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Redundancy Presented by QSuper. Important information This information has been prepared for general purposes only, without taking into account your objectives,

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1 Redundancy Presented by QSuper

2 Important information This information has been prepared for general purposes only, without taking into account your objectives, situation, or needs, and should not be relied on a as legal or taxation advice, nor does it take the place of such advice so it may not be appropriate for your circumstances. You should read the product disclosure statement (PDS) and consider your circumstances before you make an investment decision. You can download a PDS from our website, or call us and we’ll send you one. Before acting on any of the information, you may wish to consider obtaining personal financial advice. This presentation is issued by the Fund Administrator, QSuper Limited (ABN 50 125 248 286, AFSL 334546), on behalf of the QSuper Board of Trustees (ABN 32 125 059 006). The QSuper Board of Trustees is the issuer of interests in the QSuper Fund (ABN 60 905 115 063). Where the term ‘QSuper’ is used in this document, it represents the QSuper Board of Trustees, the QSuper Fund, and QSuper Limited, unless expressly indicated otherwise.

3 Today Payments What to consider Hypothetical case study

4 Payments 1.Accrued leave 2.Severance payment 3.Possible incentive payment Employer Redundancy Package QSuper Benefit Can you access this or will you leave it in your QSuper account?

5 1. Accrued leave Recreational leave Long service leave Both paid as lump sums (Likely to be taxed) Tax on unused leave entitlements Type of leaveTax treatment Recreational leave30% 1 Long service leave - accrued before 16 August 1978 5% of total at marginal tax rate 1 Long service leave – accrued on or after 16 August 1978 up until 17 August 1993 30% 1 Long service leave – accrued after 17 August 1993 < Age 65 = 30% 1 > Age 65 = marginal tax rate 1. Plus Medicare levy of 1.5%

6 2. Severance payment –A severance payment of two weeks' pay year of service –The minimum payment is four weeks' pay –The maximum payment is 52 weeks' pay

7 3. Incentive payment In addition to the severance payment, an incentive payment may be offered once only to encourage employees to exit the department on or by a specified date. The payment will be $6,500 or 12 weeks' pay at the employee's substantive level, whichever is the greater. Incentive payments may apply to early retirements and redundancies, but do not apply to retrenchments Conditions apply – see your HR representative for more information

8 Severance payment & Incentive payment Genuine Redundancy Payment Tax-free portion (under age 65) –$8,806 + $4,404 for each completed year of service –Over this amount is an employment termination payment (ETP) Employment termination payment Tax depends on: - age - the amount of the payment - your taxable income - whether any part of the payment relates to a period before 1 July 1983 Tax Treatment

9 QSuper benefit Membership can continue (leave your funds) Accumulation account – grows through investment Defined Benefit account – what happens? –Official Employment Termination Certificate from employer Non-Queensland Government employers can pay into your QSuper Accumulation account Insurance – what happens? Access to your super?

10 QSuper benefit (obtain a quote) ‘Cash’ value –Can access –May be subject to tax - rates vary Preserved amount –‘Condition of release’ –May be subject to tax - rates vary Total benefit

11 What are the considerations? Opportunity for new challenge Financial position Job security Financial and family commitments Work or retire? Top up retirement savings Getting established Starting out Pre- retirement

12 Must meet living expenses Human Services (formerly Centrelink) Newstart Age Pension Investments Partner Superannuation Work Income

13 Must review retirement and insurance plans Super contributions stop (and may be lower in future) QSuper insurance ceases – continuation may be possible Long term impact of withdrawing super?

14 Ann and John’s situation Situation (both) –Income $70,000 –40 weeks severance, four weeks annual leave and ten weeks long service leave –20 years of service Ann (age 48) –Commitments – mortgage and dependent children John (age 58) –May work, may retire

15 Employer estimate for Ann and John GrossNet Annual leave 1 $ 5,384 $3,688 Long service leave 1 $13,461 $9,221 Severance - 40 weeks pay 2 $53,846 Total$72,691$66,755 Assumptions: Income based on $70,000 and 20 years service. 1. Marginal tax at 31.5%, leave loading not included. 2. Genuine redundancy or ATO approved voluntary early retirement, 2012/2013 tax free amount of $8,806 + $4,404 for each completed year of service. In this example that equals up to $96,886 tax-free

16 Ann’s issues Work/ Career –How soon can she find work? Finances –Meet living expenses including mortgage and family –Impact on family benefits and tax offsets –Limited access to super and higher tax –Financial security – insurances and retirement funding Benefits –Lump sum for income, debt and family

17 John’s issues Career –Work - part-time / full-time elsewhere? –Fully retired – all super available Finances –Meet living expenses - less commitments –Income - work, lump sum or super –Super - may contribute lump sum after tax Benefits –Kick-start retirement, greater flexibility

18 The rest of your life –Lifestyle, career, where to next? Financial –Savings, debt, finance the next phase? Your decision The future…….

19 Help and advice is readily available General super information  Call our award winning Contact Centre on 1300 360 750  Get information, and use tools and calculators on our website  Come to other seminars

20 Leaving your job doesn’t mean leaving QSuper

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