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Chelsea Combe Justin DiRe Stephanie Domenico. Who we are  Chelsea Combe- Chelsea is a retired professional motocross superstar! Due to injury she focuses.

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1 Chelsea Combe Justin DiRe Stephanie Domenico

2 Who we are  Chelsea Combe- Chelsea is a retired professional motocross superstar! Due to injury she focuses her love for biking through Gear Up. Chelsea is the local CFO and has a strong financial background.  Justin DiRe- Justin is the best motorcycle mechanic in the business. Working with the likes of Travis Pastrana and Bubba Stewart in the past, he opened this establishment in 2008, and is currently the CEO of Gear Up  Stephanie Domenico – Stephanie grew up around dirt bikes, and after obtaining a degree in marketing, she is now the COO of Gear Up. Stephanie can direct you to the perfect season bike, or help you find gear to fit your needs. How we got started  In 2008 Justin was driven to open up his own dirt biking business. Although he was more than qualified, pairing up with Stephanie and Chelsea was the finishing touch. By combining their skills and financial backgrounds they were able to successfully establish Gear Up in the spring of 2008. Ever since the grand opening, Gear Up has been named the best bike shop in Wyoming. Gear Up’s popular online branch launched in 2010, allowing us to reach customers from even the most remote locations. Whether you visit us in store or online, you’re sure to find the best prices on the highest quality parts and accessories.

3  Online Marketing  Banner ads, on Facebook and other websites, can help bring attention to our online store.  We’ll have a page on Facebook, and we can offer daily deals to people who ‘like’ our page, as well as keep up a blog via Facebook.  When someone checks out, online or in store, we will ask for their email and send them periodical deals and news concerning upcoming events, along with a link to ‘send to a friend.’  Storefront Marketing  Advertising in the Boomerang, as well as newspapers in Northern Colorado, to help bring as much exposure to our store as possible.  Radio advertisements could be huge in this town! People remember radio ads and jingles. If you grew up in CO, you still remember the Shane Co. radio ad, for example.  We will sponsor a motocross rider, and have him wear gear with our logo on it. This can bring attention from other motocross enthusiasts outside of the Laramie area, and they will become interested in our online store.

4 Gear Up Products -Gear up specialize in Honda and Yamaha dirt bikes, ATVs, and UTVs. -Our store is Wyoming’s one stop shop to off-road fun. Come check out our expansive showroom where we can supply the model and make of dirt bike, ATV, and UTV to satisfy any off-road enthusiast. Honda Dirtbikes & ATVs Motocross: CRF150R, CRF250R, CRF450R Trail: CRF150F, CRF250X, CRF450X ATVs: TRX700XX, TRX450R, TRX400x, TRX250X Yamaha Dirtbikes & ATVs Motocross: YZ450F, YZ250F, YZ250, YZ125 Trail:WR450F, WR250F, TT-R230 ATVs: Raptor 700X, YZF450R, Raptor 250R UTVs Honda Big Red

5 Gear Up Products -Our store also is home to almost any accessory and part that is motorcycle related. We keep many parts stocked in inventory, so there is no waiting period for most parts. -Helmets -Boots -Protective Gear -Apparel -Accessories -Parts

6 Gear Up supports individuals of all ages and skill levels. We respect all of the hard work a rider puts in, and we are here to reward you. Every one of our riders is intense and has a very unique style. So we have dedicated our services to give our customers a personal experience ever day. Stop by our local Laramie location and tell us your story. We guarantee that we can find the perfect equipment for you. Whether you prefer to ride freestyle, go hard on the track, or are looking for a family hobby, Gear Up has everything you need. We are hoping to spread our movement all across the region. Find Gear Up online for a full collection of bikes, equipment, and fan gear. Our site is packed with promotions, deals, and riding advice. We want to be a part of your lifestyle. Most importantly we want you out there fulfilling your dreams. Test our products once and we will change your ride forever. Hold nothing back and ride for Gear Up. Take risks, ride through the pain, and look good doing it. GEAR UP

7  SAP B1 ERP System  Why we like it: it has pre-built modules for warehousing and e-commerce, as well as a CRM module. Runs on a variety of platforms, so we shouldn’t have any trouble implementing it. We also like the fact that we will have increased collaboration between our storefront operation and our online store.  $4,250/user (between $50,000 and $75,000 for implementation, license, services, and number of users)

8  It’s a customizable software system that is increasingly popular in smaller businesses. Its many features include: payroll management, manufacturing and distribution management, financial analysis codes, and customer relationship management.  SAP B1 has a user-friendly interface, making it easier to use than other systems. The system is very reliable, and relatively inexpensive. Within the modules, this system has many ways to track things such as warranties, distribution costs, serial number tracking, accounts receivable tracking, and patterns within customer relations.  Any small business looking to boost efficiency and striving for further growth. Many industries use SAP B1, such as Warehouse and Production Management, and retail industries.  There are 550 add-ons available for further customization of the system, and there is a mobile app available too. This shows that the SAP B1 is flexible and reaches mobile platforms, so it’s not going to become obsolete any time soon. The system’s format is set up in a way to really guide our business decision making. We can be up and running in 2-8 weeks.

9  We think this system will be very useful in integrating all of our business enterprises. We’ll be able to see how much product we have on hand, we’ll have financial analyses to determine where our money is going, and we’ll have a CRM system in place to help maintain personal relationships with all of our customers, whether online or in store. This system will reduce transaction costs, and will give us more time to focus on other areas of the company.

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