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1 Recounts

2 We are learning to write recounts
A recount is an account of a personal experience Examples: Letters, autobiographies, biographies, diaries, newspaper reports, eyewitness report Recounts tell what happens Three types Personal / literary Imaginary Factual

3 Today we are learning to write a …
Factual Recount

4 We’ll know we can write recounts when:
We will have a setting – Who? Why? Where? When? What? How? We will have important events described in a logical sequence. We will have written in the past tense, using action verbs, and used linking words to do with time. Use pronouns – he, she, they or it We will include details to add interest. We will have a concluding statement.

5 News report [Students underline on glued in copy]
Identify Examples Who was involved in the story? What did the person / people do? When did this take place? Where did this take place? Why did it take place? How did it happen?

6 Identify examples to show:
Past Tense Action Verbs Linking Words / Connectives Use pronouns Details to add interest

7 Class Cameo

8 Task 1 Look at this video clip about an motor crash
Task 1 Look at this video clip about an motor crash. Write a newspaper report about the incident.

9 Task 2 Record Brainstorm

10 Task 3 Setting / Orientation

11 Class Cameo

12 Cain Old’s rampage ends in disaster
Hunua village is once again in peace after the infamous robber Cain Old was arrested at 6 pm on Friday morning. Old who robbed the patrol station of its rubbish bin was caught hiding in Hunua school. Offers Corey and Geogia arrested Old when they followed the bubble gum trail that was on his feet. On Monday Judge Jayden sentenced him to life of cleaning up bubble gum from all of Auckland's pavements.

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