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Suggested Timelinepg. 2 Event Descriptionpg. 3 Pricing Structurepg. 4 Company Profilepg. 5 About the Teampg. 6 Engagement Workshop.

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1 Suggested Timelinepg. 2 Event Descriptionpg. 3 Pricing Structurepg. 4 Company Profilepg. 5 About the Teampg. 6 Engagement Workshop

2 EVENT TIMELINEDATETIMEATTENDEES DiscoveryBegins after contract execution OngoingVia Phone/email/support documents CEO/President M180 Team Training Day 1November 43:00-5:00 5:30-7:00 Coaching/Strategy session with Chamber President Social event with BOD (could be drinks or dinner, reception, etc.) Training Day 2November 58:30-12:00 12:00-2:00 2:00-3:00 3:00-5:00 Board Retreat (agenda to be determined) Social Media luncheon; “Creating a Buzz; Telling our Stories” “Mining your Data” “Recruiting to Retain; Building a Culture of Engagement” (Descriptions provided on next page.) Final ReportNovember 12Emailed to Chamber CEO for dissemination M180 This is only a suggested timeline. We design our events to fit your needs so feel free to discuss other ways the time could be used to your advantage. Coaching/Strategy Day 1 Work with staff leadership on issues that have come to the surface during Discovery. Social Event Day 1 An opportunity to connect the M180 team with your board in a casual setting. Lots of time to ask questions and establish a relationship before the actual work on Day 2. Board Retreat Day 2 The agenda for this session will be built during Discovery. We need to take a look at what you have done in previous retreats and what are your most pressing strategic planning issues. Social Media Luncheon Day 2 We do a lot of work with our clients on establishing a group of “social media ambassadors” and building a strategy for social communications that will broaden your message reach in the community. You can invite those key volunteers to this session and goals and objectives will be built into your final report. You could also consider “selling” this event to the membership for a cost recovery on your event expenses. It would then become a more general session with strategy for all attending. The outcome for the Chamber would still be building the social team and goals for getting the message out. Mining Your Data and Recruiting to Retain Day 2

3 Your Engagement Event Discovery Once we have an executed contract we start the process of getting to know your organization. This helps us more fully understand your needs, the demographics and geography of your community, the strengths and weaknesses of your existing team, etc. This process also helps us establish what your final agenda should look like. This all happens weeks before the actual training day. Training Day-Board Retreat We’ll spend half a day with them, explaining this new focus on ENGAGEMENT and how each constituent group can help the Chamber grow in a long-term, sustainable way by getting more involved and more engaged themselves. We’ll break into those smaller groups and allow them the opportunity to discuss what they (Board, Ambassadors, Staff) are willing, able and COMMITTED to doing to ensure engagement and eventually higher retention rates among your membership. Training Day-Afternoon Sessions The second half of the day is devoted to communications, recruiting effectively, analyzing your toolkit and setting goals for success in place. You can invite whomever you feel would be valuable to these sessions. Think about key volunteers and Board members who are actively involved in these areas. Also, think about potential volunteers that may be a great asset to you if they were trained with a vision to help you succeed. “Creating a Buzz”. We realize that Chambers are NOTORIOUS for failing to tell their own stories. We’ll help you craft engaging pieces that will focus on your legislative agenda and local successes, we’ll assist you in building a new “Social Media Ambassador” team, and ensure they have all the tools they need to build conversations beyond the membership and throughout the community. “Mining Your Data”. Having a fantastic CRM is worthless if we’re not using the information we collect to our advantage. Learn to use the information you already have to measure engagement and give you the ability to interact from an engagement-mindset. “Recruit to Retain”. Learn how to work smarter and ensure that new members see the value of their investment in their own terms from Day One. Finally, we’ll meet one-on-one with the CEO to wrap up the day, give our feedback and talk about next steps. 3 phone: 866-960-9789/

