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Progressivism Under Taft and Wilson

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1 Progressivism Under Taft and Wilson
Chapter 18 Section 3 Progressivism Under Taft and Wilson

2 Conservationist People who favor the protection of natural resources

3 How did Taft offend conservationists, and what was the result?
He appointed Richard Ballinger as Secretary of the Interior Ballinger opposed conservation Sided with businesses and unrestricted development

4 How did Taft offend conservationists, and what was the result?
This offended Gifford Pinchot Head of the U.S. Forest Service He’s the guy that developed many of Teddy’s conservationist policies His opposition eventually resulted in Taft firing him

5 How did Taft offend conservationists, and what was the result?
It turn out, Ballinger may have illegally given some businesses access to land in Alaska Never proven But eventually had to resign Pinchot was a hero in the eyes of the people Hurt Taft’s popularity

6 What progressive reforms did Taft achieve?
Reserved public lands Antitrust suits Supported Children’s Bureau Supported 16th and 17th Amendments Supported Mann-Elkins Act (helped ICC regulate telegraph & telephone rates)

7 New Nationalism Teddy ran on his platform of New Nationalism in 1912
Business regulation Welfare laws Workplace protection for women and children Income and inheritance taxes Voting reform

8 Bull Moose Party Nickname of the Progressive Party
TR ran for President in 1912 as a member of this party The Republicans nominated a more conservative Taft over TR

9 What effect did the Bull Moose Party have on the election of 1912?
It split the Republican vote Allowing the Democratic candidate, Woodrow Wilson, to win the Presidency with only 42% of the vote

10 What reforms did Woodrow Wilson seek?
Reduce tariffs Eliminating trusts Overhaul of American banking Impose federal limits on child labor

11 Clayton Antitrust Act Legalized unions and strikes, limited the issuing of injunctions against unions

12 Federal Trade Commission
Worked to eliminate unfair business tactics

13 Federal Reserve System
Established a national banking system Divided country into 12 districts) Created a new form of currency (federal reserve notes) Stabilized banking system as a whole

14 In what ways were the achievements of progressivism limited?
Focused mainly on municipal reform Did little for tenant and migrant farmers Did not really help nonunionized workers Did little to help African Americans Actually help to extend Jim Crow laws Especially under Woodrow Wilson

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