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Why College: What Are My Options? Revised 8/2013.

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1 Why College: What Are My Options? Revised 8/2013

2 Why College? Who wants to go to college? Why do you want to go to college? What are you doing to prepare for college now?

3 Why College: Tell Your Story… Why did you want to go to college? Who helped you/how did you get there? Where did you go and what did you study?

4 Why College: What Do You Think Of? football sorority fraternity campus mascot opportunity dorms debt money independence parties basketball study abroad internships notes lectures books studying education boys clubs ramen noodles minor

5 Why College: What is College?

6 Agenda Why College?What Are My Options?What Do I Need To Consider?What Can I Do To Prepare?

7 Why College? How college grads describe themselves: More satisfied with their careers Healthier More effective speakers More likely to have meaningful work Happier with life More secure in life More confident More social More resourceful How employers describe them: More motivated Learn more quickly Better able to meet deadlines Better problem solvers Better communicators Better able to lead More worthy of promotion Less likely to be laid off More deserving of a higher salary Has credentials Knows how to set and achieve goals Greater knowledge and skill set

8 Why College? ?

9 A high school diploma is just not enough anymore Jobs that require more than high school make up more than 2/3 of new jobs, and it’s growing. New jobs for HS graduates New jobs for college graduates Source: Carnevale, Anthony P. and Donna M. Desrochers, Standards for What? The Economic Roots of K–16 Reform, Educational Testing Service, 2003.

10 Why College? Postsecondary education creates more job stability 8.3 7.7 6.8 6.2 4.5

11 Why College? Postsecondary degrees lead to greater weekly earnings Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Current Population Survey, 2013.

12 Why College? Over a lifetime, college graduates earn $1 million more than those who only have a high school degree.

13  Nobody in my family has ever gone  I’m tired of school — I just want a job  I can’t afford college  I don’t know what I want to study  College takes too long and is too difficult  I’m needed at home and in my community  I’m not smart enough  I can be the first to go!  College will help me get a better paying job!  There’s plenty of financial aid available!  I’ll figure it out when I’m taking classes!  Some degrees only take one or two years.  I can go to college online, without leaving home!  I am smart enough to go to college! I can do it!

14 Agenda Why College?What Are My Options?What Do I Need To Consider?What Can I Do To Prepare?

15 Options: Degree Types Graduate Degrees Master (MS, MA, MBA, MPA, MEd, etc) Doctorate (PhD) Professional (JD, etc) Undergraduate Degrees Associate (AA, AS, AFA, etc.) Vocational/ Technical/Trade Certificate Bachelor (BS, BA, BFA, etc)

16 Options: School Types Public Private Proprietary All Degree Types All Fields of Study



19 Options: 4-year universities in WA  Antioch University–Seattle  Art Institute of Seattle  Bastyr University  Central Washington University  City University of Seattle  Cornish College of the Arts  Eastern Washington University  Evergreen State College  Gonzaga University  Heritage University  Northwest Indian College  Northwest University  Pacific Lutheran University  Saint Martin's University  Seattle Pacific University  Seattle University  Trinity Lutheran College  University of Puget Sound  University of Washington  Bothell campus  Tacoma campus  Walla Walla University  Washington State University  Spokane campus  Tri-Cities campus  Vancouver campus  Western Washington University  Whitman College  Whitworth University

20 Options: 4-year universities in OR  Art Institute of Portland  Concordia University  Corban University  Eastern Oregon University  Gutenberg College  Lewis and Clark College  Linfield College  Marylhurst College  Multnomah University  National College of Natural Medicine  New Hope Christian College  Northwest Christian University  Oregon College of Art and Craft  Oregon Health & Sciences University  Oregon Institute of Technology  Oregon State University  Pacific Northwest College of Art  Pacific University  Portland State University  Reed College  Southern Oregon University  University of Oregon  University of Portland  University of Western States  Warner Pacific College  Western Oregon University  Willamette University

21 Agenda Why College?What Are My Options?What Do I Need To Consider?What Can I Do To Prepare?

22 Consider: Cost Community College-Highline Community College = $16-$18,000 4-Year Public College-University of Washington = $20-$27,000 4-Year Private College- Seattle University = $46-$53,000 Cost of Attendance:  Tuition & Fees  Room & Board  Books & Supplies  Transportation  Personal Costs  Study Abroad

23 Consider: Location

24 Consider: Areas of Study

25 Consider: Size

26 Consider: Support Services and Student Life

27 Consider: Personal Values

28 Agenda Why College?What Are My Options?What Do I Need To Consider?What Can I Do To Prepare?

29 BIG DREAMS AND GOOD GRADES AREN’T ENOUGH! To get into college, there are actual steps you need to take.

30 Preparing: Know How 2 Go! 1.Be a pain – in a good way! 4. Put your hands on some cash! 2. Push yourself!

31 Preparing: What You Can Do Now!!!  Be a Pain: Explore Your Interests.  Push Yourself: Take the Tough Classes  Push Yourself: Get Organized  Find the Right Fit: Become a Researcher.  Put Your Hands on Some Cash: Save.

32 Preparing: Cost Paying for College Family Financing =

33 Preparing: College Bound Scholarship Student applies Before the end of 8 th grade free and reduced-price lunch family is receiving TANF benefits foster youth family meets the income requirements Student promises to graduate from high school demonstrate good citizenship seek admission to a college or university COMPLETE THE FAFSA (by Feb 1) Student gets the amount of tuition and fees not covered by other state financial aid awards $500 for books

34 Preparing: Financial Aid Low/NoLow High Private LoansPLUS LoansUnsubsidized Stafford LoansSubsidized Stafford LoansPerkins LoansSelf-Help Aid: Work StudyGift Aid: Scholarships COST AVAILABILITY Gift Aid: Grants *Need-based *Available to everyone *On financial aid award letter

35 What Families Can Do Believe it or not, students think parents are helpful Who Students Say Are Very Helpful in Selecting High School Classes Source: Wimberly, George L.; Noeth, Richard J., College Readiness Begins in Middle School. ACT Policy Report, American College Testing ACT Inc, 2005.

36 What Families Can Do Know What It Takes to Go to College Coursework  Math and English every year  Two years of Laboratory Science and World Languages Read, Read, Read!  At 8 th grade level or above for SAT preparation  Newsweek instead of People  National Geographic instead of National Enquirer

37 What Families Can Do  Talk to your student about his or her interests, abilities, talents, and goals  Get involved in school. Know what is going on in school and with your student’s studies and grades.  Make sure your student is in school every day, on time, and ready to learn

38 What Families Can Do  Give your student household responsibilities  Talk about post-high school educational opportunities  Talk about your job and career in a positive manner

39 Final Message Completing any type of postsecondary education is better than completing none! Postsecondary education can bring you: More choices in life! More opportunities! More money! It’s not easy, but it’s worth it! You can do it!

40 Online Resources  Mapping Your Future   Big Future   The College Board   Adventures in Education   KnowHow2Go   College Scorecard 

41 A nonprofit corporation, USA Funds ® works to enhance postsecondary education preparedness, access and success by providing and supporting financial and other valued services.

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