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By Minghadi Suryajaya (part of teams) 0821 3922 1894

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1 By Minghadi Suryajaya (part of teams) 0821 3922 1894

2 Teams Minghadi Suryajaya B.Eng, M.Comm, PhD Berpengalaman lebih dari 12 tahun IT Development (meliputi web dev, security, 3D graphics, dan computer vision) Gladys Hartanto B. Comm Highly skilled in marketing communication and B2B customers relationship Great in accounting and auditing

3 Overview 1001beds is a backend application that enables hotel to sell their rooms to multiple Online Travel Agents through a single point of update

4 Problem : Too many OTAs to update! Updating multiple OTAs is very cumbersome and inefficient Manual update on multiple OTAs often leads to overbooking Customer complaints Additional cost and reputation loss

5 Overview - Vision 1001 beds makes the process of selling rooms online an enjoyable experience for both the hotels and the OTAs

6 Market Analysis Over 1000+ hotel bintang 3 ke atas di seluruh Indonesia sudah go Online! 2012 – 240.000 kamar (15.300 hotel) [PHRI, 2012] 2013 ~ 340.000 kamar (~122 millions room nights/year) Jumlah hotel di Jkt meningkat 80% di tahun 2013 [BPS, 2013] Terjadi peningkatan jumlah OTAs secara significant namun dengan pangsa pasar yang berbeda Activity based, e.g. wedding, seminar Themed activities, e.g. backpacker, homestay Community based, e.g. med doctor social network, group arisan

7 Competitors (India) WuBook (Italy) AvailPro …etc. (none in Indonesia) Problems: most are trying to be wholesaler instead of communication channel & PMS (Property Management Software)

8 Main Target for MVP Three stars hotels and lower Online update ke multiple OTAs         

9 Competitive Edge Indonesian-ready system Fail-safe system (offline procedures) 24/7 on call support Mobile app to enable marketing staffs to handle offline group booking Protocol yg disesuaikan dengan OTAs local condition ▪ PULL based - conventional ▪ PUSH base Dynamic and Flexible pricing

10 Business Models Hotels (Reservation) subscriptions fee Hotels (Marketing & Manager) mobile apps Learning Institution training & certifications Online Travel Agents commission fees

11 Status Business Have built strong relationships with 1000+ hotels di Indonesia Have signed up five hotels that are willing to be the testbed of our beta app Technicals Prototype design has been established

12 The Ask 200M untuk 2M pre-money company valuation to: Develop the application Purchase hardware Hire employees Do marketing campaign Fund operations for the first 4months

13 Key cost components System Architect: 20jt Senior Mobile Developer: 10jt Senior Web Developer: 10jt Marketing Staff: 10jt Expected time: 4months (50jt/month)

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