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#PACnet15. Moderator  Kim Damron » Paciolan Presenters  Greg Ivry » StubHub  Connor Kruggel » US Air Force Academy.

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1 #PACnet15

2 Moderator  Kim Damron » Paciolan Presenters  Greg Ivry » StubHub  Connor Kruggel » US Air Force Academy

3 #PACnet15 Currently 37 integrated partners – 34 College clients and 3 Pro clients 3 StubHub Integrated Partners

4 #PACnet15 4 Partnership Integration  Fan Integration Benefits Offers buyers and sellers a seamless digital experience Reduces shipping costs for your fans Enables StubHub to validate barcodes and proactively troubleshoot potential issues. Streamlines listing process for the Season Ticket Holder Ticketing integration offers buyers and sellers a streamlined experience through a barcode cancel and reissue process.  Partner Integration Benefits Ability to Maximize Revenue Real time Transaction Visibility Grow your database with opt-In buyer data Mobile integration Incremental Primary Ticket Sales Opportunities

5 #PACnet15 » Greg Ivry StubHub

6 #PACnet15 6 StubHub Evolution 1999 MLB Partnership: E-tickets, shipping guidance, individual seat information, and customer service Paciolan Partnership: E-Tickets, Customer Satisfaction 2000 2013 StubHub founded: Legitimate secondary source for tickets with our FanProtect TM Guarantee Offline, unsafe secondary market eBay Acquisition: StubHub secondary market industry leader 2007 2008 2010 Mobile – buying, selling, and fulfillment International Expansion 2012 How will StubHub evolve in 2015 and beyond?

7 #PACnet15 7 An Additional Distribution Channel

8 #PACnet15 8 Keys to Success StubHub provides a complete end to end solution to maximize the success of your business. » Brand Strength » World-Class Marketing » Top-Tier Technology » Passionate Fans

9 #PACnet15 9 The StubHub Fan 49%51% Average UNIQUE VISITORS 20 million AVG. MINUTES PER VISITOR 8.5 77% Age 18-54 ANNUAL HOUSEHOLD INCOME OF $100K+ 46% GRADUATED COLLEGE 38% TOTAL PAGES VIEWED 67 million MONTHLY Sources: comScore, Plan Metrix Key Measures March 2014. AVG. MI 9 million Email Distribution To Fans

10 #PACnet15 10 StubHub Dominates the Secondary Market

11 #PACnet15 11 StubHub Makes it Easy  Transparent or Opaque Options– Clients choice!  Available for ALL Paciolan Clients – Not just current StubHub partners  Operations: » Listing Phase 1: Client’s list and manage inventory on StubHub » Listing Phase 2: Paciolan/StubHub provides a multi-channel automated solution » Fulfillment: Fulfill your tickets how you want, or let your customers decide; we support mobile entry via native Apps and Passbook, or let them print their ticket at home » Partner Services: ▫StubHub dedicated Account Manager  Buyer Customer Service » StubHub Manages buyer customer support

12 #PACnet15 12 StubHub Customers Are Happy Customers

13 #PACnet15  You set your price… » Reduced sell fee – StubHub credit card processing fees only – 2% » StubHub may add on and retain a buy fee  Your customers, your data! » We share all customer and transactional data on the tickets you sell directly  Additional benefits » Marketing of your event on StubHub » Multi-channel listing (Phase 2) ▫Same tickets available on multiple sites Control your ticketing decisions and expand your reach 13 Your Tickets. Your Way.

14 #PACnet15  Seamless buyer experience  No “Will-Call” fulfillment requirement  No buyer checklists  No checking IDs  No lines at the Box Office to fulfill coupons Selling tickets NOT coupons or codes 14 Additional Operational Benefits: Box Office

15 #PACnet15  Paid & Organic Search » Proprietary technology allows us to build and manage millions of keywords » Industry leader in search coverage with a click-through rate roughly double of our peer set*  Direct Response » Utilize retargeting dynamic ads that convert (based on the shopper’s visit history) window-shoppers into StubHub buyers 15 World-Class Marketing * Source: Google Internal Data 2 of top 4 Search placements

16 #PACnet15  Site Merchandising » We'll showcase events to fans at the moment they're actively shopping  StubHub Email Marketing » We'll target 9MM highly qualified buyers (for YOUR events) in our email database* 16 World-Class Marketing * targeting based on 1st and 3rd party data

17 #PACnet15  Target and engage with our current and potential customers, artist/team fans across all of the social networks with paid and organic activations. Social Media (Paid & Organic) 17 World-Class Marketing

18 #PACnet15  StubHub is creating new personalized experiences that will enable customers to easily discover and research events that they’ll love to attend.  StubHub MUSIC is just the start. We’re re-imagining our complete web experience and innovating our mobile app platforms. 18 Building for the Future

19 #PACnet15 StubHub puts your brand in front of fans. We look forward to working with you. 19 Conclusion

20 #PACnet15 » Connor Kruggel US Air Force Academy

21 #PACnet15  Tickets posted on StubHub directly by Air Force Athletics allowed the team to: » Price Competitively » Expand Reach  Existing StubHub integration allowed for simple implementation of new sales strategy Opaque StubHub Listings 21 Leveraging Existing Partnerships

22 #PACnet15  1,800 Incremental Buyers Added to Marketing Database  Ability to market season tickets and other offers to StubHub segment in PACmail Team Listings Generate over $28,000 incrementally 22 Opaque Listings on StubHub

23 #PACnet15 Please complete either the session evaluation form on your chair or online at Questions

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