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Sejkora: What is RETS-REMP?

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1 Sejkora: What is RETS-REMP?
Ken Sejkora Entergy Nuclear Northeast – Pilgrim Station Presented at the 12th NUMUG Meeting Charlotte, NC / Jun 2008 12th NUMUG Meeting / Charlotte, NC / Jun 2008

2 RETS-REMP Radioactive Effluent Technical Specifications, terminology held over from when effluent controls were part of plant Technical Specifications… most plants have relocated effluent controls to the Offsite Dose Calculation Manual Radiological Environmental Monitoring Program, a subset of effluent control program used to detect impact of plant operations on the environment and members of the public.

3 Responsibilities of RETS-REMP
Effluent Monitoring – liquid and gaseous Nuclide and activity released Pathway dose assessment Meteorology plays role in dispersal and fate of airborne releases and resulting dose Environmental sampling/monitoring Monitor for radioactivity in the environment related to plant operations… water, sediment, fish, shellfish, air, crops, milk and meat products, TLDs/direct radiation Meteorology plays role in dispersal and deposition of airborne radioactivity and concentrations in environmental media

4 Responsibilities of RETS-REMP
Annual Reports to NRC Annual Radioactive Effluent Release Report – present results of effluent releases and dose impact Annual Radiological Environmental Operating Report – present results of REMP sampling efforts RETS-REMP personnel are often responsible for meteorological system at plants Often viewed as the “end user” for X/Q,D/Q dispersion factors related to dose assessment Often no formal training in meteorology

5 RETS-REMP Workshop The RETS-REMP Workshop is a forum to exchange practical experiences and issues related to the Radioactive Effluent Technical Specifications and Radiological Environmental Monitoring Programs at commercial nuclear power plants. The workshop focuses on monitoring radioactivity in effluent releases from nuclear power plants, and on assessing the environmental consequences of such releases.

6 RETS-REMP Organization
RETS-REMP Workshop is managed by the Steering Committee The Steering Committee consists of eight to nine members, representing U.S. electric utilities

7 Annual Meetings First meeting was held in 1991, sponsored by Baltimore Gas & Electric 2008 Meeting will be the 18th meeting Free and open exchange of information between utilities, regulators, and consultants regarding problems, solutions, and best practices

8 Accomplishments Work through Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) to provide technical support on effluent and environmental monitoring issues, including review of pending NRC documents Supply technical expertise to Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) on effluent and environmental issues

9 Accomplishments - continued
In past, attempted to develop Position Papers acceptable to NRC – problems with perception of involvement with rulemaking Jason Jang Award Award in honor of Dr. Jason Jang, NRC inspector who fostered model RETS-REMP programs Presented annually to individual who has made significant contributions to the field of RETS-REMP or has administered exemplary programs

10 Accomplishments - continued
Website – coordinated through North American Technical Center (as is NUMUG website) URL: RETS-REMP Discussion Group Yahoo discussion group, similar to NUMUG listserve Send to group administrator to join

11 Need for Meteorological Data
X/Q,D/Q dispersion factors for dose assessment Long-term annual average factors for routine dose assessment, per NUREG-0133 and Regulatory Guide 1.111 Short-term factors for accident/emergency dose assessment Determine environmental monitoring locations based on prevailing winds Assist in understanding fallout and washout phenomena

12 Need for Meteorological Data - continued
Although RETS-REMP personnel are often responsible for meteorological programs, and rely on met data as “end users”, we often lack meteorological training, and have to rely on expertise of NUMUG members to help us through the “rough spots”

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