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Precious Cargo The Experiences of the African Immigrants.

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1 Precious Cargo The Experiences of the African Immigrants

2 Have you ever thought about what it was like to be an African immigrant?

3 Did all African immigrants want to come to America?

4 America’s Forced Immigrants: The Slaves Slavery: A form of forced labor in which people are considered the property of others.

5 Can you imagine what life was like as a slave?

6 Let’s imagine… …the cries of those who are beaten and separated from their families… …the sicknesses as captives are wedged together in the belly of the ship… …the stench of death… …floors filled with blood, vomit, and other body fluids… …and the sight of hundreds of human beings…property… suffering together…

7 Today, we’ll imagine what it must have been like to live as a slave… A slave who was nothing more than…

8 Precious Cargo

9 Why were they captured?

10 The Origins of Slavery in America Cheap labor was needed for tobacco and sugar production The Native Americans were forced to work, but many died because of illnesses John Hawkins Pioneer of the English slave trade

11 Transatlantic Slave Trade The Triangular Trade Involved Britain, West Africa, and America Exchange of goods for profit The Slave Trade was extremely profitable The Middle Passage was the route from West Africa to America

12 1619:The first shipment of slaves arrived in the New World via the Middle Passage

13 For over 200 years, slaves were kidnapped from Africa and sold in America

14 Olaudah Equiano Kidnapped as a child

15 How did they travel to America?


17 Packing Precious Cargo Once on board, the slaves were taken below the deck and chained together in what was called the slave galley. It was here that they were kept throughout the long voyage from Africa to America. And it was here that millions died from the conditions on board the ship.



20 What was life like once they arrived?

21 Preparing for Sale As the ships approached land, captives were cleaned and prepared for sale.

22 Slave Market

23 The Auction Block Most enslaved Africans were sold to a plantation to work in the fields or work in the houses of their masters.

24 “I don’t know how old I was when I found myself standing on the toppen part of a high stump with a lot of white folks walking around looking at the little scared boy that was me.” Prince Bee

25 People as Possessions Families were often separated during slave trading, reinforcing their status as possessions rather than people.

26 Renaming their Property Slave masters often renamed their property. This renaming further reinforced the control of his or her owner. “Gift” and “Nobody” were just two examples of names given to slaves.

27 Exploring the Weapons of Enslavement

28 Iron Neck Ring

29 Leg Irons

30 Ownership Manacle (lock and key)

31 Branding their Property Slaves were branded with the initials of their master. This is a branding iron that was once used to mark slave owners’ property.

32 Whipping as the Preferred Method of Punishment Often tools such as this Cat o’ nine tails were used to whip slaves. Afterward, masters rubbed salt into the slave’s open wounds.

33 “They whipped my father ‘cause he looked at a slave they killed and cried.” Roberta Manson


















51 Can you imagine what life was like for an involuntary immigrant?

52 Imagine…

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