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Jeopardy Style Wow! What A Cow! JEOPARDY: “WOW” What a Dairy Cow.

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1 Jeopardy Style Wow! What A Cow! JEOPARDY: “WOW” What a Dairy Cow

2 200 400 200 400 600 800 1000 800 1000 Cow-a- bunga Wow What A Cow Cowtastic How Now Lovely Cow Cow Mania

3 The process that protects the purity and flavor of milk

4 What is pasteurization

5 What actually happens in the pasteurization process

6 What is a heating liquids to high temperatures to kill bacteria

7 The French scientist who in 1856 discovered pasteurization

8 Who is Louis Pasteur

9 This this what they some times call nature’s nearly perfect food

10 What is a milk

11 This amount of calcium comes from dairy products in the US food supply

12 What is 72%

13 Milk, cheese, and yogurt

14 What are great sources of calcium

15 Besides providing calcium, what else does milk, yogurt, and cheese supply

16 What is protein

17 The recommended daily comsuption of dairy for children ages 9-18

18 What is 3 servings of dairy per day

19 Percentage nationwide currently getting the recommended daily intake for girls

20 What is 12 %

21 This many Americans may suffer from B-12 deficiency

22 What is 2/5 of all Americans

23 The affects of a B-12 deficiency

24 What is anemia, confusion, loss of balance, and nerve damage

25 The solution to a B-12 deficiency

26 What is to eat more fortified cereals and dairy products

27 U.S. cows give an average of this much milk per day

28 What is 6 ½ to 7 gallons per day

29 One cow can provide this many glasses of milk per day

30 What is 100 glasses of milk per day

31 One U.S. cow can provide how many children daily with the recommended amount of calcium

32 What is 33 children 3 glasses each day

33 The length of time milk can remain fresh after the expiration date if kept 35-40 at all times

34 What is 7- 10 days after the expiration date

35 The rise in temperature can shorten the shelf life by how much due to bacteria growth, caused by rise in temperature

36 What is 50%

37 The food most often craved by people

38 What is cheese

39 This food product containing a lot of cheese, is eaten at the rate of 1 serving per second

40 What is pizza

41 The amount of milk needed to make nine gallons of Ice cream

42 What is 25 gallons of milk

43 This is the % of U.S. house holds who purchase milk

44 What is 99%

45 The average American consumes almost this much milk per year

46 What is 25 gallons of milk per person

47 If a person consumes 25 gallons of milk per year, how many glasses is that?

48 What is 400 glasses of milk

49 The month we celebrate dairy

50 What is Dairy Month June

51 The top dairy company

52 What is Kraft

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