 Why are you here? What do you hope to leave with?

3 Why Should I Listen to this Guy? 54 years old, Studying High Performance Success 39 years Multiple management/supervisory careers – Thousands employees National award employee recruiting/retention National award sales/marketing State/regional awards business & organizational leadership 11 years conference keynote/break out speaker Own Medical Fitness/Personal Training Practice Business consultant/Vocational Calling Coach Masters Degree Wellness, Wellness book Suffered Serious Hair Loss

4 Objectives 1)Define the idea or concept of a “dream” 2)Discuss why dreams are important 3)List the ingredients to the best types of dreams 4)Review how the workplace can become a dream grower 5)Learn why everyone can boldly grow dreams 6)Outline daily steps of dream to reality

5 Part I “Draw the Dream” The first essential skill - skill of imagination “Drawing the Dream” for your location/vocation Grass is greener? Acres of Diamonds “Living” words with emotion and belief vs dead sentences disappoint “Cutting edge” technique beyond “just get to work” Consider Writing Own “Bold Declaration Statement”

6 The Goal is NOT to Work Harder The purpose of a dream is more life for all The goal is to work better and easier with systems A leader and the team is made more and functional Organizational and individual clear, defined and meaningful dreams Why census workers die early?

7 The Challenges of Working and Living Emotionally negative, distressed states selectively produce rises in cortisol to accompany the cardiovascular and catecholamine activation. Therefore, cortisol may be specifically sensitive to negative emotional states such as fear

8 Puts You in the Drivers Seat “Emotionally positive, activating challenges call forth increased cardiovascular and catecholamine responses without activating cortisol.

9 Gives YOU and the “Dream Team” a Game plan to Follow Someone needs to cast the vision People resist following those who do not know where they are going

10 To learn more……!  Why don’t more people “boldly declare”?  No guarantees, but without seeds get weeds  We can influence direction – parked or moving  “Secrets” of creative writers/producers brilliance  Regular meetings with their minds/muse/genius  Most don’t know how strong they are

11 Big Vision is Possible Simple, Not Easy  In writing Don’t Need Everyone’s Approval  Free falling to your unique calling  Answers what, why, who, how, where, when  One – three years (Seven –Ten? )  Top 1-6 priorities, Start before you are ready  DAILY DOES IT – Get Stuff Done – No excuses  Don’t back down – Never give up, change course

12 Reflection for a Strong Dream Direction Thinking stronger Golden Hour/minutes Your “Genius” Reflective writing Reflective reading Reflective teaching

13 More Stupid Meetings Please! Everyone is Brilliant Stupid is the germ of genius Steal like an artist Funnel in the best ideas 10% different is new Tap into your teams talents – Share the credit!


15 Leadership Styles Influencer Executor Relater Analytical

16 Less Flaws More Brilliance What will you Master? Why Will You Master it? Causes and Strengths 80/20 rule Fan the flames Seek out the techies, singers and songwriters

17 The Plague of “Soft” Business, Leadership and Life Skills Thinking Communicating Leading Reading Writing Selling Speaking/training/teaching

18 What will you Master? Make each day a “Masterpiece”  Your “100 word” day  Work on one thing daily – don’t break the chain  Get coaching from someone who has done it  Anything worth doing is worth doing daily  Mastery is simple, mastery is monotonous  Fill our minds with fluff ?– distracted from destiny

19 The only thing we really have control of is what we think and the words we use Every word counts $$$ You might consider getting better with words Read – Listen – Write – Speak – Sell/persuasive

20 Brand Your “Special” Brilliance oSpecialists are sought out oSpecialists have more fun & get more done oEveryone Can (And Should) Be “Special” oDefensiveness comes from insecurity oSecurity comes from knowing ours and others brilliance oAll Brilliance is needed

21 The Five Pillars of High Performance Purpose Pillar – What is your dream/cause beyond $$ ? People Pillar - Who will be your “dream team” to get there? Physical Pillar - How will you fortify yourself for the dream? Professional Prowess Pillar - What dream and team building knowledge, attitudes and behaviors do you need to bravely lead? Passion/Perseverance Pillar – How will you maintain enthusiasm & commitment in the face of adversity?

22 What About You? Your Personal Dream Plan? “Influencers of Thought” Your future, your responsibility Self-study system??

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