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Survive – domestic abuse is everyone’s business. “Without Survive I’d probably be dead” “Please ask me, please ask me”

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1 Survive – domestic abuse is everyone’s business. “Without Survive I’d probably be dead” “Please ask me, please ask me”

2 Who does domestic abuse affect? On average how many calls a day are made in the UK to the police? What proportion of all violent crime is attributed to domestic abuse? What proportion of men and women are affected? And how many children? What is the impact on children? Why don’t they leave? What is domestic abuse?

3 Some statistics Up to 50% of spousal homicide occurs after a woman has left her partner. Two women a week and one man a fortnight die as a result of domestic abuse. The estimated total cost of domestic violence to society in monetary terms is £23 billion per annum. Homosexual men are in as much danger as heterosexual women and may be far more reluctant to come forward to disclose abuse. 227,000 older people were neglected or abused in their own homes in the past year – and domestic violence was clearly a significant part of this. 30% of domestic abuse starts during pregnancy. In 90% of incidents involving domestic abuse, the children are in the same or the next room and one child a week loses a parent to domestic abuse

4 How does it affect older people? Dementia can be a trigger It can have been going on for decades Increased stigma of shame and not being believed over 60% of older women affected did not seek professional help or did not know about help Increased issues around mental health, confusion and care issues

5 What Survive offers A support line for any woman and child at any stage: 0117 9612999 9.00-4.00pm weekdays First point of admission to other services Run in partnership with the national domestic violence helpline.

6 Refuges and work with children and young people 3 refuges housing 16 families. Family support in refuge and though structured play and parenting support. Specialist work with children and young people including 2 group work programmes for 7-11 and 11- 17 year olds. New preventative work in schools.

7 Realising and recovery “Realising this is all from all walks of life... it doesn't miss anyone out, it's from all parts of society and is no respecter of intelligence or money or understanding. It could be anyone at all.” “You don't realise the abuse is abuse, it teaches you what abuse is” “They (perpetrators) are so good at making you think it's your fault. The programme taught me just by hearing other people's stories that it so wasn't ”

8 Outreach support, high risk work and group work Support for women at high risk and in court/CJS. A new post at Frenchay A & E for men and women Group work programmes for women in three areas and 4 outreach/information sessions. A pilot group work programme for younger women aged 16-24. Service user advisory group.

9 It’s not all depressing; look what we do! The course made me realise that, deep inside, I’m not an angry or violent person: I’m just a kid who has been through a horrible time, and been the victim of a bad man who hurt me, just as he hurt my mum. The course made me realise that I didn’t have to end up becoming an angry, violent man…The thing I most hope is that one day I’ll be a good dad, because I know I’ve got it in me…I’m determined that my future won’t be scarred by my past.” 13 yr old on our Back on Track programme “I’m free now, I feel free!!!!”. “I leave you with a smile I have lots of cuddles from my boys snuggled under the duvet watching television the house is calm my friends and family slowly coming are back!” Independent Domestic Violence

10 How can you help? Support our fundraising events – Who’s running? Find us a nearly new cot or children’s bedding! Volunteer for us. Join our fundraising sub group. Storable food Bedding and toiletries. Extend our reach. Make us your charity of choice and tell your friends.


12 Get involved and find out more Contact details: Anna Smith 07850912221 Survive offices: 0117 9613065 Survive duty line: 0117 9612999 7097021 facebook 7097021 twitter

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