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Infrastruktur Nyheder Lasse Carthberg Senior Technology Specialist Entreprise & Partner Group Microsoft Danmark Del 1 EA Seminar 8. November 2006.

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1 Infrastruktur Nyheder Lasse Carthberg Senior Technology Specialist Entreprise & Partner Group Microsoft Danmark Del 1 EA Seminar 8. November 2006

2 Agenda Del 1 Virtualisering Virtualisering Operations Manager 2007 Operations Manager 2007 Del 2 Configuration Manager 2007 Configuration Manager 2007 Forefront Forefront SA Benefits SA Benefits Roadmap Roadmap

3 Virtualisering

4 SoftGrid: Application Virtualization Applikationer er virtualiseret per instans: Filer (inkl. System Filer) RegistryFonts “Virtualization will replace traditional imaging and software distribution at the desktop.” Applikationer bliver IKKE installeret eller ændrer i OS Alle tasks bliver udført på lokal computer.ini COM objects Services


6 Centralized Management: Physical to Virtual Machines Mapping One Click switching between physical and virtual views VM State Transition, migration and checkpoints Complete details of both physical and virtual layers Customizable grouping of physical and virtual machines into resource pools

7 Resource Optimization: Physical to Virtual Migration Configuration of target virtual machine resouces with default values from physical source machine

8 Resource Optimization: “Intelligent Placement” Subset physical hosts to appropriate resource pool(s) Rank ordered recommendations of physical hosts for placement of virtual machine. Capacity Planning models, historical performance data, hard requirements, … incorporated into algorithm.

9 Rapid Provisioning using Self-Service Portal User selects from list of templates Administrator has associated with that user

10 Rapid Provisioning using Self-Service Portal New virtual machine ready for use, Terminal Services connection information automatically emailed to user.

11 System Center Operations Manager 2007

12 Basic Health Model Of An Entity Entity Availability Health Performance Health Security Health Configuration Health Overall Health SQL SVR Service Windows Service State

13 Basic Model - Distributed Application Structure Health Models “Messaging”

14 End to End Service Monitoring Monitor the health of distributed applications all the way down to hardware level Synthetic transactions to monitor end user perspective Easy to use distributed application templates and Designer for creating management packs Improve the service levels of packaged and Line of Business applications

15 Best of Breed for Windows Easily resolve problems with knowledge, views, dashboards and inline tasks Personalization your monitoring via My Workspace Proactive problem management of crash and hang data via Agentless Exception Monitoring Audit collection service efficiently archives security event logs Hurtigere problemløsning og reduktion af TCO i Windows miljøer

16 Agentless Exception Monitoring No agent deployment required Integrates with Windows Error Reporting (Watson) Visibility to and resolution knowledge for client crashes Entire Enterprise space Collective Client Monitoring Reporting and alerting on collections of clients Proactive monitoring of errors, utilization, performance and reliability Remote diagnostic and troubleshooting tasks Agent managed Medium scale within Enterprise Business Critical Client Monitoring Deeper monitoring and alerting on individual clients Verified availability via heartbeat Host for user perspective transactions Optional: security auditing capabilities Small scale within Enterperise Flexible Approach Scales to meet diverse needs for entire Enterprise

17 Windows Management Pack Getting Better with Vista – Reports

18 Reports in OpsMgr 2007 Re-usable reports make it easy to have reports in every MP Reports are using a Smart Parameter Header - making the parameter selection easier Reports are interactive can launch other reports can launch console views can launch tasks

19 Pause

20 Infrastruktur Nyheder Lasse Carthberg Senior Technology Specialist Entreprise & Partner Group Microsoft Danmark Del 2 EA Seminar 8. November 2006

21 System Center Configuration Manager 2007

22 Nem installation og opsætning Simplet brugerinterface Avanceret Task Sequencing Forbedret schedulering og Wake-on-LAN Windows Mobile og embedded devices er fuldt ud integreret Nyheder i Configuration Manager 2007 Simplicity 1/4

23 Nyheder i Configuration Manager 2007 Deployment 2/4 Samme deployment for alle Windows operativ systemer Ét image worldwide til Vista Baseret på Vista Imaging teknologi Vista og Office 2007 opgraderings- assesment og planlægning Mulighed for fuld offline deployment via medie

