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What is a Biography? Create your own definition of a biography. Round robin your answers.

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1 What is a Biography? Create your own definition of a biography. Round robin your answers.

2 A biography is an account of the series of events making up a person's life ► Answer the following questions: after time is called, round robin your answers ► Who is a biography written about? ► What important events might you read about in a biography? ► When can a biography be written about a person? ► Where might an author do research for their biography? ► Why do you think biographies are written?


4 A SCRAPBOOK OF YOUR LIFE: ► A scrapbook is something that you keep to remember the most important memories in your life. ► You will be creating a scrapbook based on the person you will be assigned to read about. ► There will be a set rubric for this project, so you should know your grade before you even turn it in!

5 Pages of my story… ► Bio Riddle Bio Riddle Bio Riddle ► This is a poem that you will create to recite for parents during Biography Night. ► Oh You Kid! & Annoucement Oh You Kid! & Annoucement Oh You Kid! & Annoucement ► This is a page about your person as a child. ► Birth Certificate Birth Certificate Birth Certificate ► This is a birth certificate of your person's life. ► Family Tree Family Tree Family Tree ► This is a family tree for your character's life. ► Report Card Report Card Report Card ► This is a pretend report card that you will create about your person. ► Letter To Mom Letter To Mom Letter To Mom ► This is a letter from your person to his or her mother or father. ► Dear Diary Dear Diary Dear Diary ► This is an entry from your person's diary. ► Time of My Life Time of My Life Time of My Life ► This is a page that shows historic events that were going on during your person's life. ► Secret Box Secret Box Secret Box ► This is a story about a secret that your person had. ► Music Music ► This is a page about music and your biography person. ► News Flash News Flash News Flash ► This is a news article that you will write about your person's most important event in his or her life. ► Physical Activity Physical Activity Physical Activity ► This is a page about a physical activity or sport that your character may have participated in. ► Wallet Wallet ► This is a page to show what your person might have carried in their wallet, purse, or bag. ► Obituary Obituary ► This is an article written about your person's death. ► Memories Memories ► This page is about special memories in your person's life. ► Dear Abby Dear Abby Dear Abby ► This is a letter written from your character to an advice columnist.

6 PART I ► During the first phase of this project, you will, using the research you’ve compiled, create six documents:  OH, YOU KID!  BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT  BIRTH CERTIFICATE  FAMILY TREE  REPORT CARD  LETTER TO PARENT

7 ► These events focus on the early years, and family portion of your life

8 Oh, You Kid! Announcement ► You will create a birth announcement for your subject. Be creative, try to use “old world” language, but make sure that your voice shines through. I’ve given you an example page to work from, but make it your own! ► On the back of this page, you will write three paragraphs about your subject’s childhood. Remember, you are writing as if you ARE him/her – so his or her voice should shine through this paper.


10 Birth Certificate ► Try and locate as many facts as possible to complete your Certificate and MAKE SURE YOUR SOURCES ARE RELIABLE! This is one part of the project where you may use the internet to locate your information ► Get creative, write, or use magazine clippings to add facts to your birth certificate. Creativity really enhances a project! ► All factual information should be written in black ► Any “creative” liberties should be written in blue



13 ► You may pick from the formats I have made available, or create your own family tree sheet using the supplies available. ► Here is an example…

14 ► If you only have information on your parents and grand- parents, that is ok! Just fill your tree with facts about them!

15 REPORT CARD Do you know what kind of student your subject was in school? On one side of this page, you will create a report card. Think about all you know about your subject, where they sneaky and the class clown when they were young? Or were they a serious student? On the back side of this page, you will write an explanation as to why your subject received the grades that he or she did. Try and choose “subjects” that are relevant to your person. For instance, what may MLK Jr’s subjects have been?

16 For example…

17 LETTER TO MY PARENT ► This is a chance to BRAG, BRAG, BRAG! ► Write a letter to a parent, telling them how you are, and what youv’e been up to all these years since you left home. Maybe you would like to ask their advice on something? Maybe you would like to brag about your accomplishments… ► Your letter should be between 8-15 sentences long and contain at least 6 facts about your accomplishments.


19 PHASE II ► During this phase of the project, you will complete some more…creative artifacts from your life…  DEAR DIARY  SECRET BOX  NEWSFLASH  WALLET

20 DEAR DIARY ► Create a diary entry from an important event in your life. ► It could be happy, sad, funny, whatever you like! ► Some examples may be: Birth of a child, marriage, loss of a loved one, or a day you received an award ► Must be 8 – 10 sentences in length


22 TIME OF MY LIFE You will need to do research to find out the time period in which your person was alive. ► You will need to find an famous book or author or their time; ► an invention or discovery of their time; ► a famous artist or composer of their time; ► an important social issue or historical event of their time; ► another person of any time who did work like your person. ► A good resource to use is and you can look for a time line based on century or decade to search for important events.


24 SECRET BOX ► This is a secret that your person would have kept from the rest of the world. It does not need to be an actual object that was hidden. It can be an obstacle or difficult challenge that your person's had to overcome. It could also be something that they are afraid or ashamed for others to find out. ► Description of secret and WHY that could have been a deep secret that your person had must be at least 8 sentences.


26 NEWSFLASH ► You will write a news story about your person's most important event. ► You need to have a date for when your article might have been seen in a newspaper. ► Make sure your give your story a headline and a photo. ► Be sure to not repeat any story you have already used for another scrapbook page.


28 HOW I GET FIT ► Describe in one paragraph (5 complete sentences) a sport or physical activity that your character participated in during his or her life. ► You should be looking at the time period that your character lived and what physical activities were popular. ► Add illustrations of your character participating in that sport. ► Describe in another paragraph (5 complete sentences) a sport of physical activity of today that your character would participate in and explain why. Add illustrations of your character participating in that sport.


30 MY WALLET ► Make a page that shows some of the following: membership cards, licenses, credit cards, identification, cash, receipts, memos, lists, photographs, wrappers, coupons, business cards, calling cards, make-up, address book, maps, pencils, pens, handkerchiefs, sewing kit, keepsakes, souvenirs, passport, tickets, keys, notepad, stamps, envelopes, legal documents, letters, lists, tools of their trade, etc. This example shows explanations of what might have been in this person's wallet.


32 PHASE III You are nearing the end of your life, and it is time to reflect on things past. What were the joys and the pains that you’ve been through? What lessons have you learned? You will search the internet to find an obituary for your subject, create a page of memories, and write a “Dear Abby” Letter to resolve that one problem you’ve most struggled with throughout your life, and write a bioriddle to present to parents at our “LIVING MUSEUM” night.

33 OBITUARY ► Writing about the death of your person. ► Be sure to include his or her birth information, major life accomplishments and activities, and information about his or her family. If your person has not died yet, then you will need to give information as if he or she died today.


35 MEMORIES ► You will choose two memories, a special friend, and a most prized possession from your person's life. ► For each you must have a picture, photograph, or magazine clipping and an explanation for each. ► Be sure to include page numbers from your book.


37 DEAR ABBY ► For this page you will write a letter to an advice columnist in a newspaper with a problem your character has been having. ► Then you will pretend you are “Abby the advice columnist” and respond with writing a letter back to your character with advice to help with the problem.


39 Bioriddle ► This poem should be written in first person using “I” ► The poem should have three – five stanzas with rhyme scheme ABAB ► The poem must contain five – eight facts

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