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Computer Networking Research at Karlstad University

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1 Computer Networking Research at Karlstad University
Anna Brunström

2 Research Organization
Dept. of Computer Science, Research Groups DISCO – Distributed Systems and Communications Group PriSec – Privacy and Security Group Multidisciplinary University Platforms CMIT Communication: Media and information technology HumanIT Human value of IT Research on mobile communication, multimedia

3 DISCO: People Research Manager Ph.D. Students Project Employee
Assoc. Prof. Anna Brunström Ph.D. Students Stefan Alfredsson Katarina Asplund, Johan Garcia Karl-Johan Grinnemo (Tieto Enator) Hannes Persson Annika Wennström Project Employee Torbjörn Andersson

4 DISCO: Projects SCTP for soft real-time applications Funding/Partners
Tieto Enator AB (Karl-Johan Grinnemo) Continuation of 4 year cooperation Part of CMIT platform Consequences of SIGTRAN on transport performance Performance of M3UA Failover Mechanisms See presentation by Karl-Johan Grinnemo General performance evaluation of SCTP Partial Reliability in SCTP Builds on previous work on partial reliability: PRTP, PRTP-ECN, Robust JPEG coder

5 DISCO: Projects cont. Protocol support for mobile environments
Funding/Partners Telia Mobile AB (Jan Gustafsson, Jonas Eriksson) Dr. Juan Rendon, UPF, Spain Part of CMIT platform Measurements of TCP over GPRS GPRS testbed Real nodes and protocol implementations Emulated radio environment See presentation by Annika Wennström

6 DISCO: Projects cont. Wireless IP Funding/Partners
SSF Uppsala University (Anders Ahlén, Mikael Sternad) Chalmer (Arne Svensson, Tony Ottosson, Mats Viberg) Saverio Mascolo, Bari, Italy, Torbjörn Ekman, Unik, Norway, Ericsson, NERA A flexible, low-cost general packet data system allowing wide area coverage and high mobility (vehicular velocities) 100 Mbit/s Ethernet, high spectral efficiency, QoS and fairness Leads to an extreme system based on adaptive resource allocation

7 DISCO: Projects cont. Providing Optimum Capacity and Flexible Quality of Service in Packet-based Wireless Systems Using Scheduling and Soft Information Funding/Partners Vinnova Uppsala University (Anders Ahlén, Mikael Sternad) Chalmer (Tony Ottosson) Related to Wireless IP project Develop means to propagate soft information from the physical layer to the application JPEG 2000 decoder that utalizes soft information TCP-L, protocol that lets biterrors through Develop efficient scheduling algorithms among multiple access points

8 DISCO: Projects cont. EU FP6 projects
WINNER Wireless World Initiative New Radio Integrated Project Wireless IP partner with Chalmers as main contact Coordinator: Dr. Werner Mohr, Siemens AG NEWCOM Network of Excellence in Wireless Communications Network of Excellence Coordinator: Prof. Sergio Benedetto, Istituto Superiore Mario Boella, Italy

9 DISCO: Projects cont. Other Activities
Transport Layer Loss Differentiation and Loss Notification Distinguish the cause of a packet loss Inform transport sender of cause: explicitly or implicitly See presentation by Johan Garcia Measurement Techniques Impact of the position for packet loss Time-driven versus data-driven biterrors

10 PriSec: People Research Manager Researcher Ph.D. Students
Prof. Simone Fischer Hübner Researcher Dr. Thijs Holleboom Ph.D. Students Christer Andersson Stefan Lindskog Reine Lundin Albin Zuccato

11 PriSec: Projects cont. Privacy enhancement in Mobile Internet
Funding/Partners HumanIT Ericsson Evaluation of privacy risks, especially those generated by the use of location data and user device specific CPI profiles Minimal Profile Conveyance concept for conveying only minimal CPI profiles to non P3P-compliant, non P3P-enabled web sites or Push initiators Development of browser built-in and a proxy-based P3P user agent for mobile Internet

12 PriSec: Projects cont. Privacy enhancing technologies in the next generation Internet Funding/Partners SCINT KTH/IMIT Investigate the privacy threats in IPv6 Analyzed how Mix net technologies can take advantage of the IPv6 architecture The use of P3P in IPv6 networks Impact of proposal on lawful access to traffic data

13 PriSec: Projects cont. Dynamic Security Solutions for Networked Applications Funding/Partners Vinnova funding decision pending Chalmers (Erland Jonsson) Part of CMIT Develop suitable security metrics for measuring and comparing the levels of various security parameters Define, design, and implement more flexible and configurable security solutions that are based on a paradigm that allowsfor partial security.

14 PriSec: Projects cont. EU FP6 projects
PRIME Privacy and Identity Management for Europe Integrated Project Coordinator: Gérard Lacoste, IBM France FIDIS Future of Identity in the Information Society Network of Excellence Coordinator: Prof. Kai Rannenberg, Goethe University Frankfurt

15 Thank you for your attention! Are there any questions?

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