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Waiting for Godot: Or, How to While Away the Time Between Now and Your Migration Go-Live.

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1 Waiting for Godot: Or, How to While Away the Time Between Now and Your Migration Go-Live

2 Susan Johns-Smith CODI Conference 2006 Axe Library Pittsburg State University Pittsburg KS

3 WAITING… (Beckett) Didi? Yes. I can’t go on like this. That’s what you think. If we parted? It might be better for us. We’ll hang ourselves tomorrow. Unless Godot comes. And if he comes? We’ll be saved.

4 WAITING… Codes Bibs Barcodes Serials Acquisitions Faculty Reserve Patrons General

5 This is not a peasant and pitchfork situation… -Janet Perret, Chattahoochee Valley Regional Library System

6 Olaf the Classic SysAdmin….


8 Collection Codes Item Types (itypes) Item Stats (istats) Many, many more


10 Non-Marc vs. MARC Collection Empty Bibs (no Barcodes) Electronic Resources GMDs Workforms


12 Negative Barcodes Barcodes Not Matching Institutional Profile Junk Status of Barcodes


14 Patron Types (ptypes) Patron Stats (pstats) City Codes HomeRoom Codes Block Codes PURFs, and …



17 GMDs Subscription Summaries Vendor File


19 Selection Lists ISBN Quality Control Duplicate ISBN/ISSN Vendor Lists Orders Funds


21 Instructor Authority Course Authority Copyright Compliance Take Off, Put On, Weed


23 Examine Indexes – RXREF, UXREF Examine Mapping – UMAP, UMC Examine Sorts/Limits Examine UFDS for Full Bib Field Display

24 GENERAL STUFF What worked with ipac (HIP) displays, what didn’t? If you’re going to weed it anyhow, how about doing it on a system you’re familiar with?

25 GENERAL STUFF Additional Valuable Resources 5/handouts/CODI_slides_2005.ppt 5/handouts/CODI_slides_2005.ppt 5/handouts/CODI_slides_2005.pdf 5/handouts/CODI_slides_2005.pdf 5/handouts/janitor.doc 5/handouts/janitor.doc 5/handouts/janitor.pdf 5/handouts/janitor.pdf

26 WEEDING… Courtesy BBC

27 WEEDING -Artistic Approach

28 WAITING… (Beckett) Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

29 WAITING… (Beckett) We are all born mad. Some remain so.

30 WAITING… (Beckett) What do I know of man’s destiny? I could tell you more about radishes…

31 STOCK UP NOW ON… Water Emergency Rations Vacation Leave Gasoline Patience Humor Time Management Loving One’s Family and Pets Learning to Love One’s Staff Tending One’s Garden

32 I wish to thank…. Marge Freeman, John Hurley, John Weible, Brent Searle, Vicki Teal Lovely, Fiona Campbell, Helen Agoroudis, Hal Cain, Mike Shearer, Steven Heywood, Phil Feilmeyer, Ben Ostrowsky, Steven Hansen, Steven Orton, Roger Scanlan, Richard Lewis, Earl Boyce, Randy Boecker, Brent Jensen, and the whole community of RECALL experts out there on the web.

33 I-Descriptors ROCK!

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