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Each community college district governing board shall direct the development and adoption of a Transfer Center Plan describing the activities of the transfer.

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2 Each community college district governing board shall direct the development and adoption of a Transfer Center Plan describing the activities of the transfer center and the services to be provided to students, incorporating the provisions established in these standards, as outlined below. Plans shall identify target student populations and shall establish target increases in the number of applicant to the four-year segments from these populations, including specific targets for increasing the transfer applications of those underrepresented among transfer students. Plans shall be developed in consultation with four- year college and university personnel as available.

3 ◦ Identify, contact and provide transfer support services to targeted student populations, priority to African-American, Chicano/Latino, American Indian, disable, low-income and other underrepresented students. ◦ Ensure academic planning ◦ Ensure accurate and up-to-date academic & transfer information ◦ Monitor the program of transfer students ◦ Support the progress of transfer students thru referral to appropriate programs (i.e. financial aid, tutoring, diagnostic testing, counseling, etc) ◦ Assist students in the transition process ◦ Develop and implement a schedule of services for transfer students to be provided by four year staff ◦ Provide a resource library ◦ Provide Space for Transfer Center ◦ Provide Staffing ◦ Create Advisory Board ◦ Evaluation and reporting of effectiveness of college transfer efforts

4  Transfer Centers were originally established to strengthen the transfer function and to increase the number of California Community College students prepared for transfer to baccalaureate-level institutions through the coordination of college transfer efforts. SB 121 further established that Transfer Centers incorporate the identification, development and implementation of strategies designed to enhance the transfer of low-income, disabled and first-generation college students.  While it is clear that Transfer Centers serve as the focal point of community college transfer activities, the work of improving transfer is a responsibility of the institution as a whole, including campus administration, faculty, and student services programs, in cooperation with the baccalaureate-level universities. Responsibility for the transfer function should not be confined to the Transfer Center, or fall only under the purview of the Transfer Center Director. Significant improvements will not occur if responsibility for an institution's transfer function becomes a compartmentalized and isolated function.

5  Use it to plan your calendar of events  Update it with your Advisory Board  Take it around to shared governance committees to get buy-in: academic, classified, administration  Utilize to drive information for SSSP and Student Equity Plan

6 Transfer Center Plan Increase awareness of Transfer Center services for students and staff Identify and develop a system for timely identification of potential transfer students Identify and increase the number of students who successfully transfer Increase the number of students applying to 4- year colleges and universities Increase the effectiveness of the infrastructure Increase awareness of private and out of state university campus life Expand communication linkages with universities Improve efficiency of Transfer Center by enhancing computer systems and expanding space Develop staff training opportunities Enhance Transfer Webpage/provide online workshops Increase instructional faculty involvement in the transfer process Assess student satisfaction of transfer center services Develop transfer activities designed specifically for targeted populations


8  Discuss status of transfer on campus  Discuss status of transfer at university levels  How to impact the “transfer culture” on campus  Share outreach/transfer activities with various groups on campus  Have local Universities present on transfer topics  Create programming ideas that includes initiatives

9  Who are your stakeholders? ◦ Administrators ◦ Transfer Center Staff/Staff ◦ Students ◦ University representatives ◦ High school counselors ◦ Independent counselors ◦ Outreach ◦ General Counseling Department counselors ◦ EOPS Director ◦ DSPS ◦ PUENTE ◦ RISE (SCC Specific) ◦ MESA ◦ ESL ◦ Mathematics Dept Instructor(s) ◦ English Dept instructor(s)

10  Once a semester  Once a month  By Phone  In Person  Depends on your needs

11  More buy-in from college colleagues  More support from universities  More outreach connection from high schools  Support/Resources for additional activities from college administration ULTIMATELY, leads to… MORE STUDENT PARTICIPATION & TRANSFER OPTIONS!!!

12  nsfer/Reporting/2012- 13%20Transfer%20Center%20Report-final.pdf nsfer/Reporting/2012- 13%20Transfer%20Center%20Report-final.pdf This report gives you a chance to compare with what is happening in the State at other Transfer Centers. Information to assist with guiding goals, target outcomes, and an idea on barriers.


