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Summer Safety Tips Category: Safety Credit: 30 minutes

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1 Summer Safety Tips Category: Safety Credit: 30 minutes
ORACLE Course Code: SAFI13200 Author: Lynne Presley, Training Administration Unit Course Date: June 2003

2 Introduction Summer is here, which means many folks are spending more time outdoors.  In fact, many emergency room doctors call summer the "trauma season" due to the increase in personal injuries during warm months.  We know that our jobs require a certain amount of awareness to stay safe, but we often overlook off-duty time when it comes to basic family safety.  So, we're going to share some quick tips to help you survive the season without injuries.  We'll cover several topics, and we encourage all employees to use basic common sense when it comes to potential hazards.

3 Summer Safety Tips: Travel Safety
Are you planning a driving vacation?  Various safety organizations recommend that driving periods be no longer than a person's normal workday.  Our bodies become accustomed to being alert for that period.  When we drive for extended periods, we tend to lose our ability to concentrate fully.  Remember that 4:00 o'clock drowsiness at work?  Well, the same thing can happen when we drive for long periods!  Remember to take your time, get plenty of rest, and arrive at your vacation destination safely.  

4 Summer Safety Tips: Travel Safety
Always plan your trip by using a map and plotting your route before you leave.  This simple step lets you plan for reaching basic services and conveniences when they're needed.  It's true that you may have your cell phone with you, but do you know where you are so help can reach you?  Spontaneous travel may be exciting, but it can also be dangerous if you become lost and run out of gas. 

5 Summer Safety Tips: Travel Safety
OK, we all know that wearing our seat belt is the law, but it can be inconvenient at times at least, that's the excuse some people use not to wear them.  The simple fact is that seat belts save lives.  And it's not just your life as the driver - what about your passengers' lives if you lose control of the vehicle or are involved in an accident?  Please, wear your seat belt and make sure all others in your vehicle do the same! The illustration on the next page shows the correct way to wear your seat belt.

6 Summer Safety Tips: Travel Safety

7 Summer Safety Tips: Water Safety
The cool waters of our numerous lakes and swimming pools entice many Oklahomans in the summer.  However, precautions must be taken to avoid the tragedy of drowning.  Centers for Disease Control and  Prevention statistics for the period of show that drowning deaths in the United States averaged 1.7 for each 100,000 of population.  In Oklahoma, the average rose to 2.1 for the same time period.  This means that an average of 69 drowning deaths occurred in Oklahoma each year during this period.  Don't become a drowning statistic!  Anyone venturing into the water should know how to swim.  Anyone in the water should be supervised from shore - either by lifeguards or a family member or friend who knows how to give assistance should a swimmer become endangered.  Those too young to realize the dangers of drowning require close, immediate supervision.

8 Summer Safety Tips: Water Safety
Those in the water should know their limitations.  NEVER swim farther from shore than you can easily return.  And be aware that, after the long fall and winter months, even the best swimmer needs to re-train muscles before attempting anything as strenuous as swimming.  Additionally, it's not a good idea to swim if you are under the influence of liquor or any other substance that can affect your equilibrium and reflexes.

9 Summer Safety Tips: Boating Safety
Boats, like other vehicles, can cause serious injury and death.  For those new to this recreation, boating safety courses are available.  This can be as important as driver training and can help you learn the "quirks" of operating a vehicle that doesn't have wheels, on surfaces without lanes! When boating, don't forget your safety equipment, such as a fire extinguisher, a first aid kit, and a signaling device such as a whistle or air horn.  Such equipment may mean the difference between life and death.

10 Summer Safety Tips: Boating Safety
Don't forget two of the most important boating safety precautions: Don't operate a boat if you are under the influence of liquor or any other substance that can affect your equilibrium and reflexes. Everyone in the boat should wear life jackets (yes, EVERYONE!) 

11 Summer Safety Tips: Helmets
According to the Family Caregiver Alliance©, someone receives a head injury in the U.S. every 15 seconds.  Statistics from the Oklahoma Department of Health show that over 3,000 Oklahomans sustain a traumatic brain injury each year.  Don't become an injury statistic - wear a helmet when engaged in any activity that may cause injury to your head! 

12 Summer Safety Tips: Conclusion
We hope these safety tips help all of our employees and their families to have a great summer.  Have fun and stay safe! Exit Course

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