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House-Keeping Internet Silence Cell Phones Facilities Please Clean-Up.

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0 Phoenix Tableau User Group
January 22, 2015

1 House-Keeping Internet Silence Cell Phones Facilities Please Clean-Up

2 Intro to Tableau Session
Events Tableau Workshop Feedback Requested Upcoming Events February 28, 2015 Phoenix, AZ October 19th – 23rd 2015 TC15 – Las Vegas, NV Intro to Tableau Session

3 Agenda Welcome Presentation Tableau 9 Beta Info Open Discussion
Network with others Experience with Tableau Presentation In this talk, we'll make graphs with Plotly's APIs (, and use Plotly's statistical tools, data analysis tools, and web app. We'll show how Plotly and the new IPython kernels for multiple languages support plotting across languages and libraries. Specific Plotly/Tableau functionality shown here will be reviewed in depth: Tableau 9 Beta Info Review Resources We will schedule a WebEx I the upcoming weeks to dig deeper into Tableau 9 Beta (Desktop | Server | Mobile) Open Discussion Tableau Workshop Idea (What do you want to see)

4 Welcome Welcome, Introductions & Announcements Name and Company
Experience with Tableau What do you want to see from PHXTUG

5 Presentation/Demo Matt Sundquist, Co-Founder Plotly
Plotly ( is a new web-based platform for making graphs and analyzing data. Plotly's APIs and web app let teams work together online to make 2D, 3D, and streaming graphs using R, Python, MATLAB, Julia, SAS, and and Excel, all together, all in one platform. The goal is to support technical and non-technical collaboration at all levels. Plotly translates ggplot2, matplotlib, and MATLAB plots into interactive, web-based, shareable plots. Graphs are rendered in D3.js (a popular JavaScript visualization library), and interactive out of the box. Plotly is free for unlimited public sharing, lets you control privacy and collaboratively edit graphs from different languages and environments, and you always own your data. The goal is to be a GitHub for sharing data and plots.

6 Tableau 9 Beta Info What’s new in Tableau 9 Beta?
Regular Expressions (by Mark Jackson) RANDOM() (by Mark Jackson) Level of Detail Calculations (by Craig Bloodworth) Preview: Tableau Server 9 Help Guide (Administrators – A must read) Preview: Tableau Desktop 9 Help Guide (Desktop Developers) How do I get involved in the Beta Contact your Sales Rep or Jackie Clough Several of the features in Tableau 9.0 were shown at the 2014 Tableau Conference. You can see the keynote presentation from TC14 here to get an idea of what’s coming out. There’s much more on the beta than we had time to show at the conference.

7 Tableau Workshop (Concept)
The idea has been brought up to have a 1-day Tableau Workshop What topics would you like to see covered How do you feel it could be best structured What day/weekend would be good for everyone Other suggestions are welcome Please with your feedback

8 Tableau Web Site – Support Resources
Free On-Demand Training Free Live Training Free Webinars Think Data Thursday Quick Start Guides Calculation Reference Library Newbie, Tableau Desktop Newbie, Tableau Server

9 Join a Larger Community
Phoenix has some other great groups. Arizona SQL Server User Group (AZSSUG) Scottsdale BI User Group Phoenix R Programmers

10 Thank you

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