14  Refer to recommended guidelines  Outreach office  HS Outreach  Campus Initiatives  Administration  Faculty  Students  University representatives  Independent counselors  Human services associations, labor unions, business and industry, special interest organizations

15  Coordinating activities ◦ University representatives can do workshops  Application workshops  Personal statement  TAG ◦ Classroom presentations  Resume reviews  Career search  Transitions 101/Transfer 101  Transfer Process/What Comes Next  Scholarships  College Success Presentation  Basic Skills Initiative  Inviting university representatives to campus ◦ NACAC College Fair ◦ County Education Programs ◦ RACC – Regional Admission Counselors of California ◦ HACU – Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities ◦ HBCU – Historically Black Colleges and Universities

16  High school visits with/without outreach officer  High school counselor conferences at Community College  Presentation at conferences (CSU, UC, share- learn-connect)  Host Transfer Events  Workshops for Senior Saturdays  Welcome Workshops  Host Transfer Pathways

17  Counseling Department meetings  Other department meetings (faculty and students)  College Executive Committee presentations  Senate presentations (academic, classified, students)/Dean/Chair presentations  Tabling in quad  Transfer Awareness Month  End of year celebration  Newsletter/blogging  Website  Student clubs and organizations  Facebook  Instagram  Vine  Twitter  Flex presentations  Host Major Fairs

18 - Major Event for Transfer Centers - Given a date by Michael Burton early Spring - Confirmations UC/CSU/AICCU - Outside Campuses/Universities - Invitations - Sending confirmation with parking details/map/check in - Evaluations - Follow Up with those that were no shows-

19 1. Name: 2. What is your current role at College? 3. Office location: 4. Which university did you attend? 5. What is your best memory of college? 6. How did you decide to attend your college? 7. How did you afford college? 8. What is your funniest story about college life? 9. Is there a freshman 15? 10. What kind of jobs did you have before your current position? 11. How did you decide to get into your current position? 12. Anything else you would like to tell us about college? 13. What do you love about your discipline? 14. Do you have a tip for students looking to transfer? Campus presentation to students

20  On-campus networking leads to greater transfer culture  More buy-in from college  More buy-in from students  More support from universities – sometimes financial  Can lead to increase in articulations

21 SLO SSSP Transfer Equity Plan

22  Student learning?  Service Area?  How does your college measure?  Pen and Paper?  Online surveys?  Research office?  Committee? ◦ CAS Standards very helpful if you don’t have SLO ◦

23  $$$  What is your Transfer Equity Plan?  How does the Transfer Center fit in?  What do you need to make it happen?  Resources: Staff, data, materials, etc.  Ask for monies

24  What is your Student Success & Support Program Plan?  How does the Transfer Center fit in? Are you included? Why or Why not?  What do you need to make it happen?  Resources: Staff, data, materials, etc.  Example: SCC has started a motto “Transfer Starts Day 1!!”

25  What is your budget?  Matriculation monies? Matching monies  Community Relations/Fundraising on your campus  Grants: Examples:,  Integrate with other programs on campus for planning, what do they want, what are you doing, how can you work together?  Unit Plan: Request more monies  Work Transfer Plan, show the numbers/demand


27  Understand the process at your college  Format according to requirements at your college/initiatives  Annual or something else?  If tied to resource allocation, be sure to put it in there! ◦ Staffing ◦ Materials ◦ Event Resources ◦ Does your Unit Plan feed to your Program Review?

28  Advocate for students  Advocate for the Transfer Center  Tie it in with the mission statement of the college – “Transfer” should be a part of the mission statement  Tie it in with numbers – know the research available to you or become best friends with your campus researcher  Serve on committees: Program Review, Research, Academic Senate, SSSP, Equity Plan, Curriculum


30  Title 5 minimum standards  Facility ◦ Co-located/dedicated ◦ Hours  Administration ◦ Status of Transfer Center Director ◦ Staffing  Challenges ◦ Resources ◦ Barriers

31  SLO  Budget  Certification  Due date October 31 st ! CCCCO aka BOB QUINN: Report is used for…

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