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Intro to Business Jeopardy!!!!. Chapter 5Chapter 6Chapter 7Chapter 8Hodgepodge 100 200 300 400 500 Right Side of Room CenterLeft Side of Room Final Jeopardy.

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1 Intro to Business Jeopardy!!!!

2 Chapter 5Chapter 6Chapter 7Chapter 8Hodgepodge 100 200 300 400 500 Right Side of Room CenterLeft Side of Room Final Jeopardy

3 Question: Chapter 5 100 Points Written contract granting permission to operate a business to sell products and services in a set way

4 Answer: Chapter 5 100 Points What is a Franchise

5 Question: Chapter 5 200 Points Short, specific written report of the reason a business exists and what it wants to achieve

6 Answer: Chapter 5 200 Points What is a Mission statement

7 Question: Chapter 5 300 Points Agreement and layout of what each person will do and who will have authority over others

8 Answer: Chapter 5 300 Points What is Organizational structure

9 Question: Chapter 5 400 Points There are three types of business ownership. Name all of them

10 Answer: Chapter 5 400 Points What is Proprietorship, Partnership, and Corporation

11 Question: Chapter 5 500 Points Businesses involved in selling the goods and services of producers to consumers

12 Answer: Chapter 5 500 Points What are Intermediaries

13 Question: Chapter 6 100 Points Someone who takes a risk in starting a business

14 Answer: Chapter 6 100 Points Who is an Entrepreneur

15 Question: Chapter 6 200 Points Written description of the business idea and how it will be carried out

16 Answer: Chapter 6 200 Points What is a Business Plan

17 Question: Chapter 6 300 Points List at least three traits of successful entrepreneurs

18 Answer: Chapter 6 300 Points What are Competitive, creative, energetic, goal oriented, independent, inquisitive, persistent, reliable, self-confadent

19 Question: Chapter 6 400 Points Ability to motivate individuals and groups to accomplish goals

20 Answer: Chapter 6 400 Points What is leadership

21 Question: Chapter 6 500 Points (Listed in detail in Ch 7) Name 2 ways to improve leadership skills

22 Answer: Chapter 6 500 Points What are Take classes, work with a leader, practice, read, etc.

23 Question: Chapter 7 100 Points Process of accomplishing the goals of an organization through the effective use of people and other resources

24 Answer: Chapter 7 100 Points What is management

25 Question: Chapter 7 200 Points Name and explain one of the four management styles

26 Answer: Chapter 7 200 Points What is 1.Autocratic: Dictator 2.Democratic: Get others input 3.Free Rein: Trust others 4.Situational: Alter based on what is happening

27 Question: Chapter 7 300 Points If a manager is respected because of their position they have what kind of influence

28 Answer: Chapter 7 300 Points What is Formal influence

29 Question: Chapter 7 400 Points There is 4 management levels, what are the two center ones often called

30 Answer: Chapter 7 400 Points What is Middle Management

31 Question: Chapter 7 500 Points Managers have 5 functions, list 2 of them

32 Answer: Chapter 7 500 Points What is Planning, organizing, staffing, coordinating, controlling

33 Question: Chapter 8 100 Points All people 16 and older that are employed or are looking for work

34 Answer: Chapter 8 100 Points What is the Workforce

35 Question: Chapter 8 200 Points Removing work from one area/company and sending to another

36 Answer: Chapter 8 200 Points What is Outsourcing

37 Question: Chapter 8 300 Points Environment in which people work, made up of atmosphere, behaviors, beliefs, and relationships

38 Answer: Chapter 8 300 Points What is Organizational Culture

39 Question: Chapter 8 400 Points Human resources have seven goals, name 2 of them

40 Answer: Chapter 8 400 Points What is ID personnel needs, maintain supply of people, match abilities with jobs, train and develop, develop plans to compensate, protect health of employees, maintain productive and satisfying work environment

41 Question: Chapter 8 500 Points There are 7 protected groups from employment discrimination, name 2 of them

42 Answer: Chapter 8 500 Points What is Race, religion, national origin, disability, pregnancy, sex, age

43 Question: Hodgepodge 100 Points What is Michigan's minimum wage

44 Answer: Hodgepodge 100 Points What is $8.15 Federal is $7.25 – have to be paid higher of the two

45 Question: Hodgepodge 200 Points Principles of conduct governing an individual or group

46 Answer: Hodgepodge 200 Points What is a Code of Ethics

47 Question: Hodgepodge 300 Points Name 2 benefits you may receive from a job besides pay and experience

48 Answer: Hodgepodge 300 Points What is Insurance, retirement, car, phone, clothing, travel, child care, etc.

49 Question: Hodgepodge 400 Points If you make 9 dollars an hour how much would you make each hour of overtime

50 Answer: Hodgepodge 400 Points What is $13.50

51 Question: Hodgepodge 500 Points There are 6 basic business activities. List 2 of them

52 Answer: Hodgepodge 500 Points What is Generate ideas, raise capital, employ and train personnel, buy goods and services, market goods and services (sell), maintain records

53 Final Jeopardy – Make your Wager

54 Final Jeopardy Question Most countries are a mix of market and command economies. Explain how each works and why most are mixed.

55 Final Jeopardy Answer What is Command is where government controls everything (schools, military) and Market is where companies and supply & demand control everything

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