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Ulloor Prasanth Nagar Road Medical College Trivandrum SUBMITTED BY TBF Technology Pvt Ltd T.C 16/458(3) First Floor, EJFCS LTD Edappazhinji, Vazhuthacaud, Thiruvanathapuram -14 Kerala, India, Creation Date: June 21 , 2012 Last Updated: June , Control Ref : IMTBF

15 Distribution Document Control Change Record Reviewers Date Author
Version Change Reference 21/6/12 Jerin T Sam 1 Creation of Document Name Position Shaji A John Head Strategic Planning & Sales Copy No: Name Position Location 1 John Trivandrum Prepared By: Jerin T Sam TBF Technology Pvt Ltd T.C 16/458(3) First Floor, EJFCS Ltd, Edappazhinji, Vazhuthacaud, Thiruvanathapuram -14 Kerala, India, Contact: Jerin T Sam Contact Number: – / Contact Issue Date: June 21 , 2012 Copyright © 2012, unpublished proprietary work by TBF Technology Pvt Ltd All rights reserved. The contents of this document is valid till July , and is confidential in nature and cannot be revealed to any party without the prior explicit written permission of TBF Technology Pvt Ltd All product names are trademarks, or registered trademarks, of their respective companies

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17 Company Profile TBF Technology Pvt Ltd is a full-service internet consulting & website development firm. Our team has the creative, technical and business Acumen to take your idea from concept to reality. Our Internet Consulting services are Built around giving businesses a comprehensive web presence aimed at presenting information in a professional and insightful manner, portraying a professional image, and generating new leads for your business. At TBF Technology Pvt Ltd our Internet Consultants have the technical and business skills to help you identify online opportunities and plan, develop and market successful Internet initiatives. All have advanced academic credentials, a minimum of 5 years of Internet consulting experience and a keen understanding of the limitations and opportunities presented by the Web Since 2006 Registered: under company’s act 1956 Number of clients: 50+ Employees: 11-20 Core Services: Internet Marketing , Web Development , Mobile Apps

18 Online Branding / Identity
Internet Business Consulting Internet Business Consulting is one of latest innovations of the digital age. Born of the immense need for companies lacking definitive Internet knowledge and capability, TBF Technology Pvt Ltd is clearly above and beyond the current competition. Not only do our services feature Internet Marketing Consulting, but we also are brimming with experts in all aspects of design, programming, copywriting, and business savvy that will extend your business to the furthest reaches of its potential target audience. TBF Technology Pvt Ltd develops strong strategic messages for your Web Portal design to convey. By combining tight, organized web Copywriting and sound design ideation, TBF Technology Pvt Ltd meets the overall objectives of creating web traffic by eliciting strong “calls to action.” From an Internet Marketing Consulting perspective, it is imperative that your content is in alignment with the overall goals of your website. By ensuring that the content within your Web Portal is effectively written and maintained, Thus TBF Technology Pvt Ltd increases the chance of a higher return on investment. SOLUTION TYPES: Online Branding / Identity We believe that identity is a key element in interactive marketing and that to be effective a company must project their unique identity to their target audience. Our professionals will work closely with your marketing and technology personnel to help you deploy an online presence that will strengthen your brand. Digital strategy We'll take time to listen to your requirements and to understand your market, from emerging trends to business opportunities. Then we'll apply our technical know-how and experience in marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), content, social media and mobile to plan a joined-up strategy that responds to your KPIs. Analyze User Experience Big ideas, beautiful design and user-led experiences that balance business and customer needs. We always design with the user in mind. We involve real customers throughout the process to make sure we're staying on course. And we’ve even got our own lab where we track the eyeballs of willing subjects Search Marketing & Social Media We offer structured recommendations that combine current best-practice with plenty of other tricks we've learned along the way. We’ll analyse your traffic to identify opportunities and devise a seamless strategy covering both natural and paid search. With emphasis on the word strategy, please. Not a lackluster stab at a Facebook group, a desolate YouTube channel and a one-tweet-fits-all approach. For smarter social engagement, you’re in the right place. Mobile APPS We understand good mobile apps are a seamless extension of your brand experience. We'll develop multi-platform solutions that keep pace with fragmentation and add value to your digital strategy. Expect innovative, creative ideas and seductive design that users want to play with. Analytics reporting and insight We can analyse your online data genereted, provide an integrated view of separate data stores and build you a full KPI dashboard. We’ll also offer an unbiased view on every leading analytics platform on the market. And if you're thinking long term, we can provide ongoing insights and optimisation so you're always several steps ahead of the competition.