24 Nyheder i Configuration Manager 2007 Security 3/4 Integration med “Longhorn” Network Access Protection Simpel, omfattende software opdatering via skabeloner for generelle tasks Enterprise Vulnerability assessment Sikker håndtering af enheder over Internettet Sikker lagring på netværket af User State ved Operating System deployment

25 Nyheder i Configuration Manager 2007 Configuration 4/4 Vidensdrevet konfigurations management baseret på (SDM) IT policies til at analysere corporate og regulatory compliance ”Out of the box” konfigurations politikker for server workloads f.eks. Exchange License and Asset management Integration til System Center Licensing Services

26 The Asset Lifecycle Procurement Packaging&Deployment Inventory&Reporting Change Management System Center Configuration Manager / System Center Management Services Software Packaging and Deployment Asset Inventory & Reporting License Mgmt (MSFT only) Patch Mgmt Integration with LOB systems Workflows to support change management Procure new Reallocate Retire

27 Forefront

28 Guidance Developer Tools Systems Management Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) Identity Management Content Service s Client and Server OS Server Applications Edge Network Access Protection (NAP) Omfattende sikkerheds portefølje

29 Remove most prevalent viruses Remove all known viruses Real-time antivirus Remove all known spyware Real-time antispyware Central reporting and alerting Customization Microsoft Forefront Client Security MSRT Windows Defender Windows Live Safety Center Windows Live OneCare IT Infrastructure Integration FOR INDIVIDUAL USERS FOR BUSINESSES

30 One dashboard for visibility into threats and vulnerabilities View insightful reports Stay informed with state assessment scans and security alerts

31 Gartners Magic quadrant 2006 – Email security Er Microsoft en spiller i dette marked? - We recommend buying service provider offerings directly from the source (such as MessageLabs, Postini, Microsoft or MX Logic) to avoid problems caused by multiple layers of support - Clearly, Microsoft’s significant investment in boundary services — which will reach fruition in the forthcoming Exchange 2007 release — will have a significant impact on competitive dynamics over time. - Given its installed base of Exchange e-mail infrastructure users and the acquisitions of Sybari & Frontbridge — in addition to original investments in native anti-spam filtering — Microsoft is poised to become the de facto leader in the e-mail security market. - Although its current market share is middling, it will be difficult to compete with the addition of anti-spam and antivirus services as part of both standard and enterprise licenses for Exchange 2007.

32 EA & SA Fordele

33 The Optimized Windows Desktop Vista Enterprise + Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack : the most cost effective & flexible desktop management solution Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack for SA Accelerate the different stages of OS and application deployment and management using application virtualization and streaming Translating software inventory into business intelligence Powerful tools to accelerate desktop repair Enhancing group policy through change management Transform applications into centrally managed services available when and where needed and easily updated with software streaming Windows Vista Enterprise Data Protection with Windows ® BitLocker ™ Drive Encryption Application Compatibility Licensing rights to 4 Virtual OS’es Subsystem for Unix-Based Applications (SUA) Worldwide deployment with Multi-lingual User Interface Packs (MUI) Four Virtual Operating Systems Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption Multi-lingual User Interface (MUI) Subsystem for Unix-Based Apps (SUA) SoftGrid Application Virtualization Asset Inventory Services Diagnostic & Recovery Toolset Advanced Group Policy Management

34 Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs Is a new Windows operating system Built using the Windows XP SP2 Embedded Toolkit Designed to run on older hardware Min: Pentium 133Mhz, 64 Mb RAM, 800x600 Gfx, 10 Mbit NW Repurpose older hardware as terminal services clients, move most applications to the server Take advantage of the latest operating system technology, while improving the TCO of legacy hardware

35 WinFLP reduces the attack surface of legacy PCs Protects legacy PCs to the same high levels as Windows XP SP2 PCs with Service Pack 2 Security Bar with Service Pack 2 WinFLP - Raise the Security Bar

36 Roadmap

37 System Center Roadmap

38 © 2004 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. This presentation is for informational purposes only. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, in this summary.

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