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FellowsSpace provides a 24/7 learning opportunity for EP fellows. This tour provides a brief overview of what you’ll find on the site. (Slide show is timed.

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Presentation on theme: "FellowsSpace provides a 24/7 learning opportunity for EP fellows. This tour provides a brief overview of what you’ll find on the site. (Slide show is timed."— Presentation transcript:

1 FellowsSpace provides a 24/7 learning opportunity for EP fellows. This tour provides a brief overview of what you’ll find on the site. (Slide show is timed. If you prefer to move between slides manually, use page up / page down keys.) Welcome, Pat Smithson View our “Most Recently Added” box or look for “NEW” icons to see the most recent information on

2 You can access interactive Tracings and Cases from the home page. Tracings and Cases are added often, so check back regularly. Welcome, Pat Smithson

3 Tracings or Cases are also available from the menu. Welcome, Pat Smithson

4 Tracings: Are interactive exercises focused primarily on interpreting complex arrhythmias via surface-ECG’s or intracardiac recordings.

5 Cases: Are similar to Tracings except Cases focus on management as well as diagnosis, and may take longer to complete.

6 Past Tracings: Select Past Tracings from the menu or from the home page to see a list of all past Tracings. Welcome, Pat Smithson

7 Past Cases: A list of Past Cases is also available. Welcome, Pat Smithson

8 Submit a Tracing or Case: An opportunity to have your unique tracings or cases considered for posting. Welcome, Pat Smithson

9 Two types of interactive quizzes are also available from the menu under Test Your Knowledge Welcome, Pat Smithson

10 Quizzes: There are two quiz types – Diagnosis & Treatment and Medtronic Therapies. Both quiz types work in the same way as a Tracing or Case, except they provide scoring.

11 Quizzes: Select Test Your Knowledge from the menu to select a quiz type. A list is available for each quiz type. Welcome, Pat Smithson

12 Quizzes: Quiz scores are kept for you. Scores are confidential – only you can see your quiz scores. Welcome, Pat Smithson

13 Next, we’ll take a high level look at Cases, Tracings and Quizzes. A more in-depth tutorial is available. Welcome, Pat Smithson

14 Each Tracing, Case or Quiz opens in a new window and displays a question. One or more questions are presented within each Tracing, Case or Quiz.

15 Answer choices are not immediately displayed, so as to give you time to ponder the question without cueing.

16 Resources: A number of resources may be available to help you analyze each question. For example, different types of images might be provided in different areas. Click images to magnify and pan.

17 Resources: Surface ECGs or intracardiac tracings may be provided via the ECGviewer, which includes a set of tools for analysis.

18 Calipers can be used for comparative measurements.

19 The Magnifier tool (2X) enables closer examination of complexes.

20 The Ruler tool can be dragged anywhere in the ECG.

21 You can create your own ladder diagram.

22 The question author may also provide a ladder diagram for you.

23 The Overlay tool allows you to “grab” a part of the ECG, drag it, and superimpose it on another part of the ECG for comparison of morphology and timing.

24 The Interpret ECG tool…

25 …allows you to make selections from a list and check your answers.

26 Your selections are graded and available for your review.

27 The User Poll feature allows you to see the choices made by previous users.

28 The question author may provide one or more Hints.

29 Useful feedback is provided wherever possible.

30 After the last question is completed, a Summary of the entire activity may be presented, emphasizing key clinical takeaways.

31 There are a number of other resources available across the site as well. Research: You’ll find abstracts for recent articles from the EP literature. Welcome, Pat Smithson

32 Research: Familiar landmark publications are also highlighted. Welcome, Pat Smithson

33 Research: Convenient links to current trials are provided via NIH’s site. Welcome, Pat Smithson

34 Patient Care: This area of the site is designed to provide the busy fellow with tools and insights relating to diagnosis and patient selection, treatment, follow-up, and troubleshooting. Welcome, Pat Smithson

35 Medtronic Therapies: This section of the site provides updates on Medtronic products approved for use in the United States… Welcome, Pat Smithson

36 Medtronic Therapies: …and access to more detailed information on Medtronic products Welcome, Pat Smithson

37 Coding & Reimbursement: Information on coding and reimbursement for Medtronic therapies is provided. Welcome, Pat Smithson

38 Event Calendar: Use the Event Calendar to view upcoming events by date or … Welcome, Pat Smithson

39 Event Calendar: … by event type as shown in the Event Catalog. Welcome, Pat Smithson

40 Event Calendar: By selecting the detail about an event, you can obtain more information or express interest in attending. Welcome, Pat Smithson

41 Online Resources: Quick and easy access to Medtronic and other professional sites is provided here. Welcome, Pat Smithson

42 Media Library: Videos and other interactive items. Welcome, Pat Smithson

43 Contact Us: Your feedback on the site is welcome. Welcome, Pat Smithson

44 End of Site Tour Close this window to return to FellowsSpace.

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