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3 In order for language learning to be meaningful to our students… What we teach needs to be grounded in a cultural context What we teach needs to have practical application or a connection to something students find relevant

4 CROSS CURRICULAR PROJECTS Offer opportunities to students that highlight elements of our curriculum that are echoed, repeated, looped and reinforced in other curricular areas. The more our programs are integrated into other curricular areas, the more relevant they are to the total education of the child.

5 POST CARD PROJECT Students researched cities in France and created postcards for a “Tour of France” day with residents of a local senior care facility who in turn located the cities on maps of France.

6 Bonjour! Je m’appelle Raphaël. J’ai douze ans. J’habite à St. Tropez ST.TROPEZ

7 AMBOISE Bonjour! Je m’appelle Chantal. J’ai 13 ans. J’habite à Amboise. Amboise est dans le Centre. Venez voir le château d’Amboise! Ecris-moi bientôt!

8 ÉPICERIE Students choose 6 items and put them in their “shopping cart”. They need to figure out how much each item costs and total the bill. Example: La tarte: trois euros cinquante

9 CLOTHING PROJECT Faire les magasins aux Galéries Lafayette-Paris! Roulez le dès, cliquez sur le bouton, et chercher l'article nécessaire.

10 FRANCE IN NORTH AMERICA PROJECT Hundreds of years before the United States was ever created, France was exploring “the new world”. Frenchmen generally came for one of three reasons: Gospel(to spread Christianity), Gold(in search of riches for themselves and France), and Glory(to claim lands for France and fame for their discoveries).

11 France in North America Cont. Most of the French exploration was concentrated along the St. Lawrence River, Great Lakes, Ohio River, and Mississippi River. Waterways were important exploration, transportation, and trade routes. France began to settle some of these regions and collectively called its colonies “New France”. New France existed in North America from 1534-1763.

12 New France in the Blue Color

13 The Great Lakes Region The Great Lakes Region was very important to French domination of the interior of North America. This area allowed for freedom of travel on the various waterways and tremendous trading opportunities. The fur trade became the most profitable trade for France during this time period. Furs were traded with Native Americans for French goods like pots, guns, tools, and other man made items. Double click on the beaver above to launch a video about Lake Huron and its importance to the French Fur Trade. Did you know that the first European to step foot in Wisconsin was the French explorer, Jean Nicolet in 1634.

14 French and Indian War (Guerre de la Conquête) So, right now you may be wondering if someone named Pierre may have been passing through where you are sitting today. The answer is…well…maybe. Then why are we not speaking French? France and Great Britain were involved in a world war known as the Seven Years War. Here in North America, French forces and their Native American allies fought against the British and their Native American allies as well (this part of the war that took place in North America is called the French and Indian War). Though the French fought bravely, they were outnumbered and cut off from support later in the war. Eventually, the British won the conflict in 1763 and dictated the treaty’s terms. France would lose all of its territory in North America (parts of present day U.S. and Canada)to the British and Spanish. However, this is not the end for French control in North America. Their power would resurge again and it would have a great outcome for the United States.

15 Marquis de Lafayette Lafayette Fast Facts 1. Came to help the American Patriots fight the British. 2. Was wounded in battle against the British at Brandywine. 3. Returned to help convince more Frenchmen to come help. 4. Was one of Washington’s most trusted officers and friends. I was chosen by Washington to accept the British surrender at Yorktown. This was the last battle of the Revolution Double click on the picture above to view a video about Lafayette’s involvement in the Revolution and his personal friendship with Washington.

16 The Louisiana Purchase’s Legacy The purchase of this territory from France in 1803, effectively doubled the size of the United States. Fourteen (green)current states have land that once came from the largest land purchase in U.S. history.

17 The Statue of Liberty La Liberté Éclairant le Monde: Liberty Enlightening the World – This is the official name for the statue. Fast Facts -Was given as a gift from the French people to the American people commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the United States declaring its independence and the French friendship that had begun during the American Revolution. -Was commisoned in 1876, and had become very significant not only to the American people, but also siginificant to the French as their republican style of government was under scrutiny by forces inside and outside of France. -Was built in France, disassembled and brought to the United States, then reassembled. -At its time of completion, the statue was the tallest structure in the Americas. Please double click on the above clip art to view a clip on the Statue of Liberty.

18 Your assignment Part 1: You have just learned briefly learned about some of the influences that France has had on United States history. We would like for you to share this information with your counterparts in France by doing the following. From the three different parts (A brief overview of the French in North America, French involvement in the early years of the United States, The Statue of Liberty) write a paragraph summarizing the French- American connection. There should be a total of three paragraphs (5-7 or more sentences each. These paragraphs should be typed in a Word document and saved in the file as directed by your teacher.

19 Your assignment cont. Part II ◦You must also answer three of the following questions for your French counterparts. Typed and saved in the proper file.  What do you do for fun?  What is your school day like?  What is Lake Geneva, Wisconsin like throughout the year?  What is your favorite music style and favorite groups?  What is your average day like in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin?  What is the best part about living in the United States?

20 WISCONSIN BROCHURE WISCONSIN BROCHURE Les industries dans le Wisconsin sont produits laitiers, agriculture, fabrication, et tourisme. L’AGRICULTURE DE WISCONSIN SONT MAЇS, SOJA, BLÉ, CANNEBERGES, ET CERISES.

21 LAKE GENEVA BROCHURE Lake Geneva a une industrie touristique. La Riviera est à côte de Geneva Lake. La Riviera a une salle de danse, et des tours de bâteau, et une magnifique plage! Il y a aussi beaucoup d’hôtels, de restaurants, et de magasins de souvenirs.

22 LA DAME À LA LICORNE – À MON SEUL DÉSIR Est-ce que la dame déporte son collier du cou pour le mettre dans la boîte? Est-ce qu’elle prend le collier de la boîte pour le porter? Quel est le sixième sens représenté dans cette scène?

23 Merci!

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