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Instructions: Open Slide Show and proceed to slide 3 Use the Mouse to Left click on category number. After answer is given use mouse to Left click in.

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2 Instructions: Open Slide Show and proceed to slide 3 Use the Mouse to Left click on category number. After answer is given use mouse to Left click in open field to revel correct answer. Use mouse and Left click on picture on each slide to return to main screen

3 CERT The Game

4 Preparedness Fire Safety Medical Search/Rescue Team/Psychology 200 200 200 200 200200 300 300 300 300 300300 400 400 400 400 400400 500 500 500 500 500500 600 600 600 600 600 600 700 700 700 700 700700 800 800 800 800 800800 900 900 900 900 900900 1000 1000 1000 1000 10001000

5 1 Gallon per Person Per Day How Much Water Should You Store ?

6 Exit Drills In The Home What it Operation E.D.I.T.H

7 72 Hours Worth How Many Days Supply Should You Have ?

8 Natural, Man Made and Technological What are 3 Types of Disasters ?

9 Gloves, Goggles, Mask, Helmet, and Boots. What is the Minimum Safety Equipment ?

10 An Interior Room With few Windows, Water and a Toilet and can be Sealed off Quickly What makes a good Safe Room ?

11 When Tuned To it, it Will Advise You What To Do In An Emergency What Is The Emergency Alert System ?

12 Before It Strikes ! When Should You Prepare For A Disaster ?

13 Assigns Responsibility, Sets Lines of Authority, Describes How People and Property Will Be Protected, Identifies Personnel, Equipment, Facilities, Supplies and Resources. What Is The Emergency Operation Plan ?

14 Heat, Fuel, Oxygen What Are The Parts Of The Fire Triangle ?

15 Class A, B, C, D What Are The Classes Of Fire and or Extinguishers ?

16 Tangles Of Electrical Cords or Overloaded Electrical Outlets What Is The Electrical Octopus ?

17 A Continual Nine Step Process That Enables Responders To Make Decisions and Respond Appropriately In The Areas Of Greatest Need. What Is Size-Up ?

18 Limit, Isolate, Eliminate, Separate. What Does The Acronym LIES Stand For ?

19 Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep What Does The Acronym PASS Stand For ?

20  Portable fire extinguishers, Wet standpipes, Confinement And “Creative” What Are The CERT Fire Fighting Resources ?

21  Corrode other materials  Explode or are easily ignited  React strongly with water  Are unstable when exposed to heat or shock  Are toxic to humans, animals, or the environment What Are Hazardous Materials ?

22 Isolate, Evacuate, Limit Entry and Report What Should CERT Teams Do In Haz-Mat Situations ?

23 # Airway obstruction # Excessive bleeding # Shock What Are The Three Killers ?

24 Direct Pressure Method Elevation of limb Use of Pressure Points What Are The Three Methods of Bleeding Control ?

25 A Disorder Resulting From Ineffective Circulation Of The Blood. What Is Shock ?

26 A Process Where Victims Are Evaluated and Sorted By Urgency Of Treatment Needed What Is Triage ?

27 Walking Wounded Delayed Immediate Dead What Are The Four Categories of Triage ?

28  Wash hands frequently using soap and water.  Wear latex gloves; change or disinfect after each patient.  Wear a mask and goggles.  Keep dressings sterile.  Avoid contact with body fluids. What are Some Steps To Maintain Hygiene ?

29  In a safe area.  Close to (but upwind and uphill from) the hazard.  Accessible by transportation vehicles.  Expandable Where Should A Treatment Area Be ?

30  Bruising  Swelling  Severe pain  Disfigurement What Are Some Indicators Of Injury ?

31  First degree  Second degree  Third degree What Are The Classifications Of Burns ?

32  Locating victims.  Documenting location. What Is Searching ?

33  Rescue greatest number in shortest amount of time  Rescue lightly trapped victims first What Are The Goals Of Search And Rescue ?

34  Time of event and day of week.  Type of structure.  Construction type.  Weather.  Hazards. What Are Some Important Facts That Need To Be Gathered During Size-Up

35 Look For Kings Rows And Support Plates How Do You Identify A Un-Reinforced Masonry Building ?

36 u Pancake u Lean-to u V u Individual What Are 4 Types Of Voids ?

37 Any Space a Person May Take Shelter For Safety During An Event. What Is An Individual Void ?

38  Know your limitations  Follow safety procedures.  Remove debris by: Leveraging, Cribbing. What Is Creating A Safe Environment ?

39 Pieces Of Wood That Are Similar In Size And Shape Stacked In Layers Of Two To Support An Object. What Is Box Cribbing ?

40  Self-removal or assist.  Lifts and drags. What Are Two Types Of Victim Removal ?

41 # Ensure safety of disaster workers # Provide clear leadership for rescuers # Improve effectiveness of rescue efforts What Is The Purpose Of On-Scene Management ?

42 “To reduce the human and material loss from disasters by providing our residents with training in preparation and response” What Is The Basic Premise Of CERT ?

43 Command Operations Logistics Planning Administration What Are The Five Functional Areas Of The Incident Command System ?

44 Impact Inventory Rescue Recovery What Are The 4 Phases Of Dealing With A Disaster ?

45 I Need To Ask Myself “Is it safe for CERT members to attempt a particular task?” What Is the first decision that CERT leaders must always ask ?

46 Carefully How do we approach people after a disaster?

47 Situation Status Incident Locations Access Routes Identified Hazards Support Locations What Should The Command Post Document ?

48  Establish rapport  Listen  Empathize  Provide confidentiality How Do We Help Survivors Deal With Stress?

49  Make disaster plans together  Ensure everyone understands CERT  Include everyone in the household How Do You Reduce Disaster Stress In Your Family ?

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