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LLC KCquoteMe Save time Save money Organize your quotes Eliminate repetitive calculations Avoid arithmetic.

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1 LLC KCquoteMe Save time Save money Organize your quotes Eliminate repetitive calculations Avoid arithmetic errors Standardize quote appearance Developed by working with a medium sized machine shop over the period of four months to ensure KCquoteMe met their needs. Priced so any machine shop can show a profit quickly

2 LLC This is the main page. There are some administrative tasks you have to do only once…like changing your company information and setting up companies and buyers. To change your company’s information, click the button that says “Change My Company”

3 LLC Update your company information and click the “Save, Close” button.

4 LLC That will bring you back to this screen. Now you want to set up the companies you do business with. Click “Add/Edit Company”. You only have to this once for each company.

5 LLC Type in the company name.

6 LLC Then click on the “Save and Close” button.

7 LLC That brings you back to the main form. Now you can add a buyer. Click “Add/Edit Buyer”.

8 LLC Here you add the buyer’s information along with a personal message for this buyer that will show on every quote you send to this buyer. Again, just set it up once.

9 LLC Enter the information and press the “Save and Close” button.

10 LLC Now, we can add some parts and work some quotes. Click the “Parts” button.

11 LLC On this screen, you can click on the dropdown to see the part numbers already entered or you can type a new number into this area.

12 LLC Enter a part number and click on “New Quote”

13 LLC If the part number does not exist already, it will ask you if you want to add it to the list of part numbers

14 LLC Then you can add a revision level and click “Add Part”

15 LLC At this point, you want to associate the part to a quote number. The last quote you worked on comes up first or you can add it to a different quote or start a new one.

16 LLC That brings up the work screen. We’ll spend some time discussing this screen. Notice the part number, date and buyer are already filled in Let’s say I wanted to quote for 20 and 200 parts…Just enter the quantities in the first two areas

17 LLC Then add the set up cost and the run cost for the part. The calculated price per part is automatically updated.

18 LLC You can change the percentage of extra material you would like to run. You can also add a Material Piece Cost. You can also enter different material costs should you be getting a quantity discount. You can markup the material cost as much as you’d like.

19 LLC See how the calculated price was automatically updated. And the quantity used to calculate the material price was increased by the percent that was entered. You can enter processing steps using these boxes

20 LLC Use the drop down box to select a process that has already been defined

21 LLC Or, you can type a new process in and it can be added the the permanent list Enter the minimum cost and the per part cost and the price will be calculated using the higher of the two costs You can also mark up each of the process costs You can enter a salesman’s name and percentage to mark up the price. If you have copied an older quote, you can simply enter an inflation factor to get a more current price. Or, you can change any of the values you’d like. Don’t forget to scroll down…There is more!

22 LLC When you click on the “Note” area, you can select from stored notes or add a new one.

23 LLC

24 LLC I selected an existing note and clicked “Add note to quote only”

25 LLC You can add more than one note to this box. The second note box is for notes you want to keep with the part quote, but do not want to print on the actual quote. At this point we are done with this part, so click “save and close”

26 LLC That brings you back to the parts screen. At this point you can add more parts to the existing quote or click “Close” to return to the main menu.

27 LLC To send the quote to the buyer click “Send”

28 LLC The last quote number you were working on shows in the “Quote Number” area A list of the parts that are on this quote shows, too. To preview the quote, click the “Preview Quote” button

29 LLC This is what the quote will look like. Click “close” to return to the quote screen.

30 LLC If you use Microsoft Outlook for your , all you have to do is click “ Quote”.

31 LLC As you can see, the address and personal note have been filled in. The quote has been attached and the part numbers included in the quote are in the subject line. All ready to press send.

32 LLC If you do not use Microsoft Outlook, you can save the quote to an RTF file and attach it to your . The RTF file will be saved as “Quote number” followed by the actual quote number. Then you can write an to your buyer and attach the quote.

33 LLC Now that you’ve done this quote, you can easily look it up in the future. You can copy it and change quantities with a few clicks of the mouse. You also have organized all your quotes. They will always be stored for you. KCquoteMe even does automatic backups of data for the last 15 times you used the program. Think of what you will do with all the time you’ll have.

34 LLC Send an for more information. Start saving time today

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