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Introduction Presenters: Simon and Prue Deane AAT Approved Centre: Accountancy Learning Ltd Specialising in Online Distance Learning “We’ve been training.

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1 Introduction Presenters: Simon and Prue Deane AAT Approved Centre: Accountancy Learning Ltd Specialising in Online Distance Learning “We’ve been training accountants since 1984 and have been an AAT Approved centre for 23 years”

2 We’ll be covering… Introduction You want to train to be an accountant or a bookkeeper. You want to complete the AAT qualification. But which one? Who with? How? The AAT have introduced a lot of qualification options and there are lots of training providers. So lots of routes to choose for your AAT journey and lots of choice on which provider to share that journey with. In this presentation, we'll be covering the following topics:

3 We’ll be covering… Which is the right course for me? It's important that you enrol on the course that's right for you in terms of your current situation and longer term goals.

4 We’ll be covering… Investing in YOUR FUTURE We'll run through our Bookkeeping, Accounting and Computerised Accounting courses in a bit more detail along with the package options we offer.

5 We’ll be covering… How to enrol with us and what to expect We'll briefly run through this, but it's very flexible and straight forward meaning that you can be up and running with your course within a couple of hours.

6 We’ll be covering… Our Unique Learning Materials We'll show you examples of the learning materials you will receive for your course.

7 We’ll be covering… Your Personal Tutor and the support you’ll get We'll talk about the support you'll receive, including 'out of hours' help.

8 We’ll be covering… Sitting your Computer Based Assessments We'll have a quick run through of how the assessments work and where you can sit them.

9 We’ll be covering… Payment Options and Funding We'll briefly run through the various payment options and potential funding available.

10 Which course is right for me? With so many AAT course options available, it can sometimes be difficult to identify the right one for you. Probably the best way to discover which course is most relevant to you is to simply talk to us. We are not 'sales' people, so we will provide you with what we feel is the most appropriate advice and guidance - even if it means studying with someone else!

11 Which course is right for me? AAT Routes There are many AAT routes you can follow, depending on your current situation and career aspirations:

12 Which course is right for me? AAT Skillcheck If there is any doubt in our mind about which course you should be undertaking, then we will refer you to the AATs online 'Skillcheck' which will help identify the relevant study level for you. You can access the AAT Skillcheck at this address:

13 Which course is right for me? Our FREE Basic Bookkeeping Course You can always try our FREE Basic Bookkeeping Course before making a decision. If you would like access to our FREE Basic Bookkeeping Course, then go to:

14 How to enrol and what to expect How to Enrol There are a number of ways to enrol with us: Completing an enrolment form on our website Enrolling with us over the phone Download an enrolment form and post it to us

15 How to enrol and what to expect Welcome to Accountancy Learning If you enrol before 5.00pm, you will normally receive your 'Welcome Email' within a couple of hours. It will include: A comprehensive Study Support Guide A tailored Individual Learning Plan Moodle login details to access your online course materials

16 How to enrol and what to expect Moodle Walkthrough Our students generally find Moodle very easy to work through. But, we like to double check you're completely happy, so a tutor will arrange a time to phone you to run through the course resources and answer any questions you might have.

17 How to enrol and what to expect Your Personal Tutor Upon enrolment, a Personal Tutor (PT) will be assigned to you. Your PT will be your main contact: You can phone or email them if you get stuck and need some help They will mark and provide detailed feedback on all your Progress Tests and Practice Assessments They will contact you regularly to check progress and monitor your activity on Moodle Our tutors are very experienced and supportive and include those with either the AAT or ACA qualification.

18 How to enrol and what to expect When You Can Contact Us There will always be someone around (normally Prue and Simon) until 9.30pm, Mondays to Thursdays. We leave early on a Friday, at about 6.00! We can also contact you, by arrangement on weekends. We have some overseas students and when Skyping them, we need to be aware of the time differences. Contact us by phone, or email or Skype (by arrangement). We will also pro-actively contact you - to support, cajole…………and nag!