19 Scope Scope Exclusions
Internet users worldwide reached 2.27 billion, almost exactly twice what it was in 5 years ago, 1.15 billion. Media shift already start happening in worldwide as the Internet user Number increase tremendously. Comparing to Other media Internet is more interactive and People spend more time on Internet than other media . Our Plan will be, Designing of website and designing new database driven interactive web site. This includes of the Home page design, sub page, interactive sections, etc. Development of a Web site – For promoting services, activities and information of City Revival Church among its target audience. The Web site will also enable its target audience/clients to interact with City Revival Church through enquiry etc. Scope Exclusions The project excludes the following: Content, Images and Videos for the Website.

20 Project Overview Database driven website will be an interactive website, which will be backed by a database engine. There will be an administrator to the system and this administrator can login to a secure part of the website using a login name and password and can make modifications to the contents and store into a database. This way, the site can be maintained with up-to-date information and thus provides visitors with the latest information, which they will be looking for. However, the overall home and sub page design layout will be static in nature so as to maintain the aesthetic approach done towards the promotion of the website. The advantage of providing the administration console within the website itself is that, the content of the site can be managed from anywhere in the world by the site administrator. This console will be fully secure, restricting unauthorized access by allotting unique username and encrypted passwords. Home About Us History Mission Pastors Faith statements Ministry Event Calendar Media Programs Publications News and Events Service Timings Contact Us

21 Administration Features
Website can be managed through a secure administration console provided with the website. The administrator can login to the administration section using their allotted username and encrypted password. Following features will be developed as a part of the administration console. Administrator Login  A login screen which accepts the username and password and authenticates the user. Only after successful authentication, the administrator will be allowed to access the console.   After successful login, the administrator will be presented with a menu for which he/she has access rights. Content Manager The content manager module on the administration console is for updating the contents of all web pages. This will have a text editor and a toolbar with formatting options. The toolbar is also enabled with option to insert pictures and hyperlinks to other sites as well as to any specific page on the same site. Change Password As the name suggests, this section will allow the administrator to change their password at any point of time after logging into the system.The administrator has to enter the modified password when they log in the next time. Logout By accessing this link on the administration console, the currently logged in administrator will be logged out of the system and to access the sections inside the console, they need to login again.

22 Schedule 30 2 32 Schedule of the development cycle is given below.
Description No. of Days Website Development – Concept, Design, Programming 30 Testing and Website Hosting 2 Total Days 32 *Final schedule will be prepared prior to the start of the project.

23 Project Communications
Contacts Status Reports TBF Technology will provide weekly written status reports on the project by . Weekly interaction is planned between the project managers. Change Control All changes and any departures from this Proposal will be tracked in the standard TBF Technology change control process, or using equivalent standards of the client. Intellectual Property and Confidentiality Issues TBF Technology intends to fully protect and preserve (City Revival Church )intellectual property rights. Further, privacy and confidentiality of its data are treated with utmost importance. We will hand over the intellectual property right of the Application along with the final delivery. Details of the agreement can be found in the Service/Contract agreement between the two. Every employee of TBF Technology is bound by a non-disclosure agreement to protect the intellectual property of and any of its customers. has a well-defined and well-enforced Information Security Policy that can be produced on demand. The d development facility is divided into security zones City Revival Church project will be executed from an area with controlled access and dedicated team. City Revival Church TBF Technology Pvt Ltd John Jerin T Sam Web Administrator Sales Manager- Internet MARKETING Mob: Mob : /

24 Pricing Particulars Terms & Conditions COST in INR 55000/-
Website Development : Concept, Design , Development 55000/- Terms & Conditions On acceptance of the proposal City Revival Church would have : 60% Of total Website development cost as Advance along with the Purchase Order  Remaining 40% before delivery  Maintenance Cost depends on Call to Call basis. Further enhancement of the website will be subjected financial constraints Depends on requirements  Please make all cheque payable to “M/s. TBF Technology Pvt Ltd. 12.36% Service tax additional to all Payments 

25 Acceptance of the Proposal
Company City Revival Church TBF Technology Name Title Signature Date

26 Prestigious Clients

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