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An ACEware Presentation Featuring our Special Guest.. Jason Allen.

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2 An ACEware Presentation Featuring our Special Guest.. Jason Allen


4 An asynchronous online discussion tool where you chat via text What are forums?

5 asynchronous means it is not in “real time”. You all do NOT have to be in the same place as the same time to communicate… You called me a WHAT??? Who you calling a Synchronous???

6 Under Support Or, Under Customers

7  Listserv underutilized  Users want to focus on specific topics/areas  Were reluctant to post a specific topic to entire list  Encourage communications between customers

8 Read Post a new question Respond or add to an existing topic Edit or delete your remarks Subscribe (get an email notification of new posts)

9 A substitute for your tech!

10 Go to Create an account Select the appropriate topic Read or post

11 Search before you ask, please Provide a descriptive title for your post Please, only one topic per post Give as many details as possible Avoid one word or one line answers Remember, these are public pages

12 The forum is not a place for urgent issues!


14 Click “Subscribe” We’ll post about new updates & you will be notified

15 The listserv still exists!

16 The listserv lives! A Listserv is an electronic “mailing list” ACEware maintains one for general communication - Of announcements of Webinars (like this one) - Of general ACEware product info - Of Conference / Training Info AND.. Listserv members (ie YOU) can send a question to the ENTIRE set of Listserv Members ( a Global Posting) To ask a question to the full list: Address an email to NOTE: We moderate the list (we have to approve any message) Membership in the listserv is open to any/all staff of Schools using ACEware who have a current Service Agreement)

17 Join us May 2-4, 2012 16 th Annual ACEware Users Conference at the Hilton Savannah DeSoto Scholarships are available with your paid support agreement

18 800-925-2493

19 Yes you can! DIY Upgrades for Student Manager… Wednesday, February 15 th, 1 pm Central

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