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Catalogue & web based Technical Distributor Industry leading catalogue & website Over 45 years knowledge & experience Represent world-class manufacturers Over 20,000 standard products Online ordering & 3D CAD files Engineering & design support On-site inventory management Bespoke part sourcing Sub-assembly & kitting

3 Unit A Nimrod Way, East Dorset Trade Park, Wimborne, Dorset BH21 7HY
COMPONENTS LOCATIONS UNITED KINGDOM: Unit A Nimrod Way, East Dorset Trade Park, Wimborne, Dorset BH21 7HY IRELAND: 641, Jordanstown Drive, Greenogue Business Park, Rathcoole, Co.Dublin, Ireland CHINA: No. 96, Weixi Road, Weiting Town, Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou SINGAPORE: 15 Woodlands Terrace, Singapore

4 Proprietary and Confidential. © 2013 Anixter Inc.
resources 40 staff at Component Solutions’ locations 4 area focused customer services agents Telephone system programmed to direct calls based on incoming STD Each CSA is partnered with the external ASM for improved communication Dedicated export sales team Sales & procurement team based in China Dedicated sourcing solutions team Bill of materials sourcing Bespoke parts Vendor reduction Cost down research 4 area sales managers, covering North, East & West UK and Ireland 1 design and application engineer Proprietary and Confidential. © 2013 Anixter Inc. 9/17/13

5 Plastic Rivets & Threaded Fasteners
Standard Products Plastic Rivets & Threaded Fasteners Metal Fasteners Terminals Cable Clips Flexible Conduit Ties & Security Seals Glands & Enclosures Strain Reliefs Grommets & Sleeving Caps & Plugs Panel Plugs PCB Accessories Knobs & Handles Feet

6 Design services Design & development from concept through to manufacture 3D modelling Material advice Rapid prototypes Single parts or assemblies Small batch to high volume production

7 PartS Sourcing Access to thousands of component manufacturers - globally Vendor rationalisation Full bill of materials sourcing Extensive industry and product knowledge

8 Sub Assembly Benefits: Reduce your bill of materials – order only 1 part Frees up valuable production resource Variety of operations: Drilling Milling Tapping Painting Plating Printing Label application Component installation

9 Value Added Services Dyeing Bagging Kitting
Comprehensive range of colours & shades Ideal for colour coding Can match customer swatches RAL, Pantone or BS matching Bagging Spare parts Ideal for customer assembled equipment Small bags aid part handling Kitting Spare parts R&D departments Service & repairs

10 On-site inventory management
Benefits: Stock managed at your location You only pay for what you use We manage the bins, so you never run out of parts We closely monitor your usage and adjust the bin quantities accordingly

11 Technical Expertise: Quality
Internationally accredited laboratories worldwide from TS16949 to VDA 6.2 State-of-the-art equipment 100% audit approval by all major customers Best-in-class parts per million defect levels BS EN ISO 9001:2008 ISO – Environmental OHSAS 18001 Production Part Approval Process documentation (PPAP) up to level 3 Initial Sample Inspection Reports (ISIR) International Material Data Systems (IMDS) All parts in our range are RoHS & REACH compliant A cornerstone differentiator

12 ANIXTER Corporate Overview

13 1957 50 countries 260 cities AXE 100,000 Anixter’s Presence Fortune
Year founded 1957 Number of employees Over 8,300 2013 Revenue $6.3 Billion More than 450,000 products Over $1 Billion Inventory Over 100,000 customers More than 50 countries Over 260 cities Stock Symbol AXE Fortune 500 List April 10, 2017

14 Anixter Global Overview
Fasteners Americas Brazil (1) Canada (1) Mexico (5) USA (42) Europe Belgium (1) Czech Republic (1) France (1) Germany (3) Italy (4) Spain (1) UK (9) Asia Pacific China (2) Anixter Inc. Americas Argentina (1) Canada (15) Chile (1) Columbia (1) Costa Rica (1) Dominican Republic (2) Mexico (4) Peru (1) Puerto Rico (2) USA (57) Venezuela (1) Asia Pacific Australia (4) China (1) Hong Kong (1) India (4) Japan (1) Malaysia (1) New Zealand (1) Philippines (1) Singapore (1) Taiwan (1) Thailand (1) Europe Norway (1) Austria (1) Poland (1) Czech Rep (1) Portugal (1) Denmark (1) Russia (1) Finland (1) Slovakia (1) France (3) Spain (2) Germany (2) Sweden (2) Greece (1) Switzerland (2) Hungary (1) Turkey (1) Italy (1) UAE (1) Netherlands (1) UK (22)

15 Three primary differentiators
Global capabilities with local presence Customisable Supply Chain Solutions Technical expertise Enterprise Cabling & Security Solutions Electrical and Electronic Wire & Cable OEM Supply Fasteners & Components

16 ANIXTER OEM Supply – Fasteners

17 Local Presence Global Capabilities OEM SUPPLY - FASTENERS
Strong/Mature Developing Global Capabilities Total employees: 1,800+ Technically trained sales force: 170+ Customer service experts: 80+ Application engineers: 25+ Quality engineers: 150+ Manufacturing staff: 80+ Local Presence Presence in 50 countries Distribution centres: 70+ Quality labs worldwide: 12 Located in 100+ cities Transact in 20+ currencies Communicate in 15+ languages

18 Customer Value Proposition
Customised supply chain solutions Experts at managing complexity Purchasing leverage $700+ million Technical expertise Quality driven 12 Quality Labs worldwide Market-leading parts per million Engineering focus Virtual Engineer Manufacturing expertise $3.1 million new investment 19% 15%

19 Supply chain solution experts
Global Unmatched global capabilities and go-to-market strategy Superior technical expertise Supply chain solution experts Close partnerships with market-leading suppliers Proprietary and Confidential. © 2013 Anixter Inc.

20 Supply chain: total cost of acquisition
Finance Logistics Engineering Inventory Management Vendor Management Product Cost Anixter continuously develops, manages and sustains the supply chain between fastener manufacturers and OEMs. We do this by mitigating risk, improving cash flow and improving asset utilisation. 25% Anixter partners with our customers to lower their risks and costs throughout the supply chain. Anixter partners with our customers to lower their risks and costs throughout the supply chain

Full service provider Direct line feed and pantry Schedule and spot buys Kitting and sub-assembly Aftermarket and subcontractor Engineering services Quality assurance Anixter pulls together its robust capabilities in a coordinated manner that allows for specialisation and scalability

22 Total Cost of Acquisition
PROCUREMENT STRATEGY OVERVIEW Build Strategic Partnerships Improve ROTC Leverage Volumes Manage Transportation Implement Packaging Efficiencies Reduce Total Cost of Acquisition

23 HOW DO WE GET STARTED? Anixter will do an on-site review of your entire supply chain. We’ll want to “be a part” and follow your current supply chain flow. Engineering Procurement & PO Processing Usage & Min/Max Data Finance & Billing IT Systems & ERP Data Production Line Distribution Warehouse & Storage Quality & Inbound Inspection Receiving Details collected are used to create service solution, process efficiencies and savings calculation in a two-day process review

24 Unit A Nimrod Way, East Dorset Trade Park, Wimborne, Dorset BH21 7HY
CONTACT DETAILS Unit A Nimrod Way, East Dorset Trade Park, Wimborne, Dorset BH21 7HY Tel: +44 (0) Fax: +44 (0)


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