4 4 Pricing Structure The Membership180 Engagement Workshop If your Chamber is like most, you’re probably DROPPING roughly the same number of members as you bring in new. Think about the revenue (dues and non-dues alike) and reputation lost when a member fails to renew. Go take a look at your numbers from last year. If we had offered this program at your Chamber last year, where would you be today? Building a culture of Engagement will help you retain more of your current members. A more engaged member is willing to invest more in their Chamber, and is FAR more likely to refer other businesses to the Chamber. What value would you place on having a more engaged Board of Directors or a more efficient staff? We believe that this program will pay for itself in less than 12 months time. Your investment: $5000 (50% due at contract signing, balance on-site) Includes: TWO Institute for Organization Management faculty members on-site for a full day A program customized to your Chamber Board development Staff training Volunteer/Ambassador training Development of a “Social Media Ambassador” team Significant BUZZ in your community Creation of an Engagement Plan specifically built for YOUR organization A more engaged membership, more referrals and higher retention rates Follow up support from the Membership180 team Additionally, the Chamber is responsible for all Membership180 team travel expenses (air fare, hotel and car rental or mileage reimbursement for drivable destinations at the federal rate of 55.5 cents/mile) phone: 866-960-9789/

5 Company Profile 5 Membership180 was launched April 1, 2012 out of what we felt was a real need in the membership business. Over the last five years, Chambers of Commerce have been forced to look at themselves with new eyes. They have had to look directly and intently at exactly what value they offer to the membership. They have had to come to terms with the reality that it’s not enough anymore to just host great networking events, they MUST be engaging in specific ways that meet the needs of the entire business community even if they AREN’T members of the Chamber. They have had to realize that engagement does NOT equal participation. Conversation after conversation with colleagues resulted in the knowledge that bringing in new members but not getting to the bottom of why they came to the table and losing them again in twelve months, was an outdated model and that it was time to turn in a new direction. Membership180 brings a team of diverse and very complimentary skills to the table for your organization. Annette Medlin, IOM has a 25 year career in non-profit management with the last 8 as a Chamber CEO. She understands the daily challenges of the Chamber and the importance of presenting real value to its membership. Jay Handler has a significant background in sales, marketing and social media and has spent the last five years as a trainer, consultant and speaker in the Chamber and non- profit space on these topics and many others. Together they have built a business based on content and education that provides real solutions to sustainable growth. The Membership180 goal for a campaign is not to recruit a huge number of new members and then leave you to deal with them. We are heavily invested in helping you bring them in, but also in arming your team, from professional staff through volunteers, so that when the campaign is complete you know EXACTLY what needs to be done to retain them as permanent members of your organization. It's the difference between renting members for a year (fundraising) and long-term, sustainable growth!! It’s a triple bottom line; recruitment, engagement and retention!!

6 6 About the Team Jay Handler Jay Handler is the co-founder & director of Membership180, and a sought-after speaker, trainer & consultant. Jay’s diverse client list includes State Chamber Associations and SAE’s across the US (WACE, Louisiana, Oklahoma, the Carolinas, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Minnesota Associations of Chamber Executives to name a few), small businesses, corporate brands, Associations, and non-profits. He’s spoken for or consulted domestically with Comcast Business Class, the National Kitchen and Bath Association, the North Carolina Water Environment Association, and internationally with the Pakistan- Afghanistan Joint Chamber of Commerce & Industry, the Center for International Private Enterprise and the Engage Mexico social media conference in Puerto Vallarta. Additionally, Jay is a faculty member for the US Chamber’s Institute for Organization Management. Aside from Membership180’s core business, he offers training in sales, marketing, communications, generational shift and social media. (866) 960 9789 ext. 102 Annette Medlin, IOM Annette has been in non-profit management for over 25 years; for eight years as a chamber Executive. She has held leadership roles in industry professional organizations as President of the Carolina’s Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives and with the US Chamber Institute for Organization Management as a student, a class advisor, a member of the Board of Regents and now as faculty. Annette was honored by her peers as South Carolina Executive of the Year in 2008.Carolina’s Association of Chamber of Commerce ExecutivesUS Chamber Institute for Organization Management Annette is a regular speaker, facilitator and coach/consultant to clients in the areas of board development, strategic planning, executive coaching, capitalizing on capacity, feminine leadership and community partnerships. In addition to her successful blogposts on, Annette is frequently a guest blogger for Institute. (866) 960 9789 ext. 101

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