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How to add Value to Meetings, Events & Everyday Processes Ann Buhl, CMP Meeting and Events Senior Manager.

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1 How to add Value to Meetings, Events & Everyday Processes Ann Buhl, CMP Meeting and Events Senior Manager

2 Who, What, How & Why Who & What: Senior Manger of Meeting & Events How & Why- My Journey: Administration, Planning and Strategizing Skills and Education

3 Agenda The Meeting and Events Industry How to Add Value Take Action Tools to Help Questions Moving from Logistics to Strategy

4 Meeting & Event Industry The Economic Significance of Meetings to the U.S. Economy Study/Update! The 2011 study, conducted by PwC US, assisted by a team of industry researchers, spanned more than a year in research and analysis and is the first-ever study of the size and scope of its kind. An alliance of 14 organizations, collectively representing the entire U.S. meetings industry, came together to fund the historic study quantifying the economic significance of the meetings sector for 2009. Available in Full at CIC site:

5 Meeting & Event Industry Update on Study: Meetings contribute more to the GDP than just travel. Update CIC site: ficanceStudy/ESSExecSummary.aspx ficanceStudy/ESSExecSummary.aspx INDUSTRY COMPARISON  Compared to 2009, the meeting industry’s contribution to GDP increased almost 9% in 2012, providing more than $115 billion to fuel the US economy. PROFILE OF MEETINGS VOLUME  More meetings held--attended by more people. 10% jump in the number of participants from 2009 to 2012.

6 Meeting & Event Industry Industry Direct Contribution to the US Economy: 1.8-1.83M meetings, trade shows, conventions, congresses, incentive events and other meetings take place in the US with 205-225M attendees, corporate and business meetings 55% or 1.3M resulting in: ESS DIRECT IMPACTS 20092012 % increase Meeting Participants (millions)204.72224.9410.00% Direct Spending (billions)263.44280.406.44% Meetings Contribution to GDP (billions)106.09115.618.97% Federal, State & Local Taxes (billions)25.6128.069.59% Participant Spending (billions)144.76164.1511.81% Employment (millions)1.651.788.30% 2012 increases over 2009

7 Meeting & Event Industry Attendee Direct Contribution to the US Economy Breakdown: Delegates, exhibitors and other attendees spend $145-150M on attendance-related items. The program/logistics are 80% of the spend, time spent on plan/strategy should be the same. Commodities Direct Spending (in millions) Percent Travel & Tourism Commodities includes Food & Beverage Subtotal $130,18646% Meetings & Other Commodities Subtotal $150,21654% Total Direct Spending$280,402100%

8 Clarify the REAL Criteria Forget The To Do List – Ask Why? Become a Strategic Partner Know the difference: ROI (Return on Investment) & ROO (Return on Objective) Challenge partners to think about the participant first. What are the three things we want them to remember? How can we achieve and measure those objectives?

9 The Challenge Who’s attending What do we want them to learn Why do we think this is important How are we going to reach our Goal

10 1. Determining the Purpose of the Meeting – Know Your Customers Know Client & Stakeholder What’s there business? Analyze Needs, Type & Interest of Potential Participants Enhancing Your Meeting or Event

11 Enhancing 2. Identifying Relationship Compare Meeting Content to Organization Strategy Compare Logistics to Organization Message & Reputation Ask Why People Will/Should Attend

12 Enhancing Your Meeting or Event 3.Identifying Stakeholder Needs – What are they and how to meet them? Expectations – Research and Advise Outcomes – What’s the end goal and how to measure success?

13 Enhancing Your Meeting or Event 4.How are we going to measure ROI (Return on Investment) Training/Sales Meeting to increase productivity ROO (Return on Objective) Clearly Communicated: Logistics - any distractions from the message? Understanding: Participants - clear understanding of content or message?

14 How to Achieve the Goal ABCD: (Ideal for Training/Sales Programs) Audience (Learner) Behavior (Capability) Condition (Tools/Training) Degree (Measure Performance) SMART: (Quick & Easy Assessment) Specific (Clear) Measurable (Obtainable) Achievable (Realistic) Realistic (Resources) Timely (Time Limit) Things to consider:

15 The Challenge Understand the/your value Chart the/your course

16 How to be Successful? First you need to TURN… TTTTell a Better Story... UUUUnderstand the Business Value... RRRRelationships are Vital... NNNNow Act!

17 Tell a Better Story ac·tion [ áksh ə n ] Doing something toward a goal: the process of doing something in order to achieve a purpose Exercise – Where Do We Add Value? As a Group Collaborate to improve a process

18 Understand Your Value val·ue [ vállyoo ] The worth, importance, or usefulness of something to somebody Discover the Real Need by asking Powerful & Strategic Questions Add Incredible Value Don’t Deliver Incredible Value Add Little or No Value

19 Relationships are Vital [Different types of people] all mixed up like vegetables in soup -Flannery O’Connor Did we find THEMES? How do we continue to grow? How can we work around limitations? Are there opportunities to change?

20 Now Act! act [ akt ] Doing something: state of real existence rather than possibility How - Provide action steps How are we going to get there?

21 What Tools are Available? Industry Resources Education, Resources and Certifications: Meeting & Events: MPI (Meeting Professionals International) CIC (Convention Industry Council) PCMA (Professional Convention Management Association) Certification: CMP (Certified Meeting Planner) Project Management: PMI (Project Management Institute) Certification: CAPM (Certified Associate in Project management)

22 Planning Resources Meeting and Event Planning Convention Industry Council Manual 8 th Edition CIC International Manual 1 st Edition (2 nd Edition soon) Seating Matters: State of the Art Seating Arrangements Boring Meetings SUCK

23 Great Reads! Tell to Win Peter Guber The Go-Giver Burg & Mann Strengths Finder 2.0 Tom Rath

24 What Did we Learn? The Meeting and Events Industry How to Add Value Take Action Tools to Help Questions Any Questions?

25 Thank You SMGP! Ann Buhl, CMP 1-804-697-8316

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