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. Reality, imagination or something else? Let’s have a trip of the universe at high speed, jumping distances by the factor of 10.

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2 . Reality, imagination or something else?

3 Let’s have a trip of the universe at high speed, jumping distances by the factor of 10.

4 Starting with 10 0 equivalent to 1 meter, and increasing sizes by factor of 10s, or 10 1 (10 meters), 10 2 (10x10 = 100 meters), 10 3 (10x10x10 = meters) and so on, until the limits of our inmagination.

5 We’ll return, a little faster, up to the point where we started and would continue our trip in the opposite direction.


7 Distance to a bunch of leaves in the garden meter

8 We can see the foliage meters

9 We can see the limits of the forest and the surroundings at this distance meters

10 Now it is possible to jump with a parachute km

11 The whole city can be observed km

12 We can see the state of Florida – USA km

13 A typical sight from a satellite km

14 The northern hemisphere of Earth showing a part of South America km

15 The Earth starts looking smaller ,000 km

16 The Earth and the Moon’s orbit in white million km

17 A part of the Earth’s orbit in blue10 10 millions km

18 millions km Orbits of Venus and Earth

19 Orbits of Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars and Jupiter billion km

20 At this height of our trip, we can observe the Solar System and the orbits of the planets billions km

21 billions km The Solar System starts looking smaller

22 Now the Sun is a small star in the middle of thousands other stars trillion km

23 The little Sun star is very small at one light-year light-year

24 Here we will see nothing in the infinity light-years

25 Nothing, only stars and Nebulae light-years

26 ,000 light-years At this distance, we start travelling the Via-Lactea (Milky Way) our galaxy

27 We continue our travel inside the Via-Lactea ,000 light-years

28 We reach the periphery of the Via-Lactea ,000 light-years

29 We can see all the Via-Lactea & other galaxies at this tremendous distance million light-years

30 From this distance, all the galaxies look small with inmense empty spaces in between. We can further continue traveling upwards with our imagination but we’ll return home quickly from here million light-years

31 10 22

32 10 21

33 10 20

34 10 19

35 10 18

36 10 17

37 10 16

38 10 15

39 10 14

40 10 13

41 10 12

42 10 11

43 10

44 10 9

45 10 8

46 10 7

47 10 6

48 10 5

49 10 4 Questions that come to our minds... Who are we? From where did we come? Where are we going?

50 10 3 Or... what do we represent in this Universe?

51 10 2 We went to the power of 23 of 10 in the upwards trip.

52 10 1 Now we are going to dig inside of the matter in an inverse journey

53 We have arrived at our starting point 10 0

54 We can delineate the leaves by getting closer at 10 cm Centímeters

55 We can observe the leaf structure at this distance Centímeter

56 The cellular structures start showing Millímeter

57 Now the cells can be defined We can see the unions between them microns

58 Now we’ll go inside the cell microns

59 The nucleus of the cell is visible micron

60 Now we can see the chromosomes ,000 Angstroms

61 The DNA chains are visible in this micro universe Angstroms

62 Now the chromosomes blocks can be obsereved Angstroms

63 It appears like clouds of electrons. These are carbon atoms that form our world We can notice the resemblance of the microcosmos with the macrocosmos Angstrom

64 In this miniature world, we can observe the electrons orbiting the atoms picometers

65 An inmense empty space between the nucleous and the electron orbits Picometer

66 At this incredible and minuscule size we can observe the nucleous of an atom Fentometers

67 Now we can observe the nucleous of the carbon atom clearly Fentometers

68 Here we are in the field of the scientific imagination, face to face with a proton Fentometer

69 Examine the ‘quark’ partícles There is nowhere more to go from here, at the limits of current scientific knowledge about matter Atometers

70 Are we the center of the universe? Are we the special creature of the Creation? What is behind all these limits?

71 Are there really any limits? By going “downwards” we could only go to the power of minus 16ª of 10 and reached the known (?) limits of the matter. But “upwards” we went to the power of 23ª of 10 and stopped. Perhaps we could have further continued our trip without limits to our imagination.

72 How much we still need to learn about the universe?

73 and even about ourselves?

74 Qur’an says; And among His signs is the creation of the Heaven and the Earth, and the variations in your languages and colors; verily in this are the signs for those who know.

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