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Our Heritage from Ancient Greece

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1 Our Heritage from Ancient Greece

2 Today we’re going to begin the study of Greek Literature
Today we’re going to begin the study of Greek Literature. We’ll be examining various aspects of the Golden Age of Greece including culture, art, playwrights, philosophy and theater, and how these things are still affective in today’s society. We’ll be looking into Greek Mythology, their belief in immortality of the gods, and how the very building blocks of our language today stems from that of the ancient Greeks. What do you already know about Greek literature, culture, etc?

3 Homer Homer was a blind poet.
He is most famous for writing The Iliad and The Odyssey. These two pieces are based off of the Trojan War B.C.

4 The Olympics Religious festival dedicated to Zeus
Took place every four years In times of war, a truce was called during the Olympics, no matter what!

5 Shrine of Apollo Apollo has been variously recognized as a god of light and the sun; truth and prophecy; medicine, healing, and plague; music, poetry, and the arts Know thyself Nothing in excess

6 Government System Democracy: 1st government by the people
Not quite perfect Still had slavery Still more democratic than a monarchy

7 How does “nothing in excess apply to Greek sculpture, and architecture
Simplicity Clarity Grace Physical Beauty

8 How did drama begin in Athens?
Public ritual First began as a festival for the god, Dionysus A chorus appeared with a lyre, people began to sing praise. Eventually dialogue began. Hence, birth of theatre

9 Socrates Most famous philosopher of Greece
Asked questions instead of giving answers Charged no fees Taught lessons Wrote nothing

10 Plato Disciple of Socrates Gave Dialogue to Socrates’ ideas

11 Greeks were concerned with
What were each citizen’s responsibility to his fellow man? Each Greek tried to understand his own nature. Greeks said “The unexamined life is not worth living”. Greeks pursued excellence The true Greek hero was the whole man-the man of excellence; wisdom; strength; balance

12 Death of Socrates/Fall of Athens
Condemned to death after trial for his words of truth. He was considered subversive for speaking against the war. Forced to drink poison. Athens fell under Spartan rule.

13 Think about it… What are some things rooted in Ancient Greek culture that we still see in our society today?

14 a. The Olympics i. Brings unity to a war stricken world All groups agreed to halt battle when the games occurred. ***Extra credit*** Have the Olympic games ever been cancelled? Ask your history teacher, look online or at the library. Bring proof of your findings to class. ii. Provide entertainment. Prevention from chaos. b. Democracy i. Framework for today’s government. ii. Deplored dictatorship of a monarchy. Equality of man. c. Theatrical Influence i. Provides inspiration to writers of today ii. Again, serves the purpose of entertainment. d. Philosophy i. Ideas still studied today. ii. Examined against science and religion of today and yesterday.

15 Discussion Why are these still important parts of our world today?
How do they serve a purpose?

16 Homework Look at question three. Re-read the quotes inscribed on the shrine of Apollo. (“Know thyself and Nothing in Excess”) What do phrases mean to you? Do you think it provides useful advice to follow in today’s society? Answer the questions above for each quote. Each quote is to be written on one side of the note card, followed by the student’s explanation.

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