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1 เทคโนโลยีการสร้างอุปกรณ์จับยึด
Types and Functions of Jigs อ.ธรรม์ณชาติ วันแต่ง สาขาเทคโนโลยีการผลิต มหาวิทยาลัยราชภัฏเพชรบูรณ์

2 Objectives Identify the classes of jigs and fixtures
Identify the types of jigs and fixtures Choose a class and type of jig and fixture for selected operations on sample parts

3 Jigs and Fixtures The difference between jig and fixture
Both jigs and fixtures hold, support, and locate the workpiece The difference is in the way the tool is guided to the workpiece. A jig guides the cutting tool A fixture references the cutting tool

4 Jig and Fixture Design Jig: A device that holds the work and locates the path of the tool. Fixture: A device fixed to the worktable of a machine and locates the work in an exact position relative to the cutting tool.

5 Jigs and Fixtures The difference between jig and fixture

6 Jigs Classes of Jigs Jigs may divided into two general classes
Boring jigs: used to bore holes or drill in odd size Drilling jigs: used to drill, ream, tap, chamfer, counterbore, countersink, reverse spotface, or reverse countersink The difference is in size of bushing used

7 งานเจาะ รีมเมอร์ ต๊าปเกลียว ลบมุม เคาเตอร์บอร์ เคาเตอร์ซิงค์
Jig งานเจาะ รีมเมอร์ ต๊าปเกลียว ลบมุม เคาเตอร์บอร์ เคาเตอร์ซิงค์

8 Drill Jig

9 Drill Jig

10 Jigs Types of Jigs Jigs divided into two general types Open jigs:
for the parts machined only in one side Closed jigs: used for parts machined on more than one side

11 Channel Jig Channel jigs Simplest form of box jigs
Work is held between two sides and machined from the third side

12 Jigs: Types of Jigs Template jigs
Normally used for accuracy rather than speed Fits over the work, not usually clamped Least expensive and simplest

13 Template Jig

14 Plate Jig Similar to template jigs Built-in clamps

15 Table Jig Plate jigs Sometime made with legs called table jigs

16 Sandwich Jig Sandwich jigs Form of plate jig with a back plate
To prevent bending or warping for thin or soft parts

17 Angle Jig Modified Angle Jig
Angle-plate jigs To hold pars that are machined at precise angle to their mounting locators

18 Box Jig Box jigs Usually totally surround the part completely machined on every surface

19 Box Jig

20 Box Jig

21 Leaf Gig Leaf jigs Small box jigs with a hinged leaf to allow for easier loading and unloading

22 Leaf Gig

23 Indexing Jig Indexing jigs
Used to accurately space holes around a part Reference itself Larger indexing jigs are called rotary jigs

24 Diameter Jig

25 Jigs: Types of Jigs Trunnion jigs
Form of rotary jig for very large or odd-shaped parts

26 Jigs: Types of Jigs Pump jigs
Commercially made jigs that must be adapted by user Very fast load and unload

27 Jigs: Types of Jigs Multi-station jigs
Made in any of the forms of jigs Commonly used on multiple-spindle machines

28 Drill Jig Components Drill bushings
Precision tools that guide cutting tools such as drill and reamers into precise locations in a workpiece.

29 Drill Jig Components Jig body Cap screws and dowel pins
Holds the various parts of a jig assembly. Cap screws and dowel pins Hold fabricated parts together

30 Drill Jig Components Screws and Bolt

31 Drill Jig Components Locating devices
Pins, pads, and recesses used to locate the workpiece on the jig.

32 Drill Jig Components Clamping devices

33 Drill Jig Components Locking pins
Inserted after the first hole is drilled to lock or hold the workpiece securely to the jig plate while subsequent holes are being drilled.

34 Dimensioning Jig Drawings

35 แบบร่าง jig ก่อนทำงาน

36 เอกสารอ้างอิง Jigs and Fixtures Design Second Edition, EDWARD G. HOFFMAN

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