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Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going. –Jim Rohn Diet, Exercise & Lifestyle Transformation Achievement.

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1 Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going. –Jim Rohn Diet, Exercise & Lifestyle Transformation Achievement


3 The DELTA Wellness Challenge provides companies like yours with a great way to impact the health of your employees while also helping to lower your companies healthcare cost. Our program uses evidence based, state of the art technology to measure health and wellness improvements in your employees during a fitness program designed to prepare them to participate endurance events like walks, runs, cycling event, swimming events and more. “The Challenge” The DELTA Wellness Challenge has two parts. First there’s a 12 week diet and fitness program that begins with each participating employee receiving a HEART (Health Education And Risk Test) assessment that provides them a with score based on their cardiovascular risk factors. Your employees will be provided with support designed to motivate them to improve their HEART score. This is done by having them engage in consistent exercise and better nutrition. These activities are also designed to help them prepare to achieve their goal of participating in your companies chosen endurance event. Just prior to your chosen event OptimisSport will visit your employees again to reassess them using HEART. The employees showing the biggest improvement in their HEART score compared to their first assessment win! Reward your employees in ways that encourage them to continue their improvements and participate in your next DELTA Wellness Challenge! “The Event” The second “BIG moment” for each employee is the feeling of accomplishment they’ll get when they complete their goal of participating and finishing an endurance event. We’ll recognize their efforts in the awards ceremony at the end of their race. This is a very powerful motivator creating a great feeling of accomplishment. “The Result” All employees are encouraged to participate but the greatest benefit will be felt by your high-risk employees as they become healthier, happier and more productive while also avoiding serious health related events that end up affecting the employee, the company and their families in significant ways. “The Savings” The DELTA Wellness Challenge provides evidence based reports that help to illustrate the improvements in health risks at your company. These valuable reports provide you with just the kind of support you need to leverage significant savings in your companies healthcare costs.

4 1READY First Steps Get Signed Up Choose Your Event Starter Kits Create Your Teams

5 Sign Up your company or organization today and you’re on your way to your first DELTA Wellness Challenge! Choose Your Event from our Event Affiliate List. Each event offers something for everyone from the beginner to the more athletic. Get Your Starter Kit from DELTA which contains information about the program and your chosen event, in house marketing materials, your sign up materials and your next steps guide. Develop Your Employees Teams You’ll need a minimum of (20) participants but your program can be as big as you want and can include employees from multiple locations, even other cities.

6 Getting Started Get Assessed Get Trained Register For Your Event Get Suited Up! 2SET

7 Get Assessed using our state-of-the-art HEART app. We’ll assess each participating employee and provide them with a base score highlighting their current risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Get Trained by OptimisSport. Choose from an a-la-carte menu of services designed to improve the effectiveness of your program. Our services include personal training, nutrition counseling, celebrity ambassadors, and more. These great additions and incentives help to motivate and encourage your employees to maintain their workouts, meet their fitness goals and complete the event which maximizes the program’s effectiveness. Registering For Your Event is your next big step. This is an important employee goal. You can choose from running, swimming, cycling walking and more! Get Suited Up and get going! We’ll provide valuable tools and materials to help keep your employees engaged and on target.

8 Get Going! Final Assessment Your Awards Your Event Event Awards Your Next Event 3GO

9 A Final HEART Assessment performed just prior to your company’s chosen event allows us to measure each employees overall improvement since their first assessment. Your Event is what all the hard work was all about. Your employees will participate in the event they’ve chosen providing them with a feeling of accomplishment! Event Awards will be given out to the company and the teams that achieved the greatest reduction in risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Toot Their Horn and let your everyone in the company know about your employees achievements! Choose Your Next Event and keep your current participants on the path to better health and use their successes to encourage other employees to become involved.


11 Beachside Health Studio (Karen Kuruc) 321-725-2267 Thank you for considering the DELTA Wellness Challenge for your company. For more information or to sign up now Please contact:

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