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2 pt 3 pt 4 pt 5pt 1 pt 2 pt 3 pt 4 pt 5 pt 1 pt 2pt 3 pt 4pt 5 pt 1pt 2pt 3 pt 4 pt 5 pt 1 pt 2 pt 3 pt 4pt 5 pt 1pt Heat Stress Causes Risk FactorsHeat.

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Presentation on theme: "2 pt 3 pt 4 pt 5pt 1 pt 2 pt 3 pt 4 pt 5 pt 1 pt 2pt 3 pt 4pt 5 pt 1pt 2pt 3 pt 4 pt 5 pt 1 pt 2 pt 3 pt 4pt 5 pt 1pt Heat Stress Causes Risk FactorsHeat."— Presentation transcript:

1 2 pt 3 pt 4 pt 5pt 1 pt 2 pt 3 pt 4 pt 5 pt 1 pt 2pt 3 pt 4pt 5 pt 1pt 2pt 3 pt 4 pt 5 pt 1 pt 2 pt 3 pt 4pt 5 pt 1pt Heat Stress Causes Risk FactorsHeat IllnessesTreatmentPrevention

2 Causes 1pt CI Name one common way the body gets rid of heat?

3 CI Causes 1pt Sweating

4 Causes 2 pt C2 What happens to the body’s blood vessels when the body is stressed by heat?

5 C2 Causes 2 pt They dilate/expand

6 Causes 3 pt C3 Name 3 environmental conditions that make it very hot for a worker

7 C3 Causes 3 pt 1. High air temperature 2. High humidity 3. No wind - no air movement

8 Causes 4 pt C4 internal external Name 1 common internal and 1 common external source of heat stress

9 C4 Causes 4 pt 1.Internal = working very hard. Muscles produce heat. 2.External = environmental heat

10 What is the difference between heat stress and heat illness? Causes 5 pt C5

11 Causes 5 pt 1.Heat stress is the build up of too much heat in the body 2. Heat illness is the breakdown of normal body functions from heat stress

12 Risk 1 pt RI What kind of clothing will make heat stress worse?

13 RI Risk 1 pt Clothing that does not breath

14 Risk 2 pt R2 What kind of personal conditioning may make you more at risk for a heat illness.

15 R2 Risk 2 pt Being out of shape or Being overweight or Lack of sleep

16 Risk 3 pt R3 What kind of diet would put a worker at risk for heat illness in hot weather?

17 R3 Risk 3 pt Low Salt Diet

18 What 2 chronic medical conditions make a worker at greater risk for heat illness? Risk 4 pt R4

19 Risk 4 pt 1. Diabetes 2. Heart disease

20 Risk 5 pt R5 Name 2 illnesses that would make a person more susceptible to heat illness?

21 R5 Risk 5 pt Fever for any reason Stomach Flu Hang Over Respiratory Infection Previous Heat Illness Skin Infections (extensive) Malaria DehydrationFevers Sweat inhibition Drying medicines Any 2 of the following:

22 Illness 1 pt HI Where on the body would you find a heat rash?

23 Skin folds Belt line

24 Illness 2 pt H2 What is the most dangerous consequence of heat syncope (fainting)

25 H2 Illness 2 pt Injury from falling

26 Illness 3 pt H3 Heat cramps are the result of the loss of what electrolyte (body mineral)?

27 H3 Illness 3 pt Salt (sodium)

28 Illness 4 pt H4 Name 3 symptoms of heat exhaustion.

29 H4 Illness 4 pt Sweating Anxiety - Poor Judgment Fatigue- Weakness Cool, clammy skin Weak-Rapid Pulse Any of the following: Headache Nausea-Vomiting Dizziness

30 Illness 5 pt H5 Jose is acting crazy, has dry red skin that feels very hot when you touch it. What kind of heat illness is this?

31 H5 Illness 5 pt HEAT STROKE 1. Dry, hot skin 2.Very high body temperature 3. Confusion Heat Stroke: Call 911 and cool down by any means! HEAT EXHAUSTION 1. Moist clammy skin 2. Normal or subnormal body temperature

32 Tx 1 pt T1 Name 2 ways to treat the skin folds of a heat rash?

33 T1 Tx 1 pt Keep Dry and Clean

34 Tx 2 pt T2 What would you recommend a worker to do when suffering from heat cramps?

35 T2 Tx 2 pt Drink a sports drink It has the proper balance of sugar, water and salt

36 Tx 3 pt T3 NOT What would you NOT recommend a worker take when suffering from heat cramps?

37 T3 Tx 3 pt Salt Tablets because of the risk of overdosing

38 Tx 4 pt T4 assume If a person faints while working hard, what kind of heat illness should you assume this is?

39 T4 Tx 4 pt Heat Stroke Call 911! Cool by any means possible! Use a fan to lower temperature Apply cold compresses Elevate feet

40 Tx 5 pt T5 What is the best way to rapidly cool the body if you have no ice baths?

41 T5 Tx 5 pt 1.Wet down their body 2.Vigorously fan

42 Prev 1 pt P1 What should a worker wear when it is very hot?

43 P1 Prev 1 pt Light loose clothing that breathes and a hat

44 Prev 2 pt P2 What 2 common beverages should a worker avoid when it is very hot?

45 P2 Prev 2 pt 1. Alcohol 2. Drinks with a lot of sugar (>6%)

46 Prev 3 pt P3 muchoften HIGH? How much and how often should a worker drink water when the risk of heat stress is HIGH?

47 P3 Prev 3 pt ½ liter (1 pint) every ½ hour ** Best is a cup every 15 minutes**

48 Prev 4 pt P4 not enough How can you know that the amount of water you are drinking is not enough besides being thirsty?

49 P4 Prev 4 pt You don’t urinate or Your urine is very dark I’m a lonesome latrine

50 Prev 5 pt P5 Name 3 medicines you should warn a worker about that could increase the risk of heat illness?

51 P5 Prev 5 pt Laxatives Laxatives Water pills (diuretics) TricyclicAnti- depressants Tricyclic Anti- depressants Anti-psychotic Beta- blockers: Diet pills Calcium channel blockers Alpha adrenergic Thyroid Anti-cholinergic Mental Health and Seizure Heart and Blood Pressure Allergy (Antihistamines) Cold or Cough Nausea,OP poisoning, bladder or bowel Any of the following medicines for:

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