19 Our Learning Materials It's important to get off to a good start, so our unique, easy to follow AAT Level 2 course materials include: Bite-size learning sessions covering the entire course Interactive presentations including voiceovers and an end of Session Quiz Downloadable pdf presentation transcripts Comprehensive, downloadable pdf activities and answers Downloadable pdf Progress Tests and Practice Assessments

20 Our Learning Materials Example Slides Here are a few example slides from our bite-size interactive presentations:

21 Our Learning Materials Session Quiz Questions Here is an example end of session quiz question to check your learning as you go along:

22 Our Learning Materials Sage Videos For the Computerised Accounting unit, we have developed a case study to take you through Sage. The bite-size presentations also include short demo video clips on all the key Sage functions.

23 Our Learning Materials Revision Questions Here is an example 'exam style' questions from our PBKT revision course:

24 Our Learning Materials Downloadable PDF Materials Every bite-size session includes a comprehensive activity along with the answer in order that you check your learning. Our equally comprehensive Progress Tests and Practice Assessments are hand-marked and detailed tutor feedback is provided, so you should go into each exam feeling very well prepared!

25 Sitting Your Computer Based Assessments Sitting Your Exams There is a really big network of assessment venues across the country where you can sit your CBTs and CBPs. You can search for those closest to you, with your postcode on the link below: sessment-venue/search

26 Sitting Your Computer Based Assessments Results For CBTs, you get your results immediately from your test centre. For CBPs, your work is assessed by your training provider and the speed of results will depend on them - in our case, we normally let you know within 48 hours. Progression Options Once you have achieved your Level 2 Certificate in Accounting (or Certificate in Bookkeeping ) you can progress onto the Level 3 Diploma in Accounting and from there to the Level 4 Diploma in Accounting. After this, there are progression options to ACA, ACCA, CIMA, CIPFA, ATT.

27 Funding Funding We realise that your AAT course can be quite a financial commitment for you. Although you are investing in your future, you need the funds to make that investment. There are therefore a number of payment options and funding options.

28 Funding Payment Methods Debit Card Credit Card BACS Standing Order Invoice Payment can be made using the following methods Payment Methods

29 Funding Other Funding Advanced Learning Loans Available to those in England, Scotland and Wales Levels 3 & 4 But we also have a “Level 3 Plus” Apprenticeships For those aged 16-23 Must be employed for at least 30 hours per week Course is supplemented by regular visits ELCAS For those in the Armed Forces, or who have recently left Levels 3 & 4 Resettlement Funding

30 Summary Summary We have been training and developing our own materials for AAT students for 23 years......and during that time we have helped thousands of students achieve their career aspirations through completion of their AAT qualifications.

31 Summary Pass Rates Over the past year, our pass rates were: AAT Level 2 Certificate in Accounting: 99.6% AAT Level 3 Diploma in Accounting: 97.3% AAT Level 4 Diploma in Accounting: 87.7% Overall, across all levels: 96.4%

32 Summary What Jay Says About Us “ There is always a tutor on hand when you need one during working hours, and sometimes after working hours via email! The team are very hard working and keen to resolve any issues or questions thrown at them as soon as possible. I have never felt like I was alone throughout this whole process, as Accountancy Learning have been easy to reach via email or telephone whenever I have needed support. I feel like I am actually on track in achieving my goal as being Financial Director for the current Company which I am employed in, and having just passed AAT level 2 has done wonders for my confidence and professional ambitions. I would definitely recommend Accountancy Learning as a distance learning provider for AAT training for anybody who wishes to follow the same career path as myself. I am truly thankful.” Jay Peermahomud Accounts Manager M6 Commercials

33 Questions and Contact Us Contact Us: +44 (0) 1392 311927 Or visit our website: You can also view this presentation again here:

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