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The Soil Water Debate I Know I Do Not Know.

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1 The Soil Water Debate I Know I Do Not Know

2 Soil Pedology 1. What is the accumlative effect of rainfall and irrigation in Mega litres equilavents and the effect upon crops / soil formation Effect of increasing rainfall on a soil sequence in NSW (From Koppi 1990).

3 Rainfall Characteristics North Ryde Jun 07 – Feb 08
pH uS/m Rainfall (mm) Average 5.5 78.1 12.7 Average Dev 0.6 85.8 8.8 Median 20.0 8.0 Min 3.0 0.0 2.0 Max 7.9 1371.0 51.0 Count 85.0 67.0

4 Soil Physics

5 Soil Water Hysteresis Effect on irrigation scheduallinng – ET and TDR also on water movement Conceptual and Parametric Representation of Soil Hydraulic Properties: A Review. Shmuel Assouline * and Dani Or. VZJ Vol. 12 No. 4

6 Soil Moisture Calculation
Moisture Content Camden Boree Desc Measure Soil 1 Soil 2 ( Thea G ) 0.18 0.09 0.07 Bulk Density g cm 1.39 1.3 1.34 1.19



9 Electrical Conductivity
SOIL CHEMISTRY Electrical Conductivity Method Of Measurement – or What are we Measuring ECe EC 1: ECw EC app EC1: EC 1:2

10 Soil Chemistry Osmotic potential
-0.36* (mmho/cm)   (Osmotic potential) bar Range 3-30mmhos Total Cations or Anions from EC Total Cations or Anions (mEq/l)  10*EC(mmho/cm) Total Dissolved Salts (mg\l)from EC TDS(mg/l) 0.64 *EC(mmho/cm) Formula for EC to Osmotic pressure, Total Cations and TDS. From Bresler, et al 1982

11 Other Debate POINTS Thank you

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