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Real Office Assistant “Co-op” Program This is COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE Bill Haisman

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1 Real Office Assistant “Co-op” Program This is COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE Bill Haisman

2 * I’m Bill Haisman * We are * We provide an intranet service to real estate companies * In business since 1998 starting as a custom programming company * 2004 I bought the company outright and narrowed our focus to Real Office Assistant * I have known Larry Griffin, Dave Seekins, and James Federis for a very long time (they are as good of a referral for our company as any would be) March 2012

3 Real Office Assistant (RealOA) is: * An intranet, designed specifically for real estate companies * It is the “Gateway” too ALL tools, resources, information, and instructions used in a real estate office, everyday – WE ARE THE GATEWAY TO EVERYTHING * It is the “Access Point” for preferred and critical vendor information March 2012

4 * The market is simply too tight to give ANYTHING away to a competitor – THIS IS COMPETITVE ADVANTAGE. * A relationship gets you in the door * What you do once inside… * Presence… we want to help you have presence even when you are not there * We want to help you gain MINDSHARE in an office * We want to make you the easiest… March 2012


6 Each page branded for “that” office Events from all RealOA calendars are aggregated into a common list and can be viewed by day, week, or month. Post corporate messages to every office homepage uniformly Online document library assuring every agent has access to right & current Encourage ongoing discourse on industry and office topics. Key topics may include legal issues, use of social networking/media tools, mobile applications, corporate or company specific INSTRUCTIONS, etc … When communication, documents, access to tools and resources are provided over a Real Office Assistant network – ALL content is instantly available to everyone and CURRENT. Printing, copying, and related costs are SUBSTANTIALLY reduced (possibly more than the fee we charge!) Access company calendars in a traditional calendar view. Integrated roster allows agents to send individual or company wide messages at a click – and without having to log into their personal email. Uniform access to all tools and resources that should be commonly used. Ticket based Help Desk that tracks help responses Customizable icons allow us to add or delete functionality for each specific customer.

7 March 2012 This is PRESENCE MINDSHARE

8 March 2012

9 Or March 2012

10 * You introduce us to your customer * We do the RealOA sales stuff … YOU ARE NOT BEING ASKED TO LEARN HOW TO SELL A NEW PRODUCT. * Customer decides if they need it or not … * If yes - we put you on the icon bar * Pricing: * Tiered * Over 100.... 74.95 * 20 - 100......49.95 * <20.............29.95 * We’ll give a special rate if… March 2012

11 * Start with: * The biggest company whose business you want more of * The company that has been loyal * The company whose door is open but you get almost nothing from * Or…? March 2012

12 * I can always ride shot-gun! * Do you send a weekly, monthly email? * Newsletter? * “Partners” link * James account – 4 offices – 80 agents – just spent a few thousand dollars making what we’d have done for a monthly fee of … and James would have been featured … Don’t delay March 2012

13 * Bill Haisman * Smartphone: 805-433-4726 * Texting is ok (NOT while driving!) * Office: 760-421-5770 * Email follows me wherever I go! * * * ( March 2012


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