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Network Performance Measurement

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1 Network Performance Measurement
Introduction Classification of Measurement. Tools and Techniques. Examples. Conclusion.

2 Introduction. Parameters which measured are: High Bandwidth.
Bandwidth – Data transferred / time Delay - Time taken for data to transfer (App level) Packet Loss – Affects Throughput and Apps. High Bandwidth. Small Delay Low Packet loss

3 Classification of Measurement
LAN , Backbone , End-to-End, Application Network Measurements. Backbone MRTG End-To-End (Machine to Machine) Tcpdump Ping / Traceroute

4 Tools Multi Router Traffic Grapher. Measures…
load on network links (Edge-Routers). Network Traffic. System Load, Login Sessions, Modem availability Output…. HTML, LIVE presentation. Graphical Images.

5 Tools.. (MRTG) Internal Design.. Portability…
Perl – Reads Traffic Counters of Router. C – Logs Traffic Data and Creates Output. SNMP – Perl Scripts reads SNMP variables. Portability… Unix (any) & Windows NT. Default Sample Time : 5 mins.

6 Techniques Tcpdump/Windump Packet Capture.
Supported by PCAP / JPCAP APIs. Explained in Java Program. Filters….. Protocol – TCP/UDP, 802.3, ICMP etc. Count Boolean Expressions. – Examples. Interface. – eth0, hme0 etc.

7 TCPDUMP… Examples: tcpdump host host1
To print all packets arriving at or departing from host1: tcpdump host host1 and \( host2 or host3 \) To print traffic between host1 and either host2 or host3: tcpdump ip host host1 and not host2 To print all IP packets between host1 and any host except host2: More

8 Java Program - Windump by Hung
Application Architecture Hierarchies Application Java program which uses JPCAP methods and captures packets. Performs Analysis on the captured packets. Uses JDBC and stores results in mySQL database.

9 Java program …2 Java Package: JPCAP methods used.
Provides an Interface and system for network packet capture. JPCAP uses windump utility. Constructor: Jpcap(String device, int snaplen, Boolean promisc, int to_ms); “device” : interface for capturing data “snaplen” : Maximum # of bytes captured per packet. “promisc” : Allows network device to intercept and capture packet. “to_ms” : Time out limit

10 Java program –(Methods)…3
getDeviceList() Returns Name of Device (Interface). setFilter(String condition,Boolean optimize) Setting protocol/Expression for capturing packet. getPacket() Captures ONE packet at a time from Interface. loopPacket(int count, JpcapHandler handler) Count times capturing packet.

11 Java program ….4 Utility: Windump. Library: Winpcap
Tcpdump equivalent utility for Windows. Uses a low-level library “winpcap” for packet capture. Library: Winpcap It is an architecture for packet capture and network analysis for Win32 platforms. It includes Kernel-Level packet filter, a Low-level DLL and High-level and system-Independent library (wpcap.dll). Kernel: Windows Operating system.

12 Java program….5 1 Begin Connect to mysql database Select database use
check data tables. 1 create packet data table if needed

13 Insert packet data into Database
Java Program…6 1 Get “number” of Packets. Connect to database End Insert packet data into Database Get packet Data

14 Java program….7 Analysis…
TTL – Values must be equal for packets with same S/D. Flow - # of S/D pair of packets per unit time. Delay – Time stamps of consecutive packets.

15 Java program….8 Limitations… Improvements…. Passive Monitoring.
Non Client-Server Architecture. Improvements…. User Given parameters – More Flexible. Client-Server based – “network-as-a-whole” TCPDUMP – platform independent. GUI

16 Conclusion… Network Performance can be measured at various levels.
Net. Performance can be implemented in various ways..using various tools